US Open R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Taro Daniel?

Top seed and world No. 1 Rafael Nadal is back in action on Thursday at the US Open and will face world No. 121 Taro Daniel.

The New York-born Daniel booked a spot in the second round of the season’s last Grand Slam when he battled past American wildcard Tommy Paul 6-1, 4-6, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2.

Elsa/Getty Images

Date: 31 August 2017

Match time: Rafa is last on Ashe. Around 9 PM EDT –  New York, Montreal / Friday 2 AM BST – United Kingdom / Friday 3 AM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Friday 11 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website

With no rain forecast, the $100 million roof that contributed to Rafa’s annoyance in the first round should be wide open.

Rafa has never played the 24-year-old before.

Taro Daniel on playing Rafa:

When I got off court, I didn’t know who I would be playing. But then I found out it was Nadal and I thought, ‘Oh God!’ I didn’t realise it. It’s really exciting but I need a few hours to let it sink in.

I know it will be on a big court so that will be exciting. But it could also be nerve-wracking.

I need to go in excited and just hope that he doesn’t come out too powerful. (via Reuters)



  1. Carlos Moyà must convince Rafa to change his stance in court otherwise we may all be in for a heartbreak soon. They can easily view recordings from 2010 & 2013 finals when he won those 2 US Opens against Novak. In those 2 tournaments, his serve was insanely good and he was standing practically at the baseline to return serve. His returns were flat and angled making precision shots with pace from all over the court. I don’t know why Rafa has been so adamant to not address this particular aspect of his game. This insane return position had already cost him few slams and masters1000s. Hope good sense will prevail soon.

    • subri,

      you talking about 7 years ago and 4 years ago when nadal was in his twenties. Nadal main problem are his nerves. He is very insecure when he plays hard hitters and serve volley players because he is a step closer.

  2. At long last, the much awaited predictions on the 2017 US Opens are now out!

    Good, old Aunt Maria (Siberia) has some good and not-so-good news for all you Rafamaniacs out there. For the women, she predicts a Maria Sharapova victory.

    For the men, she predicts a Rafa Nadal vs Dennis ”the menace” Shapovalov final.
    Winner: uuh…….can’t say it now.

    But as always, we’d see………………….hmmn

  3. Well done Rafa! Not the best performance, but he did great in the end to pull away from Daniel who put up a good fight.

    I think the best of Rafa in this US Open is still yet to come. Get it done champ!!

  4. There’s been so much talk here about the next-geners that some of you may be interested in the inaugural NextGen Tour Finals in Milan at the end of this season. I have no additional information.


  5. another difficult preformance from rafa. He is not playing well since winning la decima. I am concerned. He won his two matches based on experience not on game. If he continues to play like this he will not reach the second week. The path to the title is basically open for him.

    With berdych, gasquet and dimitrov out of the game and roger not playing well. He will never face a chance like this again. Maybe that is making him nervous and caused a lot of pressure.

    I hope he will reach the second week and then things will get better. Come on champ

    • Rafa has to play free, like go for everything attitude..he has nothing to lose nothing to defend..jus play free and more attacking tennis

  6. Tony Nadal has been with Rafa throughout his career, playing a major part in his success, but I don’t understand his negative attitude at times. Rafa’s uncle Tony told Eurosport that he would much prefer Nadal to face someone else, other than Federer, in the semi finals if he gets that far. He went on to say “I would prefer that Federer lose before. I don’t like that Rafa plays against the best players. For us it is not so good to play against the best players like Federer, Djokovic or Murray. I prefer he plays against not so good players”.

    In contrast, Carlos Moyà disagreed ” Why not? It would be a great match for the crowd, for tennis. It is a long way away, but if the match (against Federer) happens, we are going to be ready for it”. Surely this is the right, positive attitude to take. Tony Nadal is doing Rafa no favours, in terms of his mindset and confidence. Furthermore, he’s sending the message to Rafa’s opponents that Rafa is fearful.

    I think that once Carlos Moyà is in full charge as coach and Tony Nadal is out of the picture, we will see a more assured Rafa.

    • He also said that he thought Rafa would never make it to World No. 1 [because of Nole].

      After having read Rafa’s book, I have always felt that Toni played a leading role in Rafa’s insecurities. Rafa will defend Toni no matter what, but the evidence is there for the world to see. I hope Carlos can do something to help Rafa.


      • I just think a gentler approach to teaching Rafa would have worked just as well.

        I stated earlier in my membership here that Rafa had RAW TALENT. I truly believe he would have been a standout no matter what his chosen career.

        Rafa, in his bio [I was recently insulted for quoting his bio], stated when Toni upset him he would not tell his mother when she questioned him about being upset. She would have put a stop to his bullying. Even then, Rafa was loyal to “family,” but tellingly his reason for not saying anything was because he didn’t want to “cause a problem.”

        You said that perhaps Rafa was agitated after that presser. Yes, he was agitated, agitated about the noise in the stadium, agitated about the type of balls being used, and agitated about Andy’s untimely withdrawal.

