Rafael Nadal: “Winning as teams is just amazing, because you celebrate together” [VIDEO]

Team Europe have won the Laver Cup after an epic three-day battle in Geneva.

Trophy presentation:


  1. The ATP has concluded its investigation of Kyrgios.

    Basically he will be on probation for six months if he abides by the conditions of probation. If he violates probation, there will be a 16-week suspension.

    The terms of the ATP’s ruling:

    • A fine of US$ 25,000
    • A suspension of 16 ATP weeks
    • A probationary period of six months beginning the Monday following acceptance of the terms of today’s determination.

    However, both the fine and the suspension are deferred pending Kyrgios’s compliance with the following conditions, which shall apply at ATP Tour / ATP Challenger Tour events throughout the six-month probationary period:

    • No further Code Violations during the probationary period that result in a fine for:

    – Verbal or Physical Abuse of officials, spectators or any other persons while on-court or on-site, or

    – Unsportsmanlike Conduct based upon an act, such as spitting, directed towards an official, spectator or other person during or upon conclusion of the match, or

    – Visible Obscenity directed towards an official.

    • Continued support from a mental coach while competing at ATP Tour events.

    • Additional support to be sought during the off-season (Nov-Dec) from a professional specializing in behavioral management.

    The US$ 25,000 fine and 16-week suspension will be lifted at the end of the six-month probationary period provided that the above conditions are met. Any appeal by Kyrgios must be lodged within five working days of today’s determination.

    Personally I don’t think the above has gone far enough. I think a longer probationary period would have been in order.

    • Agreed. It did not go far enough. Hoping there will be no appeal and he will face up to the consequences of his bad behaviour. As of now he has withdrawn from Asian swing and may be out longer with injury.

      • Nick Kyrgios may think he doesn’t need a coach but he definitely needs a professional for his mental issues in my opinion.

      • My thought was that he would play as little as possible until his probation period is finished.

        As I stated earlier in this season, I want him to be hit hard financially; he loves spending freely so if he is not playing he doesn’t make ATP money. If he has any sponsors, I would hope they have a “bad behavior” clause in his contract.

      • RR, what I also find disconcerting is that the ATP did not specify a six-month “ATP Tour calendar-month” suspension. December is a holiday month.

        And could they have legally excluded injury time so that he would serve an entire six-month suspension.

        If reports are true, I was disappointed to read that the ATP may have agreed to withhold its ruling until after Laver Cup and that Roger was not in favor of an outright ban.

    • I think an actual *suspension* was in order. The ATP went down this probationary path before and it did no good whatsoever. You can make a guy see a mental coach but you CANNOT make him listen. Kyrgios respects NO ONE.

    • I completely agree with you Margo… Slap on the wrist…. Probation should have extended to at least a year or more…

      Nick is no more than a disrespectful clown on the court … That’s how he has built his reputation as a bad boy who just doesn’t care. I’m sick of him and if he were off the tour I wouldn’t miss him for a second.
      He’s injured now, and if he extends his injury for the next 3 months (till the new year) that means his probation would be for a mere 3 months… He might be able to calm down for that small amount of time knowing what is at risk but long lasting? No…I don’t think he can… or will…..

    • Margo you have my vote for ATP Chairman!

      In all seriousness they really dropped the ball in their decision. All of your points are valid. If Roger opposed an outright ban that is disappointing. Will be interested to hear Rafa’s opinion if he chooses to express it,

      My preference would have been a suspension first followed by a one year probabation.

      • RR, thanks for the vote of confidence LOL

        As far as Rafa offering an opinion, I think he would defer to the ATP. If he does make a statement, I bet it would be innocuous… perhaps something to the effect of players being a good example, without naming names…otherwise the media will probably twist his words. You know how some sportswriters LOVE CONTROVERSY and also, unlike Federer, Rafa was singled out by Kyrgios. He attempted physical harm. Rafa will stay out of the fray. He eschews confrontation. Most of all, he is a PROFESSIONAL.

        Last but not least, I really like your preferred sentence for NK.


  3. Congradulations for being a tremendous team player ! Vamos Rafa !
    Hope the wrist heals quick for year ending event in London !!!

  4. Wow I really enjoyed the Laver Cup. It was amazing! That team energy makes such a difference.

    Kyrgios makes a great teammate that’s for sure, very nice to see.

    It’s those little things that are missing from the one on one contests.

    Well done Team Europe!

  5. It was a joy to watch Rafa so happy celebrating the Laver Cup victory with his team😁❤️

    Many congratulations to Team Europe! Great job by Team World too! It took both teams for such an unbelievable weekend with amazing tennis👏👏

    Enjoyed both videos so much, thank you👍🙏

    • Robb King, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been eyeing the AO since he won the USO and hoping Rafa would give himself the best chance of winning; a complete recovery.


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