PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Dominic Thiem to win 11th Roland Garros title

Rafael Nadal has defeated Dominic Thiem in straight sets at Roland Garros to win a record 11th French Open title. The King of Clay work hard for another victory in the French capital to the delight of those in attendance. He required a little over two and a half hours to get himself over the line, earning a 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 triumph to lift the trophy for the second year in a row.

At 2-1 in the fourth set, Rafa stopped serving during a game because he couldn’t straighten his left middle finger. At the following changeover, Rafa was given a salt pill by a doctor and had his left forearm massaged by a trainer. But Rafa’s form never wavered, and soon enough he was celebrating his 17th Grand Slam title overall, second among men only to Roger Federer’s 20.

After the match, Rafa said:

It was the best match tournament of me. It was important because Dominic is a very aggressive player. I had a tough moment in the third set when I got cramp in my hand. I was very scared. But that is sport. It is very humid and I was against a tough player who pushes you to the end.

Rafa has a whopping 86-2 record at the French Open after Sunday’s victory. The victory also allowed our champ to hold onto the No. 1 ranking.




  1. Man, did you guys see how much sweat was coming down Rafa’s face when he was serving?!? Even after wiping down with a towel, sweat was coming down like someone poured water on his head. It was ridiculously humid. That’s why his hand cramped up. So glad he was able to collect himself and win without a hitch.

    Additionally, He was moving pretty fast between points and was clocked at 33 seconds once on tv. That 25 second rule is ridiculous. Thiem was going over that and he was moving fast too. That rule was clearly put in to help Roger because nobody plays that fast except him. In the end all I have to say to those idiots who put in that rule and now want a shot clock is …. VAMOS! Rafa won anyways lol!!! You can’t penalize him enough to stop him from kicking ass lol!!!! VAMOS!!!!

    Congratulations to Rafa! And congratulations to Thiem who played valiantly.

    • I was surprised to hear Mats Wilander slam that time violation. He said something about appreciating watching a great champion work out his strategy. It was the wrong time, they had just played a really tough point and, as you say, the heat and humidity were high as Rafa mentioned to the umpire on changeover.

    • There was a 46 second clock on the bottom of my screen when Mary Carillo (annoying) kept harboring on his going over the 25 seconds rule. I liked John McEnroe’s response to Carillo, [paraphrasing] It’s complicated, because there are other factors that play in…..the noises that court spectators make, etc… she didn’t speak about it again after that….lol.

      If players are annoyed by how long their opponent is taking between serves, they can always take their time in between serves as well, or they can complain about it to the chair umpire. It’s up to the chair umpire to enforce the rule. The strange thing is that I remember commentators saying that the clock starts AFTER the chair umpire ANNOUNCES THE POINT, NOT after the shot of the player.

  2. Congratulations rafa super and unbreakable achievement, i mean winning 1 gs is 11 times harder and u here u won this super impossible title 11 time ….hard to think…. stay healthy rest well …it just so exciting to watch you playing…….want to see u in Wimbledon…vamos rafa…!!! You r simply the best…

  3. Rafa Congratulations for all your very hard work.

    I am sure you and your team and family would no will now have a great celebration,
    which is very well deserved.

    Also a very big rest,

    Love and prayers,


  4. I am so happy for you – you are the best, I cried with you, laughed with you and love you. You are truly a genius of tennis and always so humble. Love from your 71 year old fan. Take a nice rest now.

  5. Absolutely stunning performance by Rafa today. Very rarely he is this sharp from the start. Be not mistaken, Thiem played very high level tennis and would have beaten anyone today. Anyone, except the GOAT Rafa Nadal. 17 majors in 52 events. That’s one less than RF needed back in 2012 to get to his 17th, a number no one would ever equal, according to all main stream journalists. They are getting nervous again, them Fed trolls: ’11 out of the 17 are on claaaaaay’. That’s right. And Roger won 11 on hard courts. 11 on clay is way tougher. Only once per year possible to win one.
    I feel this 17th today may be the biggest step yet towards closing that gap and that debate. Vamos Rafa!!! What a legend!!!

