VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practices ahead of Roland Garros 2018 final with Dominic Thiem

Rafael Nadal was spotted on the practice courts at Roland Garros ahead of his final clash against Dominic Thiem. Vamos Rafa!


  1. If I wasn’t a Rafa fan I’d be pretty peeved having to watch this for the past 11 years, but I am and it’s just brilliant , what a great day to be a Rafa fan

  2. I must say I have hardly seen Rafa play this intense whole season. Thiem is playing excellent but so far it is not enough, Rafa is pushing him to his limits. Vamos Rafa, keep going!!!

    • I don’t think Thiem is tired yet as he’s as strong as an ox. Let’s hope it’ just a matter of time.

  3. Very good my Rafa!!! Bring it on! No relaxing till the last point! You are such a joy to watch!!!


  4. Yay – 1st set to the master. This could either get Dominic fighting and hitting harder or he could just fade away. Ha – wishful thinking!! Cmon Rafa.

  5. Rafa had an early break but Dominic broke straight back. Grrrr. Never mind its early days and it is the best of 5 where Rafa excels.

  6. Good luck Rafa come out fighting from the word go and show Thiem that no one will stop you getting your hands on that trophy for the eleventh time . Be confident you have been in this position so many times it must seem like your second home by now. You can do this Rafa if you believe in yourself like your millions of fans do , we are right behind you.

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