Rafael Nadal asked about the Justin Gimelstob criminal case

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Former US tennis player and current ATP Tour board member Justin Gimelstob has been sentenced to three years probation and 60 hours of community service following an assault described as ‘violent and unprovoked’ by a judge.

Prosecutors said Gimelstob attacked Randall Kaplan from behind as they trick-or-treated with their kids on Oct. 31, 2017. In a statement to the court Monday, Kaplan said Gimelstob struck him multiple times and threatened to kill him. Kaplan’s wife, Madison, said the trauma of witnessing her husband being assaulted had contributed to a miscarriage she suffered shortly afterwards.

Asked about it yesterday in Barcelona, Rafael Nadal has opinions on the Gimelstob situation, but said he wanted to share them with the player council, not publicly (at least for now). He said it should be duty of player council to gather the opinions of others around tour.

Rafa: “If somebody from the player council ask me my opinion, I will give them my personal opinion.”

Reporter: “What is your opinion?”

Rafa: “I don’t want to tell you.”

Wimbledon chiefs yesterday confirmed that the controversial American coach and commentator will not be invited to the 2019 Championships neither as a guest in the Royal Box nor as a player in the invitational doubles.

You can sign this petition if you believe Justin Gimelstob should be relieved of his duties and roles from the ATP Board and Tennis Channel.

Feel free to tell us your thoughts on Justin Gimelstob’s criminal case!

Sources: AP, Ben Rothenberg/New York Times


  1. I was not present at the incident in question nor at trial so I will decline on an opinion. The only thing I will offer is that I abhor any kind of violence.

    To be sure it may be a difficult choice for some players to oust Gimelstop. I was always under the impression that it was Kermode who was largely responsible for increased prize money, etc. But according to what I read this morning it seems at least three council members are crediting Gimelstop for improvements within the ATP. So I just don’t know, like many others.

    As for Rafa being asked his opinion, he is not on the player council and has not been involved for at least some months, if not longer. Both he and Roger were vocal about not being asked for their input on the vote to keep or not to keep Chris Kermode as ATP president. How could they not know a vote was impending if they were keeping up with what was going on at meetings. I am a Rafa fan so it is up to me to keep abreast of what Rafa is doing instead of waiting for a personal e-mail from RNF to tell me.

    As it stands now, Gimelstob is now persona non grata at Wimbledon and will not be invited to sit in the royal box, among other things.

    Either the ATP board and/or the players council will decide what the next step should be.

  2. Ramara,
    Where do you get off stating that “. He has publicly lied about his actions”? Are you makkng this up or do you have some inside information?

    • From a tv interview he did recently. I didn’t see it but read a bit about it. If you want to know more about him try Google.

      • Ramara,
        Before I’d boldly brand someone a liar, I’d be damned sure of my facts and wouldn’t hesitate to give an exact citation to the source rather than a vague reference to some interview which you did not see and only read a little bit about it. Suffice it to say that with your reckless statements, you are simply not a fit person to judge if Justin is or is not a fit person to do anything.
        Sorry about the tirade, but I get annoyed when people rush to judgment and pile on another without having the whole story.

  3. It’s not the first time Gimelstob’s done something inappropriate, either – although obviously this is different because he’s actually been convicted by a court. I can understand players not wanting to give their personal opinions in public at this stage, though.

  4. All the best for your match today. But it’s raining in Barcelona, maybe they have to stop the matches.

    Vamos Rafa <3

  5. No one should have an opinion until both sides of the story are aired. We’ve known Justin long enough to know there myst be a reason for the attack. Let’s not jump to conclusions until we hear both sides of the story.

    • The case was judged in court. Gimelstob pleaded no contest was judged guilty of a misdemeanor, sentenced to probation, community service and anger management classes. He has publicly lied about his actions. He chose NOT to tell “his side” in court lest he be found guilty of the felony he was charged with. The judge reduced the charge to a misdemeanor. He simply is not a fit person to represent the ATP in any way. Not on TV, certainly not in the player council. And as the head of the ATP, which is his avowed ambition?!?!

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