Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams Face Off in Badminton in New York

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams had so much fun on the court as they battled it out on the badminton court on Thursday afternoon (August 23) in New York City.

The two tennis stars were also joined at the event by Serena‘s sister Venus, Zverev brothers and Nick Kyrgios as they attended the 2018 Lotte New York Palace Invitational outside of the Lotte Hotel.

Source: Just Jarred, Photos: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, Gary Gershoff/WireImage


  1. Found the photo which was on the Youtube video, on Pinterest.

    Thanks anyway, to anyone who searched.

  2. Please can anyone help me – I was on Youtube the other day, and found a video of Rafa that included a picture of him I’ve never seen before – as a small baby, lying on his tummy on a rug or something. It had the usual ones of him as a toddler, but the baby one was the first I’d seen.

    And now I can’t find the video on Youtube!! Does anyone know the name? Am slowly going mad!!

    Thanks in advance, hoping another Rafa fan can help.

  3. Best of luck Rafa for US open tournament! Vamos and stay healthy…💪🍀💪🍀❤️❤️🏆

  4. Thats great Rafa your going to blow right through this one i can feel it .. Good health my friend ..

  5. Carlos Moyá had a lengthy interview with ElEspañol on Thursday. Too much to translate at the moment but here are some highlights.

    He is in New York with Rafa and does FaceTime with his children who are home. Unless he has moved, he lives in Palma de Mallorca which is located on the west side of the island.

    When not with Rafa they communicate by phone or FaceTime.

    Carlos said he would be surprised if Rafa were not in the 2020 OLYMPICS. This is thrilling news indeed.

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