Wimbledon 2017: 4th round videos (highlights, hot shot, interview)

Rafael Nadal’s hopes of winning a third Wimbledon title are over for another year after an epic five-set defeat by 16th seed Gilles Muller of Luxembourg.

Rafacomes out on top in this point against Gilles Muller as the two play out “one of the rallies of the tournament” at Wimbledon.

Here’s what Rafa had to say after his loss to Muller.


  1. Best tennis of wimbledon 2017. Proud of Rafael and tennis. Just brilliant, may we see a lot more.

  2. Rafa estas como nunca….ganar partidos y torneos sin sufrir…jugando casi perfecto…
    Por esta perdida no t preocupes hay mas partidos…esta superficie para ti no es la mejor y t viene bien descansar hay k ir cuidando la salud..
    T esperamos en tus proximos partidos…..VAMOS!!!!!!

  3. I said to myself yesterday that I wouldn’t go near any tennis website again for a few days. But I didn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, got up early (I never do this!) and started again where I left off yesterday. The impression is overwhelmingly that Rafa and Gilles gave Wimbledon a great match, and that Rafa played well. There is also a nice article on ESPN pointing out that yesterday’s loss is not the story of Rafa’s season. I nearly cried when I saw Novak had won in straights, so wanted that for Rafa, but I bet every other player is thanking their lucky stars they didn’t draw Gilles, the guy just didn’t give up. Then again they think the same of you Rafa! So, dear champ, although it must feel like you expended a huge amount of mental and physical energy for no reward, please remember all those things.

    This is tough, after so many years being finally healthy enough to have a chance, be in great form for months, and then lose after such a brave effort in an emotional rollercoaster of a match. Please don’t blame yourself Rafa. You can only play the player in front of you as he is on that day, and as the player you are on that day. Yesterday he played great and so did you. You didn’t win that one, but there will be plenty of other days when you do. Stay strong Rafa. And please come back to Wimbledon!!

  4. Rafa lost because he was tired at the end and muller played the match of his life
    In my opinion Rafa didn’t suffer with nerves he was outstanding the way he came back all the top players have strength and weeknesses federer is backhand is not great Murray his 1st serve crashes under pressure Djokovic forehand breaks down under pressure the omens were bad when Rafa banged his head just before the match just one of those days
    Rafa will win more titles and be no 1 this year
    Have faith

  5. Such lovely words for and about Rafa from each everyone of his fans on this site , nothing more to add that hasn’t already been said. A sad ending to Rafas’s 2017 Wimbledon but he will bounce back just like he has many times before . There will be no wallowing in the Rafa camp just more hard work.
    A few past quotes of Rafas’s that shows us he will be just fine .😀

    If you don’t lose, you cannot enjoy the victories. So I have to accept both things.”

    I think the tennis is only a game. You can lose. You can win. After that? In life, there are much more important things than tennis.”

    “I will do as I usually do. Tomorrow is going to be a day like any other day.”

    The glory is being happy. The glory is not winning here or winning there. The glory is enjoying practicing, enjoy every day, enjoying to work hard, trying to be a better player than before.

    You have to accept both losing and winning well. I’ve stayed calm when I’m winning and I’ve stayed calm when I’ve lost.

    As a tennis player you can win and you can lose, and you have to be ready for both. I practised self-control as a kid. But as you get older they both – winning and losing – get easier.

    When one gets beaten by somebody better, one has to know how to lose with humility. Sure, I could have served better. Sure, I could have hit my forehand harder. But the truth was this was like an avalanche, and there was no way to stop it.

    I’ve stayed calm when I’m winning and I’ve stayed calm when I’ve lost. Tennis is a sport where we have a lot of tournaments every week, so you can’t celebrate a lot when you have big victories, and you cannot get too down when you’re losing, as in a few days you’ll be in the next tournament and you’ll have to be ready with that

    .What happened happened. Important thing is what can come.

