PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses in five-set thriller against Gilles Muller at Wimbledon 2017

Rafael Nadal lost in the fourth round at Wimbledon to Gilles Muller on Manic Monday. Muller defeated our champ 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 4-6, 15-13 in a match that lasted almost five hours.

Rafa, seeded fourth, dropped the opening set, ending a winning streak of 28 consecutive sets at majors.

After the match, Rafa said:

He played well. I think I didn’t play my best the first two sets. I was all the time against the score and that’s so difficult against a player like him. He played great, especially in the fifth set. It probably was not my best match but at the same time I played against a very uncomfortable opponent.

I lost in the fourth round, not a result I was expecting. It’s tough to analyse that in a positive way right now. I won matches, I played better than other years, that’s true but at the same time I was ready for other things. I missed an opportunity.

Muller will next face Marin Cilic, who beat Roberto Bautista Agut 6-2, 6-2, 6-2.

The crowd really wanted Rafa to win. He received a standing ovation and rapturous applause after the match. Stay healthy Rafa and take a good rest  after all your achievements this year! Always with you!


  1. It’s very difficult to accept this result but rafa the champ gave all out til the end ..fighted for every ball….i have to say and not because rafa lost… this surface gave u so much advantage if u have strong serve …… sometimes i feel it so biased thing ……and rafa finally played a opponent who has great serve….
    That doesn’t mean muller doesn’t deserve this win …he did he played solid match…but still if u have serve as a weapon on this surface u have an advantage….

    For me rafa coul have won in straight sets if he would have returened well…..
    For rafa th return of serve is a bit of problem….and that one part rafa really needs to improve….and if he does he will be untouchable on any surface…..

    Our champ gone fighting out…..and i really feel he will continue to have a good season …on thing ro notice in this long match rafa made only 17 unforced error which tells u lot thing…..

    So rest well rafa…..because this is not the end….u have many grandslams trophies waiting for u…..
    U r so good on grass….no need to panic….i will definitely win wimbeldon once again for sure……

    Vamos rafa
    And thanku for giving us so many great moments ….to cherish…
    Vamos rafa
    Take care… rest well and enjoy….

  2. Rafa today’s Mach was a heartbreaker for Rafa and his fans,he is my favorite tennis player.the only one have 10. Freach Open that’s is proud of Rafa your fans love you .vamosssssssssssssssssssss champ.🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

  3. YB, I agree with your summary of the match and your sentiments completely.. It just wasn’t Rafa’s day but he’ll bounce back for sure!

  4. I’ve just watched the BBC Wimbledon highlights and Clare has shown an extract from Rafas press conference as well as an individual interview that rafa did with Rishi after his loss today. Rafa looks so unhappy and disappointed that my heart goes out to him. I can only hope he goes home soon and relaxes with family and friends and that he tries to get over this as quickly as he can and most importantly that it doesn’t knock his confidence. Night night everyone – it’s been a long and sad day.

    • Just want Wimbledon over quickly now so we can move on and see Rafa in his next tournament and his quest for the number spot. No matter who takes the title now I’m sure the final will be a let down after today’s game which surely has to be the match of the tournament. Night Susie/ Raffy 😿 and I hope you can still enjoy the rest of your week off.

      • Hi Maria. Well I watched what I could of Wimbledon on tele today but with a heavy heart. It wasn’t the same knowing rafa won’t be playing tomorrow although great result for GB. I am a tennis fan as well as a rafa fan, so I’ll see it through to the end. Not much of it left mind you. How were you today? I put a like on your post today. Once again the most fabulous words which made me feel better so thanks for that.

    • susie,

      i know the champ is dissapointed he should learn from this loss and talk with carlos about this. Look rafa so far this season has a great season. His serve has improved he served well today something he could be proud off. His volley game has improved and his backhand. The only thing that hasnt improved is his return.

