Rafael Nadal: “I’m very happy to be back”

Photo by Jean-François Ottonello

Speaking at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters draw ceremony where it was revealed he could face Roberto Bautista Agut in the second round, Rafael Nadal was asked about his health. And our champ gave an honest response about his trials and tribulations:

It’s true the beginning of the season has been a little bit tough for me in terms of physical problems. I went through some hard times, being honest.

This is always tough accept like when another thing happened in Indian Wells but the only way is to keep going, keep trying with passion and even if sometimes it’s tough to accept and tough to wake up again and stand up again and try to be back.

Here I am and I had these couple of days, hopefully I start on Wednesday so I have a few days to practice.

For me, it is the most comfortable tournament of the year in terms of everything.

The organisation, the facilities, everything is so easy so I feel a little bit at home. The beautiful Mediterranean sea just in front, I come from an island so I appreciate it more. I’m very happy to be back.

When I talk about comfortable, I don’t speak about tennis. I mean normal life. It’s one of the most important events for me of the year without a doubt so for me to start well here means a lot and gives me a lot of confidence to keep going.

When I play this tournament, I only think about this tournament and nothing else.

Source: metro.co.uk


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  3. Can’t wait to see you back in play, seems such a long time. Good luck in all all the clay tournaments you’ll be fab😍🇬🇧Rachxx

  4. Rafa is confident as Monte Carlo has been wgere he has excelled and been the best clay court player ever . He will win this tournament barring an unforseen injury . I say this because the conditions are perfect gor Rafa’s game and better than the rest of this outstanding field .

    • We love you wherever you are.your passion drives us all.good luck Rafa in this coming season.hopefully we will see you at Queens and Wimbledon

  5. Rafa will do well and a good start in a fairly tough draw is essential . Think how the opposition feels ? I have faith in Rafa , a great champion and a wonderful ambassador for his sport and sport in hernetal 🍀

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