VIDEO: Shanghai final match highlights

Plus, best Hot Shots and Rallies from the whole week.


  1. Rafa can’t afford to sit back and wait for Roger to drop his level. Roger is ultra confident in his game right now, knowing that nothing Rafa is does is hurting him. He’s throwing everything into his all out aggressive tennis as he knows the clock is ticking on his career.

    Rafa is very good at problem solving and that’s how he’s risen to the top of the rankings. He’d better work out how to solve the Roger conundrum and fast, because these loses to Roger are going to have the same psychological effect as the loses he had to Novak.

  2. We can all see the Federer tactics. He plays the same way as he did in Aussie Open, especially the last 5 games of that final. It is the Rosol tactic, executed by RF. Rafa, by now, should have found solutions, but instead he has an expression on his face that says ‘Damn, he’s doing it again, I’d hoped that form would be gone by now’. And let’s face it, Rafa ‘admitted’ that his strategy to stop Djokovic from beating him time and again, was simply ‘let’s way until the level finally drops’ (he said this almost literally and he indeed needed that drop in level to beat him this year). That also means that after 5,6,7,8,9, 10? losses, there will be only one or two wins of Nadal. Cause a drop of level by Fed and Djokovic also means that they will be not be in finals that often (see what happened to Djokovic). I don’t like this approach at all. But it has brought two majors nonetheless. So we may end up with Rafa winning more slams than Roger, and Roger having the h2h advantage. A long shot. Would we sign up for it?

  3. Think of Wawrinka’s motto, “Fail better.” Enough of losing to Fed-we know how
    competitive you are. It has been fantastic tennis from you, and a privilege to witness.🙏Just as Fed has had to change his tactics and schedule, your team needs to brainstorm! Stay healthy, play smart🤔💪👍👏❤️

  4. Very difficult to watch this final especially after watching weeks of mesmerizing tennis from Rafa. Why is Rafa paralyzed by RF? Anyone have an answer?

    • How many grueling hard court matches has Rafa played in a row? Did Fed play last week? Did he have a bandage on knee due to last many weeks?

      • After two weeks of high level and grueling tennis (10 matches in 14 days), how can anyone say Rafa is not a warrior? Also, give credit when credit due. Roger played perfect indoor tennis in the final. Who could have beaten him yesterday?

        Rafa, hope your knee issue is not serious. Please rest and heal. You’ve given more joy and excitement to us fans this year than we could have ever imagined! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for the great two weeks of playing. You’re incredible and looking forward to see you in London…rest and be strong💪💪💪❤️

  6. So intimidated by Roger for some reason. It was dull, not exciting. Felt Rafa wasn’t up to the task today. It wasn’t Rafa of the last two weeks. The tournament ended wah semi for Rafa He was too tired. But always gracious and wonderful He seemed to lose the warrior. Rafa of previous days. Still love you tafa❤️

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