ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal is No. 1, but for how much longer?

Rafael Nadal has held on to his No. 1 ranking after cruising to a record 11th French Open title on Sunday at Roland Garros. He sits barely ahead of No. 2 Roger Federer with a 100-point lead of 8,770 to 8,670.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Alexander Zverev is No. 3, nearly 3,000 rankings points further back. Juan Martin del Potro jumped two spots to No. 4 by reaching his first French Open semifinal in nine years, and Thiem rose one place to No. 7 by reaching his first Grand Slam final.

If Federer reaches the final in Stuttgart, he will regain the No. 1 spot in the ATP Rankings on 18 June.

ATP rankings as of June 11:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Nadal Rafael Spain 8770 14
2. Federer Roger Switzerland 8670 18
3. Zverev Alexander Germany 5965 23
4. Del Potro Juan-Martin Argentina 5080 19
5. Cilic Marin Croatia 4950 19
6. Dimitrov Grigor Bulgaria 4870 23
7. Thiem Dominic Austria 3835 26
8. Anderson Kevin South Africa 3635 21
9. Goffin David Belgium 3110 24
10. Isner John USA 3070 25

“Today is all about Roland Garros,” Rafa said after defeating Dominic Thiem 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 in Sunday’s final. “I don’t think about the rankings at all today, no?”

Rafael Nadal is now leading the ATP Race to London. He has 1545 points more than Alexander Zverev.

Source: ATP World Tour, AP, AFP


  1. Take a look at Stuttgart tournament vs French Open grand slam……. point being how absurd to witness once again the various different levels of competition Rafa is participating in order to maintain his number 1 ranking…… and where is princess r ? How such discrepancy in type of participation continues to show attempts to make princess r appear relevant to reach number 1 ranking when he is hiding from competing ……..
    Fortunately, we do know RAFA NADAL is the true, genuine, stronger, most admired tennis player in the world…… nothing else matters.

    • As a Nadal fan, I feel your blatant disrespect for another player is really just so infantile. If I recall correctly, Roger is a male which could make him a prince but not a princess.

      And as Rafa says, “A win is a win.” One can only play whoever is on the opposite side of the net.

      And get facts before you start spewing false narratives. Roger was spending time in Africa to see how his philanthropic initiatives are doing. He was also in Dubai helping to launch the world’s largest Rolex store. And for a moment, let’s say he was hiding which he clearly wasn’t, it would be his choice. Who are you to tell a player where to play.

      Let fans enjoy Rafa’s 11th Coupe des Mousquetaires. Let us hope he will continue to be healthy. Let’s see what choices he will make regarding tournaments. I am excited about what may be ahead for Rafa.

  2. Roger has never won this Stuttgart tournament and last year he lost in the first match against a man older than him Tommy Haas so it still remains to be seen if he can surpass Rafa this week. Also I think it is highly unlike Roger will win Wimbledon this year even though so many say he is favorite because he comes into this year’s grass event with a horrible loss when he left tennis. He lost to this player that was like 442 rank or something like that it was that boy from Australia Kokkinakiss or something like that.

    Rafa done his part and kept all his points from last year during clay season so it’s up to Roger to do his part and win Halle and Wimbledon or else he will fall way below our beloved Rafa in points and will find it difficult to catch up until the end of the year. He has the pressure on him now and Rafa has no pressure until US Open.

    Congrats to Rafa for magnificent clay court season and winning UnDecima at ALL 3 Clay events of Monte Carlo, Barcelona, and French Open.

    Love him so much!!!!!!

  3. Rafa I am quite sure is not concentrating on his ranking,
    but resting, relaxing and having a break before his next tournament on the programme.

    All the best Rafa, and have plenty of rest,

    Love and prayers,


  4. Hey Rafans ! I know this is not the time to speak about that but did you Rafa’s comment on equal pay ? I’m SO disappointed because I adore him, he is like a role model for me 😭😭😭

    • I don’t agree with his explanation to play female tennis players less than males, but I was not at all surprised.

      • I wish Rafa had not entered that no win discussion, but I suspect many of the male players agree with him. Andy Murray is a notable exception. My guess is that Roger would avoid those questions.

  5. I don’t think Rafa is so concerned about rankings so why should we be? I’m sure he is aware that Fed could regain no.1 at either Stuttgard or Wimbledon but I think Rafa just wants to play well, and maybe, just maybe , if Fed does not play well, Rafa will still be no. 1.
    But I think some of his fans are more concerned about this issue than Rafa himself. My greatest concern is that Rafa does not play too many tournaments and injure himself again.
    Watching a fit and healthy Rafa playing tennis is a joy to behold, no. 1 or not.

    • Beverley,
      Outstanding comment.

      RAFAMAZING ROCKS THE FO 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 + 17 SLAMS [And don’t forget MASTERS]

  6. I was concerned and fearful when Rafa called for an MTO.

    What Rafa suffered in the third round of his FO final was most likely loss of circulation and not cramping. His bandages were applied too tightly which caused a loss of blood flow in his hand. He said he couldn’t control his fingers which was likely due to his fingers being numb. He didn’t complain about any pain which cramping is notorious for causing. As soon as the bandages were removed he was fine.

    RAFAMAZING ROCKS 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 + 17


    • Playing M. Zverev tomorrow in Stuttgart. Pretending he is totally cool with Nadal winning RG. Heat is on. Gap back at three. Annoying that Wimbledon is right after RG. Attention quickly switches to grass and Nadal has to make the quick turn to the fast surface. Hoping he will be able to play!