    • Thanks Maria – I love Rafa quotes! I’ve said it before but I think he is a very wise man, truly an inspiration.

      • Your welcome YB and Jas_uk , yes a very wise head on young shoulders indeed.

      • Your welcome Rafantastic, nice to know the mindset of Rafa, I think as fans we probably hold on to the hurt longer , whereas Rafa knows he needs to let go and move on.He was obviously gutted yesterday , but today’s a new day I just wish the UK could have held on to him for a while longer . As they say tournaments ends , dedication doesn’t, or as Rafa would say
        “Enduring means accepting. Accepting things as they are and not as you would wish them to be, and then looking ahead, not behind.”

  6. My Wimbledon enjoyment is a little less today, whilst I get over Rafa Nadal’s loss to Gilles Muller.

    All credit to Gilles Muller, and Rafa couldn’t break his serve which seals his fate, but once again the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club committee have treated Rafa Nadal with disdain disrespect by making up their own seedings for the championships, which do not tie in with the ATP Rankings. World No 2 Rafa has had a great year, which included getting his 10th ROLAND-GARROS French Open title.

    No other Grand Slam changes their seedings for the rankings except Wimbledon who do it for the Men’s singles and NOT the Ladies seedings, funny enough.

    Rafa should have been seeded 2 as in the ATP rankings or at least 3 and Djokovic number 4. He got the hardest draw because of this and thus YET ANOTHER BIG SERVER. It’s not sour grapes, as it may sound, just, in my opinion, the All England Club again favouring Murray and Roger.

    Murray has played all of his matches on Centre Court as has the sublime Roger Federer, yet Rafa had two matches on No 1 court, as did Djokovic.

    How many of the other top 10 players, male and female have even got to play on No 1 Court, let alone Centre Court, hardly any. More favouritism.

    The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club always favour Roger and Andy, and again they are wanting a Murray – Federer Final. NOT for the first time either.


    Here’s hoping that either Roger Federer Marin Cilic or Gilles Muller can take the title !

  7. Mac, I like your philosophical approach to Rafa’s loss. It’s a new day and life goes on.

    I looked back at Boris Becker’s interview after his second round Wimbledon loss in 1987 to an unknown Australian, Peter Doohan. Boris said “Basically I lost a tennis match…I didn’t lose a war and nobody died…he played very well and was just the better player today”. I know it would be no consolation to Rafa right now, but these philosophical words put things into perspective. Rafa didn’t deserve to lose but, on the other hand, Muller is no slouch and he earned his win.

    • Lorna and Mac

      I agree your approach too, difficult though it is just now. Some other positives to add to the list:
      Rafa’s win/lose stats 2017 43/6
      7 finals with 4 wins !!
      Already qualified for O2 finals
      Cannot drop below 3 in the rankings this week
      Defending only about 370 points for the rest of 2017

  8. Rafas always going to be my Champion,long after he retires,which I hope wont be for a long time
    so exciting to watch him win impossible points he reaches places no other player can.. he should have won this after coming back 2 sets..but he didn’t and we have to accept that fact and move on to the next match.Muller did well though…ouch.

  9. After a good nights sleep, I’ve woken up correctly to find out that the world still turns. As expected:)

    Rafa’s loss still stings, but there are so many silver linings for me. Anyway, some observations:

    1) Despite the loss, we saw that fighting spirit. At 2 sets down (doesn’t matter how he got down 2 sets anyway- Muller and that serve!) all I asked for was that Rafa not lose in straights after he had won all his earlier matches in straight sets. Rafa obliged and fought back. In the 5th set he was down those 2 match points. All I asked? Save those and keep fighting Rafa. He did so. And I was satisfied then- that no matter how the match ended up, Rafa had made me proud.

    2) Seeing Muller play like this with the serve, just makes me appreciate more what Rafa has accomplished in his career without such a weapon that he can call on at will. It’s truly remarkable.

