What do you think of Rafael Nadal’s US Open draw?

The draw was performed today in New York City. Defending champion and top seed Rafael Nadal has been drawn to face countryman David Ferrer in the first round of the US Open. Last year’s runner-up Kevin Anderson is in Rafa’s quarter along with Dominic Thiem and Denis Shapovalov.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

If it falls per ranking, this would be Rafa’s path to the final:

  • 1st round: David Ferrer
  • 2nd round: Lukas Lacko
  • 3rd round: Karen Khachanov
  • 4th round: Kyle Edmund or Jack Sock
  • Quarter-final: Kevin Anderson
  • Semi-final: Juan Martin del Potro
  • Final: Roger Federer

If the men play to seed the quarter-final line up will be:

  • Rafael Nadal vs. Kevin Anderson
  • Juan Martin del Potro vs. Grigor Dimitrov
  • Alexander Zverev vs. Marin Cilic
  • Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer

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Our champ is bidding to clinch a 18th grand slam title of his career and his fourth in the Big Apple.

Rafa, who has a 53-10 record in New York City, including the 2010, 2013 and 2017 crowns, has never lost in the first round of the US Open and last failed to get past the second round 14 years ago, when he lost to Andy Roddick  in 2004.

The tournament starts on Monday.



  1. Lorna, Celine Dion has her very own Pepe. And he’s not Novak’s Pepe. LOL


  2. I don’t ever have a problem with the draws it is what it is. Rafa is my favorite ever I want him to win I just dearly love to watch him play the game of tennis, go Rafa win the Trophy.

      • va4favre, I was just about to ask you about the USA-TV schedule.

        I still don’t know what my personal schedule is. I am using the final just as an example of my dilemma.

        I’ve been checking the TV schedules and noted the final is scheduled for only 3 hours when the match will probably last for at least 4 hours or more. Will the TV station just say to me “sorry, times up”, or direct me to a different channel to continue the match, or just continue until the match is finished? Sorry to bother you about this but it’s a holiday weekend and everyone is out shopping, etc.

        When I watch Rafa on satellite I’ve never had a problem as the above.

        Thanks for any help, explanation you can offer.

  3. On August 23, 2018, Spanish outlet Marca.com said Rafa will go sleeveless at the US Open next week. No date(s) given.


  4. We all know that there will be upsets and surprises. I was only happy that Novak was not in Rafa’s quarter. Novak is on a roll after his return from injuries. I want Rafa to play well and go as deep as possible to retain as many ranking points as he can. I am not ready to say that he will win it, but Rafa will try his best. I still think he has a chance to end the year as number one for the fifth time. Novak is surging and will try to pass him. I just don’t see Roger doing that after his Wimby loss.

    • Cheer up va4favre, surprises and upsets can always go in Rafa’s favor.

      Rafa has said if he didn’t have doubts it would mean he is arrogant. That’s fine to say in public but I want him to tell himself that he will win because he can win and that he’s the best. I want him to believe it. I want a self assured Rafa, a confident Rafa. If he does that half the battle is won.

      The rest depends on his skill. I think he can do it. This year’s opponents are tougher. I believe he played only one under #25 last year, del Potro being the exception at #24. Many of this year’s opponents have moved up and improved since last year. del Potro could be a problem, Federer seems to be slipping. And if he winds up facing Novak I hope Rafa’s team has given him a winning strategy.

      I also read complaints about Rafa’s serve, etc. I think we tend to forget about the very serious wrist injury he suffered in 2016. Who knows if he worries about a recurrence. That alone could hold him back from playing his best. Hopefully he’s not thinking about that.

      He did say as you get older you lose some things but you have to replace them with other things. This is positive thinking and doing. Always improving.

      He is very lucky to be world No. 1 again because whatever treatments he did they have carried him this far, two years later. And he is not wearing his body down like he used to. You heard him, he “wants to be in every tournament.”

      I feel he has an excellent chance of winning.

      From here on in I will stop looking ahead and will go match by match. I simply hope David hasn’t saved his best for his last [US Open]. Yes David I do like you and will miss you on tour but Rafa is my man.


      • Hi Margo, I am trying to be realistic, but I love watching Rafa play. A tournament without Rafa is just not as interesting. I am like other Rafans who think Rafa’s serving % could improve. Roig was quoted saying that Rafa wanted to play Cincy, but his team worked hard to convince him not to. Instead, they spent a few days in the Bahamas. I was also excited to read Moya’s comments that he expects Rafa to play in the 2020 Olympics. Wonderful news for us Rafans!

      • Hi va4favre, maybe you’re protecting yourself from the pain of a loss. I know the feeling.

        Yes, Rafa was reportedly in the Bahamas but I was not able to confirm that. I was just happy knowing he was having a great time. I even went to the golf channel to see if I could spot him with Tiger. LOL I asked myself if I was nutzzzz.

        About his serve, I think we all agree on that. But I wonder if his wrist injury could have anything to do with it.

        About Cincy, in his interview Carlos talks about that. I only skimmed through it but will take a closer look hopefully later today. My Spanish translations go a lot slower than the French. Spanish is so regional. French is French.