      That is why he lost today because on breakpoints especially the four he got in the fifth set rafa was unbelievable insecure, nervous and not calm. At some point when he had those four breakpoints i yelled at my television: dude calm down why are you in a hurry and rushing to convert the breakpoints. He made then a rare mistake by on breakpoint running to the net when it was neccesary. Very strange behaviour gilles was more relaxed and calm then rafa. He was not very comfortable.

      I have no problem with him losing a match. Like i said he was very dissapointed and this is a tough loss that could be a setback in his confidence because this is the fourth time he lost a close match in five sets.

      I hope he will analyse the match with his team and found out on how to deal with big servers. Because to be honest susie because nadal return is weak he is affraid of big servers. I saw that in the match rafa didnt know what to do

      • Lets hope his team get together and as you say – learn from this mjus. Thanks.

      • If you look at the stats of the match, Rafa was better in most of the categories, other than break points won. His receiving points won was 32% (vs Muller’s 27%). Muller had more aces, but also more double-faults. Total point difference is 3! If Rafa had pulled out a win, I’m sure that all his perceived weakness will be “forgiven”. Rafa is not a machine, he is subject to human emotion, like all of us. He can’t win all the matches (no body can). Today’s tough loss does not diminish the incredible feast he has accomplished this year, and through out his career. I’m grateful for all he has done for the sport, and for the fans.

  5. So sorry for your loss, Rafa. You fought valiantly as always. It was truly amazing how you battled back from 2 sets down. I had a feeling Mulller would be a challenge since he played in a few warm up grass tournaments prior to Wimbledon and won 1 title on grass. Congrats to him.

    I realize everytime you served in the 5th set, it was to stay in the match because Gilles went 1st in the 5th set. I just wish Wimbledon would incorporate the 5-set tie-break as the US Open has done. Perhaps the other 2 GS’s could follow suit as well.

    So rest up and relax. Take good care of yourself. Best wishes for the rest of the season. I look forward to watching you compete.

  6. Rafa looks so disappointed, but anyways takes time for his fans writing autographs – A No.1 sportsman always 😍🌟

    • I think Rafa lost because he played too tentatively for the first two sets and allowed Muller to dictate play. The old (young) Rafa could stand on the baseline and do that. The new Rafa wins by being confident and aggressive but sometimes in the “big moments” I think he reverts to what he has been comfortable with for many years. Look at the stats of this match and compare to prior matches. Four errors in the first two sets. Minimal net approaches in the first two sets and two close losses in the first two sets. Muller may have beaten a more aggressive Rafa anyway but I don’t think so. He’s been that good.

      • Agree with you. Reading all posts and was waiting for someone to say it.He is loosing all close matches lately 5 seters, including AO final for the same reason. He stays way back behind the service line!!!!! I saw him playing that way and eas thinking ….”damn he will lose this match”. If he played aggressive , taking ball early, he would win this match, he would win in Australia too.He is a beast when he plays aggressive inside the court or close to base line.So sad for him, because he lost so many opportunities for winning more slams….But he will not succeed in tight matches, playing way back….I really don’t know why he is doing that, old habits probably.
        I wish he change that and work on his serve and return.And play aggressive, Rafa. Forget about the days you are running at base line and way back all the time. This days are over . Wishing you good luck, Champion. Vamos.

  7. Today’s match was a heartbreaker for Rafa and his fans. However, he took his loss with dignity, preferring to honor his own values of respect for his opponents, which is why he will always remain as my favorite tennis player!

  8. Rafa had a very bad bash to his head when he was jumping around on entering the court, These type of head bangs sometimes raise their ugly effects a few days later. I hope he gets checked out to make sure there is no damage done.There was an almighty sound from the bang. I hope he goes and sees a doctor. I am so sad he lost the match after such a brave fight,

  9. Valiant effort and unbelievable serving with over 20 Aces!!
    Every time someone beats you, they lose in the next round.
    Let’s see what happens with Cilic vs. Muller.