    3) Muller at 34 years old. Rafa at 31 years old. Rafa can keep going if he wants to for at least the next 3 years, and he will have his chances again at Wimbledon and other slams.

    4) How many times has Rafa talked about suffering? He enjoys the suffering. Well, he has suffered. We suffer with him:) And then we pick up and move on. This is life. That’s why I love Rafa, he’s so human.

    5) Where was Carlos Moya? I’m just wondering. Not that it matters whether he was in Rafa’s box or not. I’ve seen some already calling for Rafa to find a new coach. Hardy Har! Calm down people.

    6) Rafa and Alex Zverev should compare notes. They were both dismal on break point conversion… Zverev was 3/16 and Rafa was 2/14. But that happens when you are facing the likes of Muller and Raonic who can pull out the huge serves on demand:):)

    7) So the grass season is over for Rafa. Rafa can rest, recharge, and fight on for the world number 1 spot going forward. He can definitely do it!

    Now that Rafa is out, I’m backing Muller to win Wimbledon 2017.

    Just kidding; I’m jumping on the Murray train:)

    • Wise words, Mac 👍🏻 It makes me see things in another perspective despite the though match yesterday – thank you 😊☀️

      Rafa will be back as the legendary champion he is.
      VAMOOS!! 🎾💪🏼❤️🌟🍀

  10. you are the better player Rafa, down two sets and you came back I really though you had it in the bag. but bless you fought well ,
    perhaps when you are rested you will feel a little better

  11. My heart was very heavy for you Rafa, you still played a brilliant match, it will be the most exciting of the tournament. You still are the best, allways will be. Muller is a tough guy to play on grass. Lets see you come back for the US open.

  12. tellement près de gagner Rafa , quelle déception , ces breaks non aboutis , je suis désolée , tu méritais de gagner , tu t’es battu comme un lion , tous ces beaux services , que de progrès mais ce volleyeur de Muller fut impitoyable
    Je ne sais pas si tu as bien dormi après cette défaite , moi , non !
    Je suis certaine que tu vas revenir en pleine forme pour les prochain tournois
    Vamos Rafa , je t’aime
    Abuelita Nelly

  13. Yeah sheer disappointment visible here. Nadal knows what we know, he was a contender this year and lost a match he shouldn’t have.

  14. Que lindo q sos Rafa!! Estás teniendo un gran año, así q este partido no tiene que dejarte mal. Estás 2 del mundo!! vamoooos!!! Arriba!!!

  15. Rafa, many times you were down two sets and finished a winner. That’s why I didn’t start worrying until the fifth match. Thought you were really going to win. You are right about it being too soon to analyze your match. Get a good rest and then you and your team can do some studying of your match. Best of tennis to you as you go forward.


  16. Sorry for you Rafa I watched every single moment of the game My heart was breaking by the end
    but you were Magnificent all the way I didn’t think it was possible for you to win. after the first
    two games but you came back and there was at the end of the fifth set you were so close to winning and playing the extra sets I watched to the very end after 5.AM here in Brisbane at the end it was suddenly over I could not see for crying I wasn’t sure it was finished You are the best no one else fights back as you do .

  17. It was very difficult for me to watch this interview. It’s obvious that Rafa either cried or was on the verge of tears as he spoke to the press. In times of sadness like this, it’s good to come to this forum and know that I am not alone in my Rafa fandom.

    • Totally agree. So good to have this place where we can talk about our feelings for Rafa, perhaps especially on days like today. I’ve just forced myself to watch Rafa’s presser and the snippet of the BBC interview – it must be so hard to sit in front of cameras and have to explain yourself just after you’ve lost – but I’m always interested in what he has to say, even if it’s uncomfortable viewing (and it was).

  18. Rafa,I cried when you lost today. 5 hours was to long for any tennis player. You played great. Go home and relax and we will watch your next match. Love you Rafa.🎾🎾🎾

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