PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to Novak Djokovic in French Open

Rafael Nadal, always so tough to beat at French Open, has lost in the quarterfinals 5-7, 3-6, 1-6 to World No. 1 Novak Djokovic.

After the match, Rafa said: “I think I had my moments but in general Novak was in control most of the time. He was better than me. That’s it. There is only one sure thing, I want to work even harder than before to come back stronger.”

On Djokovic’s chances of winning his first French Open: “He’s probably in best moment of his career and he has a good chance to win.”

Not sad.

Not disappointed.

Not mad.

We are SO PROUD of this man. That’s how we feel right now.

Always with you, Rafa!


  1. Marylynn, thank you for your support of my comments. Athletes like any public personality need to be accountable for their words and actions especially to their fans. Above all they need to be truthful. I’ve read statements of him explaining why he lives in Monte Carlo…..He says it’s because in his home country he is always being bothered by the public (fans), he gets no privacy and so he moved to Monte Carlo…..Really!!!! It’s not because of all the tax money he’ll be keeping in your own pocket. I know many other athletes do this as well, but for the most part they will tell you as much and not lie about it. If he really cared about the people in his country he would be living there supporting the economy I’m sure they could use it.

    • To Maria Canada: Novak’s answer to why he lives in Monte Carlo is just another example of his being disingenuous; there is no reason not to be honest; many people live there for tax reasons.
      Glad to respond to your post. Marylynn

  2. I see Rafa’s loss as an opportunity for him to readjust his game. The pressure that was on him is evident (hair loss, as one example). He must now focus on playing freely, as he did in his first few major wins. Yes, when we’re younger, (not that he’s old) we have more confidence, because we have less experience and less knowledge. I think he can find that place again.

    1.) grip change
    2.) faster mph on first serve
    3.) deeper groundstrokes
    4.) better return of serve
    5.) accuracy of groundstrokes
    6.) confidence
    7.) release of pressure
    8.) intelligent play (change position of groundstrokes more often)

  3. Very dissapointed there at least wasn’t a battle to 5 sets. I think if this continues (and I still have faith that Rafa will improve) but if he can’t,………., then I think he should turn to Doubles only, just to prevent him loosing face, and tumbling down the rankings, ………. stop while he’s still in the Top ten, and with the wonderful happy memories we have of his brilliance, his wonderful energy and tenacity…….we care about him too much to see him loosing the latter matches, again and again, ………especially to Novak (whom I can’t stand by the way) whose so Steely Steely hard and it shows, hope someone will knock him off his Perch very soon, and I agree with what was said about Novak needs Rafa to motivate himself to that high level, will he continue at that high level without Rafa???????…….interesting thought!!.

  4. If, as some comments suggest, Novak shows some signs of sportsmanship once in awhile, it’s because he picked up some manners from watching Rafa and Roger’s behavior on court over the years. Even his parents have been reprimanded by other players for rude comments they’ve made from the stands. He tries to come across as a fun loving great guy with the fans, but in reality it’s easy tell that this is not sincere and more often than not he comes across as a (pardon my language) an ass kisser. Yes, he has become a great tennis player, but that’s all he is; and that will not last forever. Once his playing days are over there will not be too many people who will remember him, he will not leave any significant mark in the history of tennis, he is very forgettable. It is not just all the titles that both Rafa and Roger have won that make them so admirable and loved the world over, it’s just that it’s easy to see the genuine, modest and true sportsmen that they are, they are not fakes.

  5. We know Rafa is not 100-percent, yet, after his surgeries. Everybody knows that. But he will be fine. Mother Nature is slow, but sure. If he takes care of himself properly he will be okay. Djokovic is a great athlete. I love watching him play. It’s just that I love Rafa better.Ha. Anyway, I look forward to seeing our man from Mallorca at Wimbledon. Good luck, dear Rafa.

  6. I’m feelin so sad….its time for U tto change your chouch…get married like djokovik…his family maybe inspired him…he do well, very well….and one more thing, dont live your life like entertainer like celebritie….just be you….please come back…….

  7. To Marylynn, I do totally agree with you about all your sentiments concerning Novak.
    And it isn’t sour grapes because he defeated Rafa today.

    I agree he always displays those crazy antics on court: They never seem professional
    or sportsman like behavior. I remember the antics he displayed during the Wimbledon
    Final facing Roger in 2014. I scratched my head in disbelief. Although I respect and
    appreciate all the tennis players, men and women because they do work so hard all
    year round, I could never warm up to Novak. Maybe he does come across as entitled or
    self-centered, or smug I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

    Ironically, with all that Rafa has achieved and he’ll continue to thrive and prosper in the future
    he always comes across as the underdog whereas Novak comes across as if he’s the
    9X FO Champion. The jury is still out who’ll take the prize: Stan, Andy, Jo-Willy or Novak.
    All I know is Rafa will be back next year to re-claim his title. It’s only been 5 months back
    on tour for Rafa and I think he’s doing just fine and he’ll be fine. Rafa has the love and support of millions of fans around the world! And you’re absolutely right he is a true gentleman!

