Rafael Nadal showed his class by sending a message to Thanasi Kokkinakis

Thanasi Kokkinakis revealed that he believed Rafael Nadal sent him a text message in the wake of his withdrawal, in a classy gesture, even though the Aussie did not see Rafa before his withdrawal.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

“I didn’t see him. I was just in the doctor room having an ultrasound and then I made the call,” he said.

“I think he actually just sent me a message though.

“I got a message from a ‘Rafael’. I was like ‘who? I don’t know this person’.

“And then it actually dawned. That’s nice of him. I haven’t read it fully yet but if it is him, hopefully, it is not some troll. But if it is him I appreciate that and I wish him all the best for the tournament.”

Source: news.com.au


  1. Yes, Rafa is a classy guy but this is sheer empathy.

    He’s been there [injured] too many times to count. He knows the heartache of injury and the mental toll it takes on the sufferer. He almost surrendered to the never-ending cycle of injuries after his last retirement, injuries which almost robbed him of his will to keep on fighting in the arena of Tennis.

    Again, and again, Rafa continues to overcome adversity; he reached finals including the AO, won Rome, won the FO, reached the Wimby SF, and won Montreal.

    As he makes his journey through this US Open my heart swells for his success here. I’m just too emotional right now but the word CHAMPION is unambiguously interchangeable with the name of Rafa Nadal.

  2. I am not surprised if Rafa was actually the one who sent the message to Thanasi. Rafa has a big heart and he understands completely how tough it is to pull out with an injury.

    Best wishes to Thanasi!
    Good luck to Rafa in round three against Chung🍀
    Vamos Rafa💪❤️

  3. Thats our Rafa such a kind person very thoughtful of others. Good luck in your match on Saturday Rafa you can do this.

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