VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practices ahead of Roland Garros 2018 final with Dominic Thiem

Rafael Nadal was spotted on the practice courts at Roland Garros ahead of his final clash against Dominic Thiem. Vamos Rafa!


  1. Rafa you certainly put in all of the effort both on and off the court.

    How great to see uncle Toni there encouraging you,

    You have done so well and now deserve a break and rest and relaxation before Wimbledon.

    Love and prayers,


  2. What a relief this is ! Rafa nadal ,Mr.unforgettable forever what can we say . You are the master of this game. The most passionate human being I have ever seen. Year after year, months after months , days after days you give ur very best . It’s honour to be your fan.
    Vamos forever

  3. Congratulations Rafa , what can anybody say that hasn’t been said a hundred times before , in numerology number 11 is a Master number and you certainly are the master of clay.🏆🗼🎇

    • That was painful towards the end as wasnt sure what was wrong with Rafa – they were saying cramp but that doesn’t sound like rafa. But he got through and retains the no1 ranking as well as the RG trophy. Well done Rafa – what a warrior

  4. If I wasn’t a Rafa fan I’d be pretty peeved having to watch this for the past 11 years, but I am and it’s just brilliant , what a great day to be a Rafa fan

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