    • To Diane Kuriloff: Diane, thank you for your kind comments in response to my post. I hesitated to write it because of sounding like “sour grapes”. I know that Djokovic is a great tennis player, but I honestly believe that Rafa is just as great (or could become equally as consistent as Djokovic once again). He does,however need to tweak his serve, court positioning, and a few other things. I want very much for him to to that, and I think he needs to add a couple of good advisors to his team it would give him fresh perspective. I could never warm up to Novak. And yes, “Novak does come across as entitled or self-centered, or smug I just can’t seem to put my finger on it” either Diane. It’s as if he deliberately tries to get under Nadal’s skin. A while back, I truly believed and still believe that he learned from Nadal. It’s almost as if he centers Nadal out for the kill – it’s almost as if Nadal is his motivation to succeed. I honestly believe this. Anyway there are times that Djokovic shows gentleman like gestures, but they seem to be short lived. He rubs me the wrong way, I guess that’s the bottom line for me concerning him. I hope that Rafael Nadal can feel better about himself, get over this deep seeded slump, and return on tour and win at least two more majors. He will always be the reason I become excited over tennis. Marylynn

  8. I need to say this. Novak Djokovic is a very underhanded young guy. He will do anything yes ANYTHING to win including – ask for the courts watered, pretend injury, take an aspirin for every niggle, say intimidating things before the match, kick over benches on the court (2014 French Open; gamesmanship tactics on-court, have a pep-rally with the ball boys before the tournament, stand up for the chair umpires and clearly going against Rafa when Rafa asked not to have Carlos Bernardes chair his matches (Rafa had good reason too Bernardes more than once gave Rafa a time violation as he served on a break point)etc. I may sound petty, and I know I’ve left other examples out, but Novak’s attitude reflects a sense of entitlement and nastiness. The main problem is — is that unfortunately it has gotten to Rafa — at least this is what I think. Sure maybe he has decoded Rafa’s game, but he does not come through to me as a genuine person, or even a sincere person. He is only for himself. I am entitled to my opinion and this is my opinion of him. I am not trying to offend any Novak fans. I just needed to express my true feelings about Novak and what I think. Lord knows, I read enough negative things about Rafa. And I have never seen or heard him say or do anything to intimidate or hurt another player. Rafael Nadal in my opinion is a TRUE Gentleman. Happy Birthday Rafa and Good Luck on your next tournament. Love you lots, Marylynn

  9. Afolabi (are you a man or a women?) can’t tell by your name…anyway, what are you doing on a Rafa Nadal fan site????? You clearly are not a fan of his. You also keep repeating the same think over and over and over again, you’re giving me a headache. Go away, just please go away, you and your serbinator… you’re two of a kind. Even if Novak wins this thing, he will never be half the person that Rafa is. In sport it takes more than winning to be a great champion, this is something that your Serbinator will never achieve. Deal with it!!!!

  10. Sorry Afolabi but you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work out that the way Novak is playing at the moment that he will probably win the French open but could you make up your mind because when Rafa won the last 9 years you said it was gods wish now he has lost its now Rafa’s fault

  11. Nadal, congratulations for a great match! Don’t worry and be happy next year you will come back stronger, you are a fighter!!! Remember, you are the KING of RG 9 times!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  12. First of all, happy birthday to the one and only King of clay, Rafa Nadal! Don’t worry, be happy Rafa! It took Novak 10 (ten) years to win from you on your favorite surface and he won today, because of your not 100% form. We understand! Your body needs rest and an operation means that you have to be careful and protect your body. Nole winning today doesn’t mean he will win RG…….We wish you all the best and you are a good loser! You have a very good professional attitude and that’s a thing I admire in you! You are my idol! Forever Rafa! Aruba loves you!

  13. The actual build-up and hype and constant analysis surrounding this match was such over-kill. It was as if you knew Novak was going to finally beat Rafa here before he even
    stepped on the court. I got so turned off by Novak who was so agitated they didn’t
    water the clay after he won the first set, I turned off the match for an hour. He’s such a diva.

    So Rafa lost for the 2nd time in the qtr finals in a decade. What happened after his
    first loss to Soderling, he came back and won here for the next 5 years. It’s so difficult to defend these GS titles and he certainly defied all the odds and expectations.

    You can’t win every single match or tournament no matter how great a champion you are.
    I hope Rafa enjoys his birthday with his family and team. They all deserve a happy
    celebration. At the end of the day, it’s just a match and life goes on!

    I will now root for either Murray or Tsonga to win here!

    Looking forward to seeing Rafa in all white at Wimbledon. Until then relax and be happy!
    You’re the best!

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