PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal enjoys a sun-soaked holiday in Ibiza

Spotted spearfishing and snorkeling with friends on board a boat on Tuesday in Ibiza, Rafael Nadal looked like he was enjoying having some downtime away from the pressures of the tennis court. Here are some photos.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. He’s having a fishing, hanging-out fun time with his friends. Rafa has a lot of close friends, including those from his early years before he was RAFA, and I think it is great he spends time with them. Don’t read anything more into this. He would take a photo with anyone who asks him nicely in a restaurant or bar, attractive or not.

  2. well, I like Rafa’s photos without his girlfriend because I love him so much and I don’t want to see him together with any other ladies.

  3. Geez, the moral police have spoken. Rafa, who has always strived to maintain the high road has to not only do that in reality at all times, but also has to somehow maintain that high level of morality so as not to cause an infraction in the fervent imaginations of his fans. Nevermind that we don’t actually know the back story to why he is vacationing without Xisca, he has to think about all the repercussions from fans who find him lacking just because he goes on a boat with his friends. If you are truly his fan, you would give the guy a break.

  4. Xisca was at Rafa’s game at Wimbledon the first round1 People should stop minding Rafa’s private life and his personal business, After dating for so long I don’t think they split or else that would have been on the internet so long.Who will want to leave Rafa he’s so cute and humble?

  5. I do not care who Rafa chooses to have as a friend or girlfriend! I love watching him play tennis! And, by all accounts, he seems to be a very polite and respectful individual. That is what matters. He is never arrogant or rude towards others. Everyone needs to remember that he is a human being and has a life outside of tennis; which is none of our business!!!

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