WATCH: Rafael Nadal thanks Uncle Toni in victory speech

Julian Finney/Getty Images

After receiving the French Open trophy, Rafael Nadal addressed the crowd to discuss his emotions:

First of all Stan, congrats on a great career in last couple of years. Well done, sorry for today. You’ve had an unbelievable two weeks. I wish you the best for the rest of the season, keep going.

It’s difficult to talk today but the only thing I can say is thank you. For me to be here for many years is difficult to describe. I come back and see people I have a good relationship with and it’s very special. It’s difficult for me to compare this to any other event. You are always going to be in my heart.

Thank you to my friends, family and team. All the people who come from all around the world for the final.

Our champ also had a word for uncle Toni, his coach, too: 

My uncle’s been with me since three years old. We’ve worked a lot and without him I would not have 10 trophies.

One last thing, for me playing on this court I feel the support. I love you people more than any other.

Sources: BBC, Roland Garros


  1. We are delighted that Feliciano Lopez won Queens, so was Rafa as a Spanish player replaced him.😃 As I said , I was pleased that he stayed in Majorca last week under the sun. Also, would have preferred him to stay this week instead of going to London. These exhib matches are OK but if the player loses you can t help thinking he is going to be demoralised before he starts the tournament. What do you others think ? This one against Berdych was a surprise, thinking back to the 2010 final, I have a framed photo of Rafa holding the trophy, looking lovely at 24 years, dressed in white. 😃Let s hope next week will be a success. Fiona in Paris

  2. Rafa last weekend sailed in his yacht to Ibiza and Formentera, these fan club photos show us 😃 I was pleased that he spent another week in Majorca, training on grass in Santa Ponca. Quite a few fans got photos with him there, look on Rafaholics. I said he must have had more time as it was not a match, only practice. He made good use of the sun. Fiona in Paris

  3. So pleased that Rafa returned well to Majorca 😃and we like the videoclip of him in Twitter placing the Cup in the glass cabinet in Manacor. I hope to it if I go this year. He has been busy this week in his Academy with interviews etc.I said it does not matter if he does not go to Queens, on the contrary, he can train and rest in the sun in Majorca, it is 30 degrees this week 😃Leave Queens for Andy Murray and hopefully go further at Wimbledon than in recent years. The ideal would be for him to win another Wimbledon a double with with R Garros as in 2008 and 2010. There was no celebration in Palma at his return I believe, we do not understand in Paris the reason for this. Their local celebrity. Fiona in Paris

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