PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Vacations With Friends In Italy

It is quite well known that after Wimbledon Rafael Nadal takes a short summer vacation so that he can recharge his batteries for hard court season and usually he does it by sailing his boat off the coast of Ibiza.

Last week the paparazzi have spotted him at Phi Beach on the island of Sardinia with his friends. There are some rumours it was actually Rafa’s bachelor party.

Here are a few photos.


  1. @RafaNadalAcademy has announced that Rafa is back to practicing on hardcourts. The tweeted clips show a VERY energetic and ready-to-rumble Rafa.



    • Yes, it was 32 degrees 🌞 in Manacor these past two days when he was training in these photos, that is the Central Court in the Aca. 36 manana 😂 That means that boat trip to Sardinia lasted a week or less last week. Fiona in Paris

      • We have a heat wave in Paris 32 🌞 degrees , tomorrow may go up To 39. 😅 Fiona on Paris

  2. I have written to Rafael in Spanish that these are lovely photos of his break in Sardinia 🌞🌴🍋🏊⛵ standing up on Beethoven, reminds me of the photos of July 2016 2017 seen above. I wrote that his boat is muy bonito 😃 por favor keep it as well as the new yacht planned. Fiona in Paris

  3. Rafa have fun you deserve a great vacation champ we love you all the fans all over the world 🇺🇸🎾😘❤️💪📱🎾😘❤️🇺🇸🎾😘❤️💪🇺🇸🎾😘💪💪🍾🍸🍷🌎

    • As I have just said, regarding the super photos of Rafa standing up on Beethoven under el sol 🌞 Fan Club has just placed them today related to this article about his holiday in the Med 🏊 this week , look above , Rafael Nadal relaxés on a yacht with friends July 17th 2017. You you will see what I mean, the background is ideal, typical Med., Beethoven is perfect 😃 Fiona in Paris

      • Be happy be safe idol..! Regain your power more more power💪💪💪…longing for more of your great tennis …God bless you…

  4. One bachelor party down, one still to come. This, if reports are accurate, was the more sedate one whereas the next could get a little wilder. Wonder if Mery will have a second despedida de soltera?
    Really liking the short haircut on Rafa. Makes him look more youthful.

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