PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal attends draw ceremony in New York | 2018 US Open

Earlier today, top seed and defending champion Rafael Nadal attended the US Open’s draw ceremony at the Brookfield Place in New York City. Here are a few photos.




  1. I feel I have to comment about the draw. Neither Rafa nor Sloane attended the actual draw. The draw was being called from sheets of paper that the male and female had in their hand. I believe this is the first US Open draw that I, ahem, “watched.” I wish there were uniformity among all tournaments on how a draw is conducted. A player representative is supposedly present during draws.

    I like transparency.

    Even though Rafa received a decent draw, I wish I felt comfortable about how it was conducted.

    • I’m happy with this draw lol… I don’t care how this draw came about. Rafa’s likelihood of defending went up 10 fold with this draw. I am happy.

    • The omission of naming Sloane in this post is incomprehensible to me. WTA players are becoming more popular and tournaments are finally giving these female athletes visibility which should have always been the case. I mean there are more than one or two WTA players who are top players. GEEZZZ


      • CORRECTION: Replace “omission of” with “error in not”

        Good luck to you both.

  2. I very much liked the format at the US Open after draw with ATP defending champion Rafa Nadal and WTA defending champion Sloane Stephens being together and answering questions in front of fans. Fans were enthusiastically applauding both players but Sloane played down her popularity. She is so calm and reserved. Rafa was a joy to watch. I hope both players are able to defend their title.

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