Rafael Nadal sends his condolences to Luis Enrique and his family

Rafael Nadal has sent his condolences to former Barcelona and Spain manager Luis Enrique after he announced the tragic death of his daughter Xana.

He posted on Twitter:

I just heard the terrible news of Xana’s death.

I’m very sad and I can’t even imagine the pain of the family.

A huge hug to Luis Enrique and the whole family from a distance.

Lots of strength and encouragement in these tough times!

Enrique stepped down from his role as Spain manager earlier this year to focus on her illness. His 9-year-old daughter fought osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, for five months.

Rafa’s uncle Miguel Angel played with Enrique at Barcelona and the Spanish national team.



  1. So sad to lose loved one to lose a child has to be the worst, i pray that the Lord Jesus will be by their side throughout this terriable time and help ease their pain


  2. You can’t fake being a nice person all the time – sooner or later, the mask slips.

    Rafa has shown once again, that he is a genuine, 100% caring person. See also his kindness and sympathy in sending a message to Kokkanikis. With all he has to think about, in a GS tournament, he still has time to empathise with others.

    Great sportsman, great human being. Credit to his family, they instilled the right values.

    Kyrgios – take note how an adult behaves.


  3. Fervent prayers 🙏 for Luis Enriquez’s child Xana and deep sympathies to Luis and the whole family. She is an angel 😇 now!


  4. What devastation for Luis , his wife and family on the death of their beautiful child . An angel now but the sense of loss has to be unimaginable. Lovely message from Rafa, kind and loving as ever .


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