PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal poses with his trophy in Paris

(Reuters) – “It’s amazing now, I can’t describe my feelings,” Rafael Nadal told the crowd on Philippe Chatrier Court moments after capturing his 17th Grand Slam trophy with a 6-4 6-3 6-2 victory.

“It’s not even a dream to win here 11 times, because its impossible to think of something like this.”

Rafa saluted his 24-year-old opponent, who is the only man to have beaten the Spaniard on clay over the past two seasons.

“He’s very aggressive, with big shots,” Rafa said in halting French before switching to English.

“I want to say well played to Dominic. He played a great two weeks. He’s a good friend, one of these players that the tour needs. I am sure you’ll win here in the next couple of years.”

The emotional Spaniard wiped away tears as he held on to the Coupe de Mousquetaires.

“Many thanks,” he told the crowd. “I hope to see you again next year.”

Source: Reuters


  1. Rafa you are just unbelievably focused in your tennis and the whole of life.

    An unbelievably humble and persevering human being.

    Love and prayers,


  2. Rafa, man of steel. What another defining moment for him and his career. There will never ever be another Rafa. When he steps on the clay there is no other option for him but to persevere, pummel and pound his opponents into submission for 13 years now. I can’t believe we are so truly priviledged and blessed to experience such an amazing and humble champion.

    How can one athlete compete against 7 different tennis professionals with 7 completely different styles overcoming all obstacles and yet Rafa still regins supreme . Again, Rafa showed great resolve throughout such a significant match. The standing ovation and applause were a stunning.appreciation for this amazing young man. Just Sublime!!!

  3. I am so thrilled. The sight of Rafa standing with the trophy amid the incredible ovation brought tears to my and Rafa’s eyes.

  4. Rafa..absolutely over the moon with delight for you..Congratulations my King of tennis 💕💚🇮🇪💕💚🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

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