    • That’s not true Bonnic and you know it!!
      Djokovic has won against Nadal several times and gone on to win the tournament!

    • I join patricia in feeling that tennis is not now worth watching. I am especially disgusted with the way Wimbledon organizers treated Rafa. I must say Wimb with its reactionary practices of bowing to the royal box, imposed white outfit rule, unfair court allocations, bizarre draws, the ‘Henman Hill’, etc. has since a long time not been my favorite tournament.

      Please, please Rafa climb to no. 1 ranking ASAP so world number one is no more “Sir” Murray, much as I do like him.


      • Wimbledon officials really should have seeded Rafa as Number 2. It was ridiculous seeding him fourth. No reason for them doing it that way. I CANNOT believe the audacity of seeding him fourth. I heard it’s because of losing early the last few years. And that is a foolish way to seed — in my opinion.

        Rest and recover Rafa. Watch your match and try to improve your game where you need to. You are and always will be the best. Love and God bless you..
        Mary Lynn

      • Hi PUMA – bowing to the royal box was done away with years ago. However I’m sorry you don’t like the traditions of Wimbledon such as predominantly white clothing etc. Don’t forget the over priced strawberries n cream too whilst you’re at it. As for Henman Hill – why don’t you come over and sit on it and watch a match – it’s great fun but more of a slope than a hill. Just cos you’re not a fan of the seeding system and hence the court allocations doesn’t mean that that you should have a go at the whole place. It is really beautiful and I wish you would experience it.

  10. Dear Rafa; you are the Greatest. Mueller was in a zone. You fought brilliantly. You should have won. You are the perfect example of sportmanshiip, integrity and courage. I know you could have won that match with a few more winners when you really needed them but it didn’t happen. I love you and so sad for you. Please rest remain healthy. Because I know you can do anything and everthing when your healthy. And I know you will come away stronger and learn something of value to take into your next tournament. Love and God bless you Rafa. Mary Lynn

  11. Gutted for you Rafa. You fought sooo hard. Rest well and spend quality time with your amazing family, freinds and girlfriend.. they are all you need now. Love you! And thank you for being you. XX

  12. This is the fourth time that rafa is losing a epic fifth set match. He had that loss against fognini in new york in 2015 against lucas pouille last year and against federer.

    Once again there is more work to do by carlos moya.

  13. The first and second set were rubbish not tennis , tennis is hitting a yellow ball with skill but the next three sets were good but it was the final set it is so important to serve first as everyone will tell you it is a battle for sure, sad for the second winner.

  14. You fought like a lion Rafa, as far as I am concerned you deserved to have won this match. Unfortunately that was not the case, and we must just accept things as they come. I am sure there will still be many wins for you in the future, keep going, I know you are not the type to give up easily. I wish you the very best of luck in the many matches that lye ahead of you.

  15. I am sorry but I cannot be full of praise here. It is this type of matches that Rafa can and should win. There was no reason to not do it today. He had multiple chances but he was not great in those moments. This probably was his best chance to finally get far again in Wimbledon. Alas!

    • The funny thing is Jason is not allowed to say it, but Rafa in the meantime now reflected on his performance with the same analysis. The Gutmensch crew, you are so great!

    • jason,

      there is always a next year remember that nadal will have his chances to win wimbeldon again unfortunatly not this year. And dont forget there is one grandslam remaining where i think he will have better chance of winning

      • I know, and I will be there. I am just not accepting a loss that could have been a win – and I will never. So no “well done” types of comments from me after a wasted opportunity like today.

