Twitter Reacts To Rafael Nadal’s Triumph At Roland Garros

Tennis fans, media and players worldwide were quick to congratulate Rafael Nadal on his win, the 10th French Open title and 15th Grand Slam title of his career – check out some of the best right here!

Have we missed any? Let us know!


  1. Come to think of those who did not react, Nole and how about Bjorn Borg?

    Anyway, RAFA is the best so what if some do not react?

    WAMOS champion.

  2. Congratulations Rafa my boy n also to Uncle Tony. Hope we’ll see you supporting Rafa at Wimbledon Tony. Rafa, I have watched you, barracked for you, n prayed for you for all the 10 Cups Won at RG. I am 81 years old n hope I will see you win No.11. You are the King of Clay, the GOAT, a wonderful Sportsman, n a true Gentleman. Always keep smiling my boy. Love from your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳👑🎈🎈🎈💥💥💥😀😊😇

    • What a lovely person Anuela Nan Shirley must be.

      As a Rafa fan since I first saw his game in 2005 I share all the sentiments of his Abuela Shirley.

      Sounds like a young 81. After a life damaged with scores of sicknesses and surgeries, my father passed away at a young 98. Hopefully, we can all see Rafa win RG 11, 12 etc.


  3. While this is the time to focus on his incomparable achievement @ RG17, I also commend his extraordinary perspectives about successes, failures, and values in life in general. I have been around, seen less than half as talented behaving obnoxiously, more than twice his age behaving unmannerly; I am convinced his attitude has been his greatest achievement; long since. As Brad Gilbert once put it, ‘Rafa represents everything that is right’.

  4. Rafa. I’ve learned over the past 14,years of cheering for you to never give up on you because you never give up on yourself. You are amazing in every way! Thank you and your lovely supporting family for raising you so well!

    • Nole is a nice guy, a great competitor, gracious in losses. I am sure there are very valid reasons on his personal front. It is his down time, let him take his time.

      • Thank you for such a mature and intelligent perspective on Nole. I am not a fan but find it sickening how two fans here constantly belittle him and berate him. He is only one of their punching bags.

        As I’ve said previously, I hope he finds his way.

        RAFA ROCKS

  5. Universal love for Rafa. This is what it is ALL about when it comes right down to it.

    So happy for him and it’s evident that he receives unconditional love from his peers as well.

    Best wishes for all your happiness in achievements at Roland Garros for Rafa!


  6. An awesome tennis player and an awesome person, as well ! What else could anybody wish for! Congratulations, Rafael – hoping for success in the coming years.

  7. Thank you rafaaaa…..
    Proud of you…king of clay…..
    10 Roland garros titles……

  8. Rafa you are surely the most popular and highly liked tennis player all round so

    it is so wondeerful reading all the words of congratulations and good wishes to you.

    You deserve every one of them,



  9. You missed Timea Bacsinszky’s adorable tweet.

    Thank you for this amazing compilation of reactions! It’s heartwarming to see so much love and positivity. Our champ10n sure deserves it all! #VamosRafa

  10. Rafael, this is really amazing. Congratulations with this awesome victory. I am a true Roger Federer supporter/fan, but have always enjoyed your rivalery. You’re both legends and I think it’s amazing and wonderful that both you and Roger are totally BACK again. Enjoy your win and celebrate it with your love-ones.

  11. Felicidades, Rafael Nadal. It has been an honour and a privilege to witness your
    achievements. La Decima 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆Gracias, Rafa🙏🏻❤️

  12. SIN PALABRAS!!! Es como dice Tommy Haas, es hasta difícil entender lo que esto significa! Felicitación para Rafa y toda su familia y su novia adorada!

  13. So so happy for Rafa, he has had so many bad times with injury, but still won 10 times!!
    It is justi incredible.
    He should be allowed to keep the points for life!!

  14. I am so happy for you on your big win today. I cried with tears of Joy. CONGRATULATIONS on the #10. It was a late birthday present. Love your fantastic shots and for not giving up. May your health keep you playing for many years to come.

  15. I’ve been saying it all along, “HE’S D GREATEST “Vamos Rafa.IMPRESSIVE, God bless.

  16. I second that Va4favre,. Such lovely words from other players who appreciate everything Rafa has done for the sport, and i am sure 100’s more will be coming Rafas’s way. I know Roger will send some genuine heartfelt words to his friend as they have shared these special years together..
    The happiest day ever,😀 but also the saddest 😢 knowing this is the last time ( probably) we will see Uncle Toni at RG .
    Thank you RNF for your great work and for letting Rafas’s fans share their thoughts and feelings with each other.

    • Ahh that’s nice Maria. But don’t worry, if Rafa plays RG next year trying for his 11th, uncle Toni has said he will be there if rafa invites him. I’m sure Rafa will. It was lovely that they got Toni to hand over the special trophy with la decima on the front. A lovely touch. I’m just so happy – don’t think it’s quite sunk in. Let’s hope for a good grass court season now. Just read some lovely Twitter comments from all sorts of people who are genuinely happy for rafa. What a champion he is!!

      • That’s great news , just wouldn’t be the same without Toni even if he is there by invitation instead of coaching. I thought and hoped Rafa would win ,but not in my wildest dreams did I think he would reclaim his title so easily , I don’t think Stan was expecting it either , he looked quite shell shocked at times.
        Lovely comments coming in for Rafa , his family must e bursting with pride.I would have loved to have seen Jo Durie’s reaction today , yesterday the thought of Rafa was sending her all giddy like a young girl having her first crush it was so dare I say cute.
        Hope your friend enjoyed her 🍰 cake , love to Raffy and now let’s hope Rafa can pull out something special at Wimbledon .

      • Lol. I was thinking of jo durie during the ceremony. I bet she was over the moon. Yes cant wait for Wimbledon. Let’s see how rafa does at queens. Whilst rafa is searing so high with confidence – I’m really looking forward to his next match with Roger. But we will see!! Where is Maria snake island anyway?

      • I’m sure MARIA Hmmnn…will turn up soon , obviously we can see she/he is a bit of a globe trotters , interested where she will turn up next , or maybe she visiting her old great Aunt lol

      • Yes that great old aunt of hers is something else. Lol. That was very funny. Sorry searing should be soaring above. Phone has a mind of its own!!

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