[VIDEO] Roland Garros 2018: Rafael Nadal Second Round Press Conference

Rafael Nadal speaks to the media after his win over Guido Pella in Paris.


9 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Roland Garros 2018: Rafael Nadal Second Round Press Conference

  1. Marylynn

    The best of everything Rafa. Health, happiness, success. Play your best during your next match Rafa. God be with you. Love, Marylynn


  2. Maria ( England)

    Such a shame Dzumhur had match point and then threw the match away, so Zverev is through to the next round , he will be a big threat to Rafa what with his confidence/ arrogance .5 setters don’t seem to phase him and he certainly has the stamina for them . I’m trying to figure out who out of Zverev and Novak is more arrogant and has the bigger tantrums Lol


    1. Susie

      Sasha has had some long matches Maria. Lets hope he gets really tired and loses soon. Think he must be worse than Novak as Novak starred getting on my nerves when he was a lot older than 21yrs. Goffin wasnt very complimentary about Sasha the other day and by all accounts Goffin is a really nice guy. Says it all.


      1. Maria ( England)

        Hi Susie , hope your watching Edmund’s right now, he’s doing a great job. Novak will always be my bugbear but Zverev is a close second, I watched some of his match yesterday and when he won the fourth set he was so arrogant with his actions the commentator even said it was a bit early to be acting like that as he hadn’t won the match yet, and when he did win he walked back on to the court and roared like a lion. Apparently he gets annoyed by being called the next gen as he said I’m here now. I even woke up to sky news showing Novak dancing , something he had posted, luckily I hadn’t had my breakfast yet Lol. Watching the players it’s looking very likely that it will be Novak or Zverev in the final ( yuk) . Still as long as Rafa takes the title it will make it more satisfying.
        Try and watch Zverev’s interview yesterday , that was quite fun


  3. Maria ( England)

    Brilliant match going on between Zverev and Dzumhur , 2 sets a a piece , I so hope Dzumhur can send Alexander on his merry way.


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