[VIDEO] Rafa pays tribute to Zidane: “He’s a good, humble person”

Photo by Stephane Cardinale/Corbis

Rafael Nadal has paid tribute to outgoing Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane after the Frenchman confirmed his surprise departure on Thursday.

Rafa told reporters in Paris:

Of course was a surprise for everybody, no? But at the same time, Zidane is a top person. He’s a person that is tough to accept that he’s leaving for different things, different reasons. First thing because he’s a great coach and he was having a lot of success with our team. Second thing, he’s a good person, normal person, humble person. He represents, in my opinion, the right values, and he’s a right, a perfect example how somebody with a lot of success have to do the things of every day with being normal, being humble without saying negative things about the players, about the club, about nobody. Never, I never heard, referees, nothing. He was always fine and smiling on the press conference. Even when the things were not going well this year, that was so difficult moments. At the end of the year, he won the Champions League and nothing happens, but during the year has been a very tough year during the year for the team. He always have been positive and believing on the players and on the club. He deserves to choose what’s better for him. For my side, I just can say thanks for all the things that he did for Madrid. I hope will be back. And like sportsman and person, just thanks for the right examples that he gave to the rest of the people.


  1. Rafas words for Madrid coach are very touching,and that is what we all think of Rafa,

    Love and prayers for next match Rafa,


  2. Lovely tribute from Rafa . The pressure of being manager of Real Madrid must be immense . Winning three Champions League titles is huge but when La Liga not won , Madrid not happy .
    He always came across as a nice person and dignified .

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