Rafa Roundup: The other ‘Rafael Nadal’ spending fun time with Nick Kyrgios

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He leads the Tour in 2019 in both statistical categories by a significant margin.

No. 1: Second-Serve Return Points Won – 56.46%
No. 1: Second-Serve Points Won – 61.3%

“He’s shortened points. Him and his team have realized that he could actually have more longevity, that he didn’t have to be as passive and wait — he could play more aggressively. He’s found the perfect mix between offense and defense. He’s done things that have just shocked players where he’s stood on the court returning. He’s as far back as you can possibly get. He’s bought himself some extra time and gotten in the heads of a lot of players.”

“I watched the final with him and I told him to look at where Djokovic was returning,” Toni Nadal told RTVE. “He was much closer to the baseline than he did in the semifinals.

“He admitted I was right and he was wrong in returning all the time from very behind. I asked him why he did not change his return position as both Francis Roig and I were telling him that during the match. He told me he had not seen it, he did not understand us and if he did he would have definitely done it.”

“I hope people sit back and enjoy, take a moment with these guys and the way they’re playing and what they’re doing to the record books. I hope people appreciate every last shot that these guys hit.”


Have you heard of Elliot Loney? I had no idea he used to play tennis and that Rafa is actually his hero. To be honest, I didn’t like his previous videos (better say didn’t pay too much attention to his work), but after watching the last one I realized he is such a nice person. Are you cool with his impressions? Or is it all just a little too much? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Love all the good press for Rafa above and the imitator is kinda good too. Once in awhile . . . .
    Is Djoker buttering up Rafa before the U.S Open with those comments? Well he is correct about his encouraging comments in any case.

    Rafa, May this be your best hc tournament ever!
    Hope it’s your destiny!

  2. I really do appreciate every last shot of Rafa’s hit… Great Tennis…


  3. Vamosssssssssss Rafa you are a gentleman human being.thats your fans love the way you are a nice person,👍😘❤️💪🇺🇸🌎

  4. I have to agree with Mimi. Humour is a very subjective thing. He seems like quite a nice guy but not exactly my cup of tea.

  5. This guy is good!! Just yesterday a friend of mine sent me a different utube video…
    “John McEnroe interviews Rafa impersonator…” It’s very funny as Mac does the interview with Elliot Loney. Check it out..

  6. My favourite Elliot Loney video is the one from after the FO last year, when “Rafa” decides winning it is too easy and has to find new ways to challenge himself… “Right handed with the frying pan” is the result!

  7. I just love Elliot Loney. He cracks me up with his impressions of Rafa, which he’s got down to a tee. Yes, he’s a Rafa fan and judging by Rafa’s reactions when face to face, he finds him funny too. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and this case it certainly is.

    • I don’t recall who he was but I saw a different impersonator and he wasn’t even half as good as Loney.


  8. I saw one of his videos a while back. It was hilarious. Better than these two IMO.


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