        I would like to add a possible fourth. No one has commented about Rafa’s responses lately when asked about other players’ being injured. Rafa, for whatever reason, feels it necessary to say he has had more injuries, or that he has had so many more injuries than other players but then he cleans it up by saying I hope so-and-so gets better. His reasoning? I don’t know but I can only speculate it’s because he wasn’t asked about HIS injuries.

        I have followed Rafa for so many years and marvel at his achievements but I also realize, just like the rest of us, Rafa is not perfect. I doubt there is anything that could turn me away from Rafa, but when something is amiss I will voice my concerns.


    • Totally agree. Tony is a great tennis coach,but the worst psychologist ever!!! He is doing Rafa a harm with all this comments.

  7. Stop reading these posts Rafa, it was Taro who was to be awed, not you. So glad you weren’t crushed. Had Taro not played a five-setter on Wednesday, the damage could have been a lot worse.

    Delighted, to say the least, that you came through to reach the third.


  8. If there ever was a relatively easy path to the SF, it is this year. Both Berdych and Dimitrov are out. This is not a moment to get nervous, it is a moment to seize!!!

    • I typed him a message, bravo 😀for 2nd round also for Roberto and Feliciano, his Spanish friends, sorry for his friend Grigor😐 he came to the Aca in Manacor to practice recently. Berdych a surprise 😐, Dolgopolov I saw D. in R Garros vs Monfils. Roger surprising us with 5 sets matches. Fiona in Paris

  9. Thx Suisie ! But I couldn’t see the match. Anyway, glad he won !!
    Apparently, he had some troubles with his nerves, I hope it disappeared with some match in his belt …. l

  10. Awesome win by a gorgeous Rafa 🤗💗 Congrats Champ and the best of luck in the next round 🍀
    VAMOOS! 🎾💪🏼😘

  11. What are the results for the match Rafa played on Thursday?

    Love and prayers,


  12. Just drop by to say good night or good day to everyone who were staying up late or getting up early to watch Rafa :). How late/early was it where you are?

    All in all another just another bumpy ride on the roller coaster called Rafa Nadal. Rafa came in the match swinging not his racquet but his nerves around the court, producing a somewhat one of the worst sets he’s ever played, which overflowed to the 2nd set and created quite some scene on the stands.

    Then gladly, fortunately, relievingling, finally, that mysterious, charming, old 31 young man was able to find his range, recovering from that weird thing and helping us fragile fans avoiding a <3 attack.

    But before that, Toni was looking pissed. Moya daze and confused. Xisca tired. Rafa like he had just realised it's gonna be bed time soon for everybody just right after he finally woke up. So he hurried up and we were treated with some unsual quick stretches of Rafa showing us what he normally does in practice.

    See, Rafa, just try loosen up and play like you normally do in practice. The rest will take care of itself.

    Okay it's me half sleep-talking. Seriously though, if somehow someone could convince Rafa to stop return from the Moon, I mean the Mars in this romantic night match, I promise I would send them chocolate and handwritten thank you notes every single day for the rest of my life (mind them, I'm still very young :p). Well, I've been envying my friend's calligraphy class anyway…

    Good night / good day dear RFNs. Good night, dear Rafa and the whole team. 🌌

  13. Wooh! You gave a really big scare Rafa. Need to improve the level because if Daniel can push you that much imagine let’s say a Dolgopolov can do. But really happy that raised your level after the first set. All the best for next match

    • Susie , well worth staying up for just to see that gorgeous smile , and the win didn’t go amiss either Lol.

      • Wonderful you stuck with it. To bed for me for a couple of hours. Well worth the effort I would say!!

  14. All’s well that ends well as the saying goes. Great results after a shaky first set. Well done Rafa, another step closer to the final and keeping your number one spot secure. Good luck in your next match

  15. Crikey! Come on Rafa , you didn’t get to the number one spot playing like this.
    Shame the crowd aren’t getting behind him like they did Roger earlier.

      • Let’s hope so Susie, it’s looking promising now though. Rafa and Roger fans have certainly been put through it tonight ( this morning).

  16. What’s going on? Rafa broken again.This is so hard to watch. Rafa is rattled and riddled with nerves. Daniel is winning the large majority of the longer rallies and Rafa is standing too far back. I don’t see the sting in his shots. Just hoping that Daniel gets tired.

  17. I don’t understand why Nadal feels nerves..he has nothing to prove …so y can’t he play freely…

    • I don’t think this really answers you question, Amberoxx, but after his Taro match, Rafa told James Goldman of METRO that “he needs to play with the feeling that when he hits the ball he is not going to miss, and play with intensity.” [September 1, 2017]

      There could be myriads of explanations for Rada feeling like that. A simple explanation is most likely insecurity.


  18. Ok. So Rafa lost the first set. Now I’m looking for a change of tactic from him. Slogging the ball from the baseline isn’t going to work.

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