Rafael Nadal pulls out of Paris Masters quarter-final with knee injury

(AFP) – World number one Rafael Nadal pulled out of the Paris Masters on Friday before his quarter-final with a knee injury.

Rafa who had his right knee strapped during his third-round win on Thursday, said he wanted to try and be ready to face Filip Krajinovic in the last eight but that “it wasn’t possible to play”.

He did not say if he would be fit to play at the World Tour Finals in London later this month.

Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA


Yesterday (Thursday), the pain was very strong but it was not the moment to stop.

I had treatment last night to try and be able to play today… But unfortunately it was impossible for me to return to the court in the same condition as last night. It is a sad day for me.

I had a long year, a lot of matches. I pushed the body. We are at the end of the season. It’s normal that these kind of things happen. The knee is always, you know, bothering a little bit, but sometimes it’s worse, and now is a little bit worse.”

I’m going to do my treatment, do my best to be playing in London, but I cannot talk about that now because (it) is a day that is tough enough for me to pull out from here.

For me it’s not about London. For me it’s about longer term. And longer term I’m going to do the treatment I believe that (is) going to be more safe and more important to keep playing tennis as long as possible.

Source: AFP


  1. I was really surprised to see that Rafael was playing in the Paris 1000. I didn’t check his schedule just assumed he would pass on it, practice a bit & show up in London for the year end
    I wish RAFAEL had skipped Paris
    & Just focused on the Yr End
    Tourney☹️ I know he hadn’t won either
    But I would have preferred he had Chosen play against the Final 7 in stead!!!
    Rehab that knee RAFAEL! Enjoy Family, Friends & the Holidays along w/UR Academy…& Be rarin’ to go in January!!! Luv U Babe🌹👍❤️🎾🌹🙃💚🎾🌹🤓💜🎾😉🌹😎💛🎾

  2. I was worried about your knee watching you play in such pain, now is the time to rest
    , relax,and enjoy your life please God all will be well with you ,
    thankyou for all your hard work that gave much joy. to many of us bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Right decision Rafa even though I’ll miss you! Take good care and rest and hope you have the best and most effective treatment so that God willing you go on to play for years to come. Tennis with and without you is soooo different!
    Waiting for you to rest only after complete healing and recovery.
    Good luck!
    Love you!

  4. Wishing you a full recovery! Time to rest up and relax and enjoy the fruits of your already glorious season. So glad you are focusing on the long term of your career. I want to see you play 100% healthy for more years to come. You are such a great champion!

  5. sorry you had to pull out in paris I think you might need to rest for the rest of the year Rafa you have already had a great year, so do what it best for your body love you rafa

  6. All the best Rafa for your knee to get treatment and rest and relaxation.

    Take it easy.

    Love and prayers,


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