    • Roger is playing Stuttgart, where he lost surprisingly last year to Haas. Even my Fed fans are curious about that one. He gained no points there last year, so he can add 250 points. Just making the final will give him more than the 100 points he needs to pass Rafa. Roger will then play Halle, which he has won 9 times and the Wimbledon. Roger has 2500 points at risk. Rafa has very few points to defend during the grass season. I wonder if Rafa will play Queens. Some press are staying he may skip the entire grass season, but I just don’t see Rafa skipping Wimby if he is not injured. If Roger fails to defend his title, Rafa could be become number one again. He will be close no matter what. The important thing is that Rafa just had a wonderful victory. It is more important that he stay healthy and happy. Rafa missed several tournaments in the fall, so he will have other opportunities. The only number one ranking that counts is the final one at year end.

      • Edit, you’re right. I made a mistake. I thought Roger skipped the first week of grass, he didn’t. He lost in the first round and he’s planning to play again in Stuttgart so he can regain #1 by reaching the final there. Rafa then has to gain some points at queens to become #1 for Wimbledon. After queens, Roger won Halle so he has A LOT to defend there, 500 points plus 2000 at Wimbledon.

    • Rafa just has to get to the 4th round of Wimbledon and he will not lose number one until the USO. Roger has to defend 2500 point on grass and a masters final in Montreal. Rafa is defending pretty much nothing until the USO.

      • And as rafa skipped queens last year and if he decides he will play this year, he may gain some points there i hope. I cant see him skipping wimbledon if he is healthy. I would so love him to win it once more.

      • The one thing Rafa should NOT do this year is play too much. If he needs rest now in order to be ready for US Open, he should unfortunately take it. And post US Open he should only play Paris and Wtf so that he is fit for Australia.

    • Jill, Roger is playing the Stuttgart Open and his first match is scheduled for Wednesday vs M. Zverev.

  8. OMG!! Give it a rest he doesn’t care about the ranking and neither does Federer they’re going back and forth they want all six of the last Majors there at the top of their game whether there one or two it doesn’t matter they’re just happy that they’re still playing healthy and they’re winning Rafa just won his 11th French Open amazing get past this ranking shit, who cares?

    • So agree kim …. It drives me nuts all the negative remarks aimed at Rafa. He don’t give a damn, just let him enjoy this moment for Gods sake!!

    • I actually think the number one ranking matters a lot to Roger. He mentioned it often in his presser. I agree that it matters less to Rafa. While I do not expect Rafa to play as long as Roger, he is still five years younger. Roger is very aware of that. Roger wants to make sure he has the most GS when he finally retires.

      • You could be correct in assuming being No. 1 is more important to Roger. But I remember him saying he had not planned to play Rotterdam last year. His decision to play was based on his proximity to Rotterdam; he has his own plane and the trip wouldn’t keep him away from his family, plus he received a wild-card entry. For him, everything fell into place. So he said, “Why not [play Rotterdam].”

        It is also reported that in 2017 he signed a three-year deal to play Basel which means may be playing at least until 2020, providing he is healthy.

        Last but not least, he is raising four children and feels his presence as a dad is paramount.

        I am waiting to see which hat he will choose to wear in the next year or two; daddy, philanthropist, Team8, Laver Cup, or tennisman.

      • #1 is not the measure of greatness but it is a very prestigious accomplishment. It is a balance of durability, longevity, and skill. It matters to Roger because he wants that prestige for all time. He is in position to prevent anyone from catching him. Rafa knows he can’t do it at this age so it doesn’t matter that much anymore. He is in prime position to pass Roger in slams. Bank onnit, Slams is what matters most to Rafa at this point. Of course he want to be #1, everyone does, but Slams are priority. Same for Roger, he knows Rafa is on his tail and if he can win Wimbledon it will be really hard for Rafa to win 4 more at age 32. Not impossible but very hard. Exciting to see them battle for slams and number one. Just like the good old days.

  9. Rafa —
    Hpefully someone will tell you that there is a product called Theraworx that instantly releases a muscle cramp. It’s a foam in an aerosol can that you simply rub into the skin surrounding the cramped muscle. It worked today for me with a calf swim cramp. Highly recommend you put it in your competition bag, just in case you cramp again.

  10. Forget ranking and concentrate on Grand Slams and Masters; it’s these two classes of tournament that decide ranking. Rafa concentrates on winning tournaments and doesn’t obsess about ranking. He knows where he stands and doesn’t need to be No. 1 to validate anything. So what if Rafa drops to No. 2; he cares about the year-end ranking as he has said over and over again. HE WILL ALWAYS BE MY NUMBER 1.


    • Here is hoping Roger finds a Stakhovsky on his path to Wimbledon week 2 and bails out early.

      • Jean, yes Roger lost in R2 to Stakhovsky but don’t forget that Rafa lost in his R1 match to Steve Darcis. I’m not going to wish bad on any player.

        I am hoping that Rafa plays Wimbledon and wins it. After his long absence due to injury I feel he has a very good chance of winning Wimbledon. We still don’t know which tournaments he will play after the FO but he did say he would announce his schedule in a few days.


      • Haha very funny Jean. That was a great year, when both Rafa and Roger got bundled out in the early rounds of Wimbledon 🙂

      • I want an epic Fedal Final with Rafa Winning. That’s how yousho OD want Rafa to become the GOAT, by beating the GOAT.

  11. C’est facile.federer ne joue pas et il ne perd pas de point. Sava gagné monté Carlos barcelone Rome et Roland ‘Garros et il est toujours au même nombre de points. Il faudrait que l e classement atp change le calculer point car actuellement c’est vraiment nul

  12. How can that be? Roger hasn’t even played. How come Rafa is only 100 points ahead after winning the French Open

    • Because he had so many points to defend so he didn’t really get any that’s why the rankings is crazy and Federer the same way now he’s got to defend all the stuff on grass or he goes way down and they’ll still be right where they are if he wins everything

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