VIDEO: Rafael Nadal talks about his plans after winning Laver Cup

Rafael Nadal’s interview from Geneva.

I think I need some rest and I’ll take some days off I think with family and friends. Now is time to enjoy this victory, for me it has been an amazing month-and-a-half. After New York I was just fully destroyed for a week and then I came here.


  1. Rafa does not need to chase the No 1 position if he knows what’s good for him.

    But, as always, we’d see……..cheers

    • Rafa Nadal is the best, most talented tennis champion in the world…..Ranking does not reflect any tennis strength since some players often add up points in small, low attended tournaments with zero competition… in actuality, somehow adding up meaningless points get rewarded as if true accomplishment took place. Rafa by far is leading Tennis hero both in ability and sportsmanship. VAMOS SWEETHEART……GO RAFA GO!!!:)

      • Many, including me, would disagree with you about the ATP rankings. Yes, Ranking does signify tennis strength.

        The players who may win and accumulate a few points in smaller tournaments are not in the same league as Rafa, or Federer, or Djokovic. NO ONE writes about them. Who are they anywayz? They don’t have SUSTAINABILITY. So no one is paying attention to them. Perhaps only you? You may be a tennis fan. I am a Rafa fan so I wouldn’t know your unnamed pretenders.

        Rafa’s years in the top five and/or top ten are testament to his tennis strength, his Ranking. And yes, Ranking does MATTER to Rafa. He won’t get bent out of shape if he’s not No. 1 but if he were he would enjoy it.

    • I agree Maria but if he decides to go for the No. 1 position I hope he is completely healed. And he has to take into consideration the points he will have to defend next season.

      Without a doubt, if he is healthy, he will want another Olympic medal. 2020 is already looking busy.

      I am still hoping for an injury-free year for him.


  2. All the best Rafa – enjoy a well deserved break. You will always be my No 1. Wishing you and your future wife all the blessings for your wedding day.

  3. Rafa it was amazing seeing you play in the Laver Cup and I was rooting for Team Europe to win. Take some time off and let your wrist or arm heal. Your #1 priority is your health and Enjoy your Wedding day. So Happy for you. Stay well Rafa and always Enjoy Tennis
    your fan forever

  4. Get well soon Rafa,we your frinds,and fans miss and love you we want you to come back strong and healthy.

  5. Rafa you need to rest and get well ,we love you Rafa for the next tournament 👍💪🎾😘🇺🇸❤️

  6. He deserves time to spend with his family and getting ready for his wedding and honeymoon. God bless Rafa for all the joy he brings to others. He deserves to have joy in his life too. ❤️❤️❤️👍👍

  7. Rafa, take all the time you need, take care of yourself and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

    Looking forward to watch you play whenever you are ready. It would be wonderful if you ended the year as #1, but #2 is okay, your well being is most important!!!

    Vamos RAFA❤️

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