PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to Roger Federer in Shanghai final

Roger Federer denied Rafael Nadal a first Shanghai Masters title as he powered his way to a straight-sets victory in Sunday’s final.

The Swiss player beat our champ for a fourth time this season and fifth in succession, needing three breaks of serve and 82 minutes to claim his 94th career title thanks to a 6-4, 6-3 victory.

Rafa didn’t move well and we just hope his knee is not bothering him too much.

After the match, Rafa said:

I want to congratulate Roger for a great year. Today you played a fantastic match.

This year for me has been my most successful year in China. It’s been a great two weeks, I feel very happy for what has happened for me.


  1. I still believe in you, Rafael! You are the best ambassador of tennis in my opinion. Your sportsmanlike conduct is unparalleled. You are a hero to a lot of people including me. You are truly worth emulating. I hope you stay healthy in many season to come. Vamos Rafa!

  2. I am so sorry Rafa’s fans. You should only talk about Rafa’s performance and not trash out the players that play with Rafa and won. You are not doing anything good to Rafa and you. don’t know about the schedules of the other people.

    Rafa should rest, but he likes to be in every single match. I am Rafa’s fan but this the truth. If he is tired, he should take some time off like some other players. If you trash me out, I will do the same.

  3. I don’t know what is going on with Roger, Rafa looked really slow and rushed, which is strange considering how he has been playing recently. He only won something like 8 points overall on Rogers serve and struggled with it at the other matches this year like at IW etc. Roger isn’t troubled with Rafa playing to his backhand on hard court. Roger knows and is ready for him playing and serving to his backhand and is really playing aggressive, trying to shorten the points. Roger was clever not playing the clay season, as that would have given Rafa the confidence going forward which he is now lacking when playing Roger. Needs to re think his game plan. Sure he will solve the problem eventually. Good luck.

    • No. No. No! That was a bad match for Rafa! True, he won the US open, but Djokavich, Murray and Wawrinka were all injured and Del Potro took care of Federer! Something needs to change. Roger (psycho) studied Rafa’s game very closely and figured out with his coach the way to beat Rafa. Plain and simple. Federer changed his game and Rafa didn’t.

      1. Roger started learning how to serve and volley.
      2. He employed technology by designing a new tennis racquet.
      3. He improved his backhand shot, where Rafa used to get most of his major points.

      In return, Rafa only improved his serve. 3 improvements beat 1 improvement, no?
      I’m the biggest fan of Rafa but I’m worried about the future (excluding clay court matches).

      Dear Rafa,
      You can’t keep doing the same things and expect things to change!!!! Carlos doesn’t travel with you often. Uncle Tony is done. Time to add a new coach to your team who could help developing new strategy just like Federer. This new addition could be a Spaniard or someone outside Spain. You need the best of the best to stay on top. It’s not gonna be easy from hereon.
      Vamos Rafa!

      • Totally agree with you .And I was saying this since his…breakdown after AO final he lost against Stan. He needs new ideas,New coach and psychologist full time.But his team is very conservative. Staying in your comfort zone will bring you more serious disapontments, Rafa.

      • Dear Rafa. I think, you should get rid of Uncle Tony because he is the PAST. You are a very smart and an excellent tennis player, but your uncle is so behind in everything. Also, I don’t know how Carlos will be helping you out. YOU NEED NEW BLOOD MY DEAR.

  4. You did your best Rafa and came to the match VERY tired against roger who has had plenty of rest.

    Rest now and Relax.

    Love and prayers,


    • How do you know Roger had time to relax when he played the day before. Stop being so negative about some other players. I had it with you all.

    • YOU Rafa’s fans. How do you know Roger rest,

      Rafa if you are tired because you are, don’t play in so many places because I know your fans love you, but it is not fair the nasty comments to the other players from your fans.

      Take a break.

  5. Congratulations Roger. You played very good. I put my alarm at 3.30am to see the Match. You played very well. Keep winning and I send you my best wishes from México. Hope to see you play

  6. Rafa is ok .you have plaging to many matches .this day is not your day vamossssssssssssssssssssss need to rest love your fans 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸❤️

    • You should rest and play less matches. I saw you live in CVG in August and you lost on the 3rd round. Are you going to blame, WHO………………I SAW THAT.

  7. Roger played great reminding of us he is a great champion as a nadal fan he cannot win all the time

  8. He must change his tactics playing Roger and Novak….to be successful against this 2. Otherwise they will continue to be in his head,simply because he doesn’t have a smart answer and he will continue losing to them and missing important titles from his resume. Furthermore that’s will affect his confidence overall and the vicious circle begins.He must get out of his comfort zone. And please, team Nadal make smarter schedule for your man.We want to see him healthy and happy winning for much more years to come.Vamos.

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