Is Rafael Nadal really selling his yacht Beethoven?

According to The Sun, Rafael Nadal is selling his yacht ‘Beethoven’ for £2.3million.

He is poised to part company with the vessel, putting it up for sale for £300,000 less than he bought it for three years ago.

Beethoven was built by Monte Carlo yachts – it is the MCY 76 model – and it can reach a maximum speed of 35mph while cruising the waves.

Rafa has always been surrounded by water and uses his boat as a means of getting some privacy.

Source: The Sun


  1. Sad that he has it for enjoyment and privacy and yet there are all these pics of him on it!

  2. I’ve read recently that Rafa wants a bigger boat, one that can cruise the whole Mediterranean. Beethoven is limited to a relatively small area around the Balearic Islands.

    If you can still buy a similar new boat for what Beethoven cost that would explain why he’s dropped the price.

    • Yes, it is à surprise as Beethoven is ideal for the Balearic islands, he loves to go to Ibiza on it ⛵ and when he has time at home it is not far to go 🌞🌴 and he often takes his family and friends with him. 🏊To explore the rest of the Med. has not been a priority so far as he goes théré for other reasons eg Barcelona the French Riviera 🎾and I can say that the Majorcan coastline is just as impressive 🌞🌴🍊🍋as elsewhere in the Med . I am not going to comment any more until I have read some articles in Spanish about it. Fiona in Paris

  3. Rafa loves boating…. It’s his zen …his retreat…

    When you’re into boating , there’s only one way to go…. Bigger….

    Don’t be surprised if you see ” Beethoven II “

  4. If it’s the one I saw a picture of when Rafa was in Monte Carlo it’s much larger than Beethoven. To me it looked like Beethoven. There was no article, just a picture of Rafa inside a yacht dealership and a model of a yacht to his left. The caption read “No, he didn’t buy a yacht.” It also stated that that model was larger than Beethoven. I think it’s pretty cool this is only being written about now.


    • If I’m not wrong, he went to Poland recently (after the FO), to look at some bigger boats. I think he will get a bigger boat after selling his Beethoven.

  5. I’m so surprised that he is selling beautiful Beethoven. It gives him privacy and the ability to have fun and fish at the same time . To bad I really liked the boat and that he got some private time from all the publicity and fans his quiet place.

  6. Very surprised that he’s selling it at a loss. Wouldn’t that fact that he had owned it be worth a premium to prospective buyers? Unless it’s like real estate where if you underprice it you might get a bidding war going. Wouldn’t it be nice if before the sale they would sell tickets for fans to visit onboard with proceeds going to the FRN. Even have an auction for a personal tour conducted by Rafa himself. I would get myself over to Mallorca for that!

  7. One never leaves his boat…’s heart is always on the water. Peace is so valuable. I wonder if there is so much on the plate ….so many decisions to be made as life changes ….that some things need to be gone for the time being. Too much pressure from many cprners

    A boat will be back.

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