        2020 Olympics … I was so excited reading that. If Rafa continues to listen and learn his body will reward him. Can you imagine another GOLD. OMG

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Another gold would be some double stacked icing on the cake. I’d love to see him beat Chokovic in the final because you know what Chokovic will look like should that happen lol… the same way he looked in 2008 and 2016. Lol… and biting the gold only looks right when Rafa is biting it!

    • Roger skipping clay is his demise for year end number one. The only reason he got back to number one this year is because Rafa got hurt. Chokovic is the main threat for the next 3 years. The next 3 years belong to Rafa and Novak. This year, belongs to the BULL! VAMOS!!!

  5. Good Luck Rafa
    I believe you have a tough first draw but you have beat David many times and I believe you are playing excellent.


  6. Rafa no està mal este sorteo….solo deseo suerte para ti…k ellos contigo tienen un cuadro complicado…suerte Rafa…

  7. Lorna got her wish [and mine] about Novak being in Roger’s section.

    Let’s all have a “wish out” sending positive vibes to our champion, our No. 1, the ATP world No. 1, our 17-time Grand Slam winner, and 33-time Masters winner. That is an amazing record as far as I am concerned.


  8. Yes, Delpo again. But the question going in was which Q Djok would land, so skirted that!

    Sad for Spanish fans that he has to play his compatriot David Ferrer, who has announced his retirement next year but at least he will play his last Open to millions!
    Vamos, Rafa

    • Sad yes but I think for no other reason than David wanting to play this US Open as if it’s his last Grand Slam.

      David is very well liked but as I said I hope he hasn’t saved his best for this, his last US Open. He’s always been a tough cookie but has slumped exponentially in the rankings. This type of player always has the potential to cause an upset and Rafa knows that. And so do fans.

      He will most likely play during the clay season in Spain as he wants to retire on home soil. And undoubtedly in front of millions of passionate tennis fans who will wish him farewell. He’s a sweetheart.


      • Man it’s sad to see David Ferrer Retire. That means Rogers candle is almost out too. And then a few years after Rafa is next. David has been a guy Ive rooted for so much, I wish he won the 2016 French, he deserves one so much and I hated seeing Chokovic beat that sorry Murray yet again for the Coveted French. I’m being harsh against Murray but I’m still mad he let Chokovicnwin the French. David couldn’t get Murray or stan or even Chokovic, he had to get Rafa in his lone grand slam finals appearance and at the French… that’s just bad luck. I will miss him. I like guys like him and Rafa who give 100% effort at every moment. That’s the essence of sport competition.

    • You could also look at it this way..Daveeeeed is guaranteed to play on Ashe..maybe under the lights..not a bad way to go out. If he wasn’t playing Rafa, this would not have happened.

  9. No, I do not like the draw
    I really like Ferrer too, plus they are good friends
    Why can’t Rafa ever get an easy first round. Rafael will beat him but it could be a long match, and I also would hate to see Ferrer go out the first round!! Go Rafa!

  10. Dry good draw I know you can beat all of them, stay aggressive never get passive at any point , good luck go to win another major this year

  11. It’s almost ‘so cynical’ that Rafa has played de Potro for he last three times in a Grandslam this is the 4th in succession last years USO Roland Garros Wimbledon and now the USO again….but Rafa has won each time….Keep it up Champ..great draw.

  12. Satisfied with the draw gives him time to ease into it and know that he never underestimates his opposition. Looking forward to seeing him back on court. Going to New York on the morning of the semi finals. Go Rafa . You are the champion and always number 1 for millions

  13. Great! Been watching the live draw… oh here’s Rafa! I bet he’s pleased as punch:)

    Good luck to Rafa for this campaign. I wish our champ the very best!

    Wonderful to see that Djoker and Federer find themselves in the same quarter, far away from our champ:):)

    Poor Dimitrov though, getting Wawrinka in the first round. Ouch! Just imagine he could have floated into Rafa’s quarter too.

    Can’t wait for the festivities to start!

    • I’m with you Mac. And Rafa did seem “pleased as punch.” Very happy for him.


    • I watched it too, Rafa was as lovely and charismatic as ever, wasn’t he? ESPN’s presenter, commenting on the size of the crowd – “t wouldn’t by any chance be the Rafa Effect?” Cheers and screams from crowd. Later, Rafa is ready to come on stage. Cheers and screams from crowd. Rafa waves to his fans while Sloane (she was nice too) is being interviewed and steals the show.

      Vamos Rafa!!!!

      I also want a pair of the black and white shoes he was wearing, very cool.

      • jas_uk Rafa’s fans were MUCHO loud, LOL. Both Rafa and Sloane were just so gracious. I loved that they couldn’t get an answer from Rafa to “who’s the favorite to win men’s singles.” “A typical Rafa response.” Smart Rafa knows how to get out of a tight spot.

        I am very very happy for Rafa. During both his post-Toronto and today’s interviews he was so relaxed. His words came cascading down without a hint of difficulty. I’ve noticed that when he is stressed he struggles to express himself in English but I now realize that it’s understandable. I doubt very much I could express myself in French or Spanish if I were anxious.


    • Oh men 😀 you make me laugh 😀 with ” Wonderful Djokovic and Federer find themselves far away from our champ”

      • Fans do come up with some really great zingers. It’s always fun to laugh.

        RAFA ROCKS

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