PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal 2022 Roland Garros Nike Outfit

Aiming for a 14th Roland Garros title, Rafael Nadal will be wearing a brand new line of Nike apparel with a very interesting color scheme. His outfit consists of a lemon yellow V-neck block T-shirt with a fern-colored pattern in the center.

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Source: Nike


  1. I think that it is a nod to Australia, for keeping Djokovic out of the Australian Open earlier on this year,

  2. Beautiful colours and outfit. You can only feel good wearing that and when you feel good you play very well. I do not believe in lucky colours, I believe that Rafa can once again win this. That is if his foot allows him. 👍😂

  3. For Rafa, blue is his lucky color for FO… Yellow and black for USO.. last year same color, he lost in semi

  4. I especially like the jacket. I am not crazy about the busy shirt, but like the colors. As we all know, Rafa looks good in anything, but bright colors are best. I am just happy to see him play and hope his foot will not bother him too much.

  5. You said it, Setinthepast! However, Rafa looks great in the brights. All the best of luck and good health at Roland Garros👏👍💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

  6. Rafa todos tus equipos son muy bonitos, este es precioso, que tengas éxito en Roland Garros y que las lesiones se alejen de ti, bendiciones y siempre contigo

  7. Rafa’s foot will never be OK – that is the reality! He has been living with this condition since 2005. Doctors have tricks to ease the pain and that is the best they can do. I wish Rafa all the best and hope he can win #14!!! Rafa looks good in anything!! Vamos Rafa, have fun out there!!

  8. This kit won’t win him RG2022. His foot won’t be a problem. This kit is. Like the pink kit he had in AO 2016.

  9. Rafa looks good in everything but love these colours. Hoping that his foot will be ok and wish him the best of luck. Vamos x

      • These colors will look really great for Rafa & blue mint is one of the lucky colors of 2022😊.hope it will bring him luck! & praying the foot won’t bother him this time,at least cause this roland garros is really close to his heart & for him to win this time again really means a lot! Vamos Rafa for the win!!!!!💪💪🤗💕💕

  10. Fabulous….any shades of green suit favourite by far on him. Vamos Rafa..Green is a Good Luck colour ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘

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