WATCH: Rafael Nadal Reflects on His Long Tennis Career

Rafael Nadal talks about his comeback win against German Philipp Kohlschreiber and playing his 1,000th career match at the Miami Open.


  1. A shame for Andy… He has worked so hard to get to be number one…Shingles caused by the varicella zoster virus also herpe zoster (chickenpox) is somewhat unusual for a young healthy person like Andy… We usually see shingles in people with compromised immune systems… especially in the elderly, plus they are very painful as they involve nerve endings …Now a tear in the elbow! Poor Andy… I hope he gets well soon! He will be missed!

    • Thanks so much for explaining shingles. I’ve known it to attack only the elderly so was surprised about his announcement. Extremely painful.

      I knew about the shingles, but chicken pox too? His brother mentioned the flu. So sad for Andy. I don’t understand the chicken pox. Don’t people in Europe receive immunizations? And can’t it be deadly to young children? And it’s airborne.

      I just read up on the two diseases and they seem to be related. I hope Andy really takes care of himself because from what I read it’s just awful.


      • Chickenpox and shingles are caused from the same virus…the varicella virus causes Chickenpox… The chickenpox virus can lay dormant in nerve endings for many years then turn into to shingles (Herpes zoster & varicella are from the same virus) I’m not sure why the chickenpox later turn into shingles but Is has something to do with the immune system being compromised… As we age of course our immune system depletes and that’s why we see shingles in the elderly. Now days children are vaccinated against chickenpox and I believe if you have never had the chickenpox then you will not get the shingles. I’m assuming that Andy’s flu symptoms were due to the shingles as I have heard not only are they painful but you also feel fluish while breaking out with them. Andy must be overworking himself and he needs to take a rest. The only problem now is Roger is lurking to get his no. 1 ranking back! Oh well… Rather have a healthy Andy then worry about that!

      • Thanks Sioux. I just hope he gets better.

        Yes, I am sure Roger is eyeing the number one spot that is currently occupied.

        Just as with the Rafa bashers (he can’t last long), many didn’t expect Andy to hold on to his number one spot for more than a few weeks, or less. Next week will be five months. I hope he doesn’t lose it due to illness.

        RAFA ROCKS

  2. That me done and dusted as well, Vy, if you manage to see all of Stan’s match could you update me so i can read it in the morning. Looks like Alexander has the 2nd set . Night Susie/ Vy.

    • Oh Maria, if you were pulling for Stan, it’s such a disappointment.

      The Birthday Boy wasn’t there after getting broken for the second time in the second set by a stunning BH from Zverev. He mishit too many sitters and got frustrated while the young gun was on fire, riding on the momentum and continuing to break him right at the beginning of the third set.

      He then raged through set, leading at 4-0 with a love service game. Stan tried to save face by winning the next game, but at this point it seemed his mind was on the upcoming birthday party rather than on the match, which is really awkward to watch.

      So there it was, the third break. But no more finger wagging from Zverev today so it’s okay in some sense. The boy must have respected Stan enough to subdue his celebration because in yesterday match against Isner, at some point he was finger-wagging at almost every point, which understandably annoyed a lot of people.

      Poor birthday boy gave himself the unwanted present in the shape of 46 62 61.

      Even his team looked more disappointed than he was. His girlfriend was there but you knew that already.

    • As for me, I originally wanted a Kyrgios vs Zverev QF but when I learned that today is Stan’s birthday, I decided to pull for him, unless he hits the match way like he sometimes does at events not called Slam, which was exactly what he did today.

      So all is well with Zverev winning the match, and I bet he will do much better against Kyrgios on Thursday than he did at IW. But then I’ll pull for Kyrgios if he makes it to the QF and all the way to the title unless he faces Rafa LOL.

      Meanwhile the Fed – Bautista Agut was in stalemate at 5-5 in the second set. Fed was clearly frustrated as the match went on. He even looked like he would smash the racquet at some point, which you ask me, would be fun to watch as I like him more when he’s not the mrPF.

      In the end, of course he prevailed because taking the set, any set, to a TB is always a bad idea when playing against Fed, unless you’re Zverev the younger and could take a 76 67 76 match away from him 😁, which is something our Rafa could not, and still can not, do unfortunately.

      So even though FedExpress won again in straight, the score flatters him because it’s actually a very tight match where Fed had to work hard and depended on his opponent’s mental meltdown at pressure to win.

      Credit to Bautista Agut for resisting the FedExpress force very well at the most part of the match. But really, Fed wasn’t playing that well since yesterday match against Del Potro.

      Apparently his team didn’t seem too happy about it; guess he will probably even get scolded by Ljubicic by the look on his face even when the match ended with a typically flash point of his LOL.

      So that’s pretty much it, Maria. It’s tough following tennis match in match out indeed but after Miami we will have a two-week break 😅.

      Oh sorry you didn’t “enquire” the update from the Fed match but I couldn’t help connecting those two. Can’t watch the Kyrgios match now but expect him to win in straight against Goffin.

      🌌🌙⭐️ Good night to you and everyone, Raffy, Holly Berry and Golam included. 😍

  3. Andy may be out longer than expected. It appears he has a tear in his elbow and he may not make it to Monte Carlo or the Davis Cup. This has yet to be confirmed. I feel bad for Murray; first the shingles, then the flu and the elbow injury. Athletes have a rough life at times.


    • Poor Murray. Really bad luck for him when he’s just reached World no1. Hope he’ll recover and come back to us soon. 🍀🎾

      Abt MC, Murray has been playing a lot better on clay lately. I still remember he complains in his first autobiography that the UK press seems to even “slightly” annoyed that he didn’t win RG even when he’s never won a match on clay. Of course he was exaggerating but still. 😀

  4. Meanwhile Stan took the first set over Zverev. The veterans seem to prevail today.

    Rafa will play the second night match against Sock tomorrow, which is quite late as the first one is at 7:30 pm.

  5. Stan got his 1st set. Now bautista Agut is having treatment poor thing. Might have to say goodnight to you all as I’m so tired. Speak soon

  6. Oh what a shame , b.agut nearly had it. You and me both Susie ,i love watching the tennis ,but week in week out it takes its toll.

  7. Oh poor Bautista, the only poor choice of shot selection costs him the first set after so much hard work, outrallying Fed quite many times. Hope he doesn’t lose heart now and still tries to make a match.

    • Not to worry Susie. Roger’s sure gonna win in SS.

      But he will then lose to Nadal should both of them meet in the final.

      But as always, we’d see……..hmmmn

  8. Oh well, Bautista can’t consolidate the break and gets broken right back when serving for the set, crushing under the pressure.

    Fed has the speciality of breaking right back after being broken and once he’s able to do that, he will ride on the momentum to either take the set to a TB, which is also one of his specialities, or break again to win the set.

    Aside from that, Bautista is playing very well. If his mentality holds up he has a good chance to beat Fed.

  9. Yeahh, well done Rafa!! 🎾💪🏼😃 Congrats and good luck for the next round 😘🍀

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