      • @MJUS – Maybe so but that’s the way it goes . Rafa did have his chances I guess today just wasn’t his day. As I said in earlier post he will learn from this loss as he always does. And for all you twitter haters Rafa is NOT and never will be a sore loser.. He is human and shows his emotion at times – and that’s because he’s not a robot. Many out there love to hate and criticize him, but it’s. because you just don’t like him. Love you Rafa. Mary Lynn

  16. Well done to Muller but so very sad for Rafa, the lights have gone out for me at Wimbledon after today. I am so proud of you Rafa and what you have achieved this past week and year, nobody gives more or fights harder than you ,that’s for sure. You could have so easily decided to shy away from the grass tournaments but that’s not in your nature. Your performance today and stopping to sign autographs after your loss , when you could clearly see your hurt shows just why you are loved the world over, and the Wimbledon crowd also showed that. The match could have easily have gone the other way , but today the gods were on Muller’s side , but your fans will be on your side today and forevermore.

      • Hi Susie , just felt so sad for Rafa , his face just said it all . I’m just happy that his father and beautiful girlfriend (who remained calm, collected and composed throughout and not phased one bit) are there to pick his spirit’s up , and I know by tomorrow Rafa will be looking forward not backwards.Luckiy you managed to see Rafa in the first week and can treasure those memories until his next time at Wimbledon . I was hoping Rafa would take the title , but now I’m hoping it’s third time lucky for Andy.

      • Indeed lovely words, Maria 😌🌸
        – And as you say, tomorrow is a new day looking forward not backwards 🤗🍀

      • Hi Maria. See my post above re Wimbledon highlights. I saw a devastated rafa – something I’ve not seen many times before – especially when he was interviewed by Rishi. Try and catch it if you can or if you can bear it. It’s on a loop on the red button but it’s difficult viewing. So sad.

  17. Oh Rafa… I’m ever so proud of you! Even God seemed to be on Muller’s side at times today. But you came from 2 sets down to force a decider. At that point the fight was enough for me. Well done Rafa. Now rest up for your fight over the rest of the season for the world #1 spot!

  18. Can’t stop crying. Tough lost for Rafael. 😭😭😢😢😢
    I dreamed exactly this … so was scary the all day.
    It is tough but I hope Rafa will get over it. Vamos Champ. Hopefully USO will be yours. Keep holding on.✊💪
    FED will win the 8th, congratulations to him👏. I always dream of him holding the trophee.
    From close number one, Rafa will be seeded mum 4 at the end of Wimbledon behind Murray, Djok n FED.

  19. Rafa a été époustouflant ça ne s est joué qu’ à 2 points c est rageant ms ns sommes si fiers de lui !!! Notre champion est 1 guerrier et encore 1 fois il l a démontré ds ce match d anthologie vamos rafa et le meilleur reste encore à venir👍👌👏💚💛💜👑👑👑

  20. I don’t know what to say. Just sad for Rafa. He fought but it was not enough. I hate tennis on gras..if you have a big service like Muller you are able to win a match like this.

    Take rest Rafa. Always with you <3

    • Muller is not just a big server. He hit many incredible shots (other than the serves) today. His net game, overhead, pass-shots were all clicking today. If Rafa had a second break in the fourth set, so he could serve first in the 5th, things might have turned out very differently. Yes, it was a very stressful match to watch and tough loss to take for us fans. Imagine how stressful it must have been for Rafa, not just mentally. I’m very sad for the loss, but very proud of Rafa for fighting such a great battle (Rafa of 2015/2016 wouldn’t have come back from 2 sets down against someone who played as well as Muller did today). I just hope that Rafa can stay healthy (his knees/wrist are ok, and his right ankle wasn’t twisted too badly today). Rafa, rest and recharge. Can’t wait to see you on the hard courts!

      • Without his big serve Muller had been without a chance today. A lot of aces, a lot of free points, a lot of points at the net – all with his serve.

    • Very sad for Rafa, he fought so hard but unfortunately today it wasn’t enough 😥😢 (At least he didn’t lost to Fed. or Djoko.) Congrats to Muller, he did very well… 👏🏻

      Now rest up and take good care of yourself champ. The best of luck for the rest of the season 🍀😘 Proud of being your fan – You are amazing 👑🤗
      Win or lose always with you sweet Rafa ❤️

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