  6. Rafa what a brilliant match. Loved each minute. You are a Superstar my King of tennis. I am still on a high from your performance today.
    Congratulations Champ. Go and have a relaxed Siesta you are very deserving of same.
    Adios amigo from your number 1 fan in Ireland..💕🎾🇮🇪🎾

  7. Good, old Aunt Maria and my humble self hereby send our heart-felt congratulations to Rafa ”King of Clay” Nadal for yet another victory at Roland Garros! Congrats, Rafa. Good, ols Aunt Maria had long predicted this since last year.

    Rafa will go on now to win Wimby and US Opens. Roger Federer’s time is up.

    But as always, we’d see…….hmmmn

  8. I watched as Rafa shed a few tears of SHEER JOY on his Undécima Coupe des Mousquetaires win and almost joined in because I was so happy for him.

    He came out very business-like and focused, not a hint of nervousness. KUDOS to Carlos and team and to Rafa for following the plan.

    Rafa still has his legendary passion;

    Rafa still has his great accuracy in shots;

    Rafa still has his speedy counter-punches;

    Rafa still has that ability to read his opponent;

    Rafa still has his great reflexes;

    Rafa still has his mighty arm and I could go on and on.

    Whoever thought Dominic [including himself] could beat Rafa at Roland-Garros had a rude awakening. He did hint that best out of five may be too much for him in one of his interviews. But that wasn’t it. He just wasn’t at a level to beat Rafa. He was outplayed even though he did show signs of a future Slam champion.

    Perhaps this win was what Rafa meant when he told his audience in Alicante this past January, “I want to be the best clay-court player ever.” When I read that I said he is the best but Rafa continues to surpass the best, himself.

    I thank Rafa for thirteen years of sheer magic and joy. May he continue for as long as he wishes. May he stay healthy to keep competing.


      • Thank you Michele. It was Rafa who inspired those words…just watching his fantastic performance today was RAFAMAZING.

        By the way, I was looking for a congratulatory word to Rafa from Fed but haven’t seen one. They often communicate privately due to the unfortunate animosity between their respective fans. I am not saying Fed congratulated Rafa privately but it is something to consider.

        RAFAMAZING ROCKS 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 + 17

  9. Rafa congratulations well don the King of Clay the best we love you vamossssssssssssssssssssssssss🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆and eleven trofeos

  10. It is absolutly insane what rafa does in Roland Garros. This grand slam can be called from now on Roland Nadal Garros. Thank you Rafa for those incredible years. Hope to stay healty. If you will be healty you will give us many more magical titles. We as your fans are very lucky to be witnesses at these moments. Finaly i want to say thanks also to my compatriote simona halep for winning her first of many others grand slams. I am soooooo happppppyyyyyyyyyy….. Both rafa and simona wins franch open and are no 1 in the world. Sorrry for this long comments but i am soooooo happppyyyyyyyy!!!!!😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😐😐😙

  11. I’m so so happy! Rafa, you’re simply amazing! What a champion, what a fighter, and what an incredible human being you are! You bring so much passion, skill, and excitement to tennis! Uncle Toni, thank you for helping Rafa become such a great champion! Congratulations to Rafa, his family, his team, and all of us fans! Rafa, we love you!❤️

  12. OMG! I was so scared when he cramped his hand.

    Vamos King Rafa! You are the true G.O.A.T! The fighter that never runs away from any surfaces and fights till the end!

    • dMTNA, you speak sooth! The President of the French Tennis Federation apparently had something to say abt Federer again ducking the clay court season and RG. Rafa has said that he would always play a full season when he is fit, and has done so.

      Also, amongst the avalanche of congratulations on Twitter, I see nothing from Federer. Surprising from someone who claims to be a good friend of Rafa.

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