PHOTOS: Team Europe win Laver Cup again

Team Europe are Laver Cup champions once again after Alexander Zverev beat Milos Raonic in straight sets and clinch the winning points in Geneva.

Europe, led by Captain Bjorn Borg, has now won all three editions of the Laver Cup – in Prague two years ago, Chicago last year and now Geneva.

A dramatic final day saw Jack Sock and John Isner defeat Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas in doubles, before Taylor Fritz beat Dominic Thiem to give World an 11-7 lead.

However, Federer brought Europe back into contention with a straight-sets win over Isner, setting up a winner-take-all showdown between Zverev and Raonic.

Source: Laver Cup


  1. It was not a straight set win. Zverev won 10-4 in tie break. I am from USA but cheer for Rafa’s team.

  2. Again, a weekend full of good tense tennis. Boston? I grew up there and would love to go back!! Maybe.☺ If Rafa could be there , it would be a wonderful treat. Glad he was careful of that wrist.

  3. Yippee. Team Europe got the threepeat. That was thrilling. It’s a very exciting format.

    Has Boston been confirmed for 2020? Doesn’t seem fair for another American city to get it again. What about the rest of the world? Was hoping Vancouver might have a chance. Many players have never been there to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean along with the Rocky Mountains. Would be very special for everyone.

    • Hi RR,

      I think it has been confirmed. I wonder how they picked the location……

      I agree, Chicago in 2018 and in Boston in 2020?

      • Apparently it was between Montreal and Boston. Montreal already has coupe rogers so why not give it to a different Canadian city? I do love Boston as my dad was raised there, and it’s a wonderful sports town, but let another country enjoy it next time the “world” gets to host. Please Laver Cup people.🙏

      • Yes, it’s definitely Boston. Vancouver is a lovely city – I agree that that would have been a good choice, and it does seem a bit unfair for the US to host it again rather than a different country.

      • I love Vancouver too, I have been there a few times. Good luck in 2021🍀

        I visited Boston once and would love to go back if Rafa is confirmed to play next year. My husband has already jokingly warned me to behave to avoid getting kick out of the stadium lol

  4. Congratulations team Europe well don champ vamosssssssssss love all your fans 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍💪💪😘❤️🏆

    • Félicitations Équipe Europe 😃😆👑 nothing lélsé to say I watched Fridays 2 matches in the Rafa Nadal Academy Sat Bravo Nadal 😀 Sunday in the Aca first 2 matches 😕 left when Federer was ahead in the 1st set, saw in the train going back to Palma Victoria 😀 Zverev Danke Schon 😃 for the final hit Today Tuesday in the Aca retrace hace met Bjorn Borg 😀 shook hands and saïd Congrats , he is here as his son is playing tennis in the Aca , Rafa is not here today is resting 🌞🌴hope to see him here next week, 😉 Fiona in Paris

  5. Thank you for an incredible and emotional weekend with amazing tennis, Team Europe and Team World!❤️

    Enjoy the victory Team Europe, many congratulations, well done👍👏
    I think I will join the fun in person in Boston next year🤔

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