PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal claims 10th title at Roland Garros with victory over Stan Wawrinka

Rafael Nadal has won Roland Garris for the tenth time — how amazing!

Our champ went head-to-head against Stan Wawrinka and emerged a champion. The final result was 6-2, 6-3, 6-1.

Rafa is the first man ever to win a major title ten times, taking his Grand Slam total to 15. He extended his incredible run at Roland Garros to 79 wins and just two defeats in the last 12 years.


It was an incredible win, this win, this tenth win, is very special. Thank you very much. I’m very emotional, I’m sorry my French is very bad.

I play my best in all events but the feeling I have here is impossible to describe and you can’t compare it. The nerves and adrenaline I feel on this court is impossible to compare. It’s the most important event in my career.


When the ATP rankings are issued on Monday, our champ will climb to No. 2.

Cheers to Rafa!

More to follow…



  1. Thank you, Rafa. On behalf of all the hardened tennis watchers, of all the young generation of tennis enthusiasts, of all the sporting world followers, and on behalf of all your supporters and fans all over the world — thank you for the love of and excellence in sports that you have embraced and you taught all of us to love more and embrace more. Thank you for showing the children all over the world that you can be a perfect athlete as you continue to work hard and overcome all the physical, emotional and mental imperfections of a human being.

    Congratulations on OUR tenth at Roland Garros.


  2. Felicitaciónes Campeon por las 10 veces

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    > El 11/6/2017, a las 10:26, Rafael Nadal Fans escribió: > > >


  3. Both players played some beautiful shots.

    But, like Stan said, he never had a chance against Rafa playing the way he was playing. Rafa outshot him, out maneuvered him, and simply sent him packing.

    The bewildered look on Stan’s face said it all. It was as if he couldn’t believe what Rafa was doing to him. Or, he was thinking “just what I expected from Rafa.”

    Stan also made mistake upon mistake. Look at his unforced errors. I thought he was getting a second wind but it just didn’t happen.

    Rafa played today like the champion he is . I said the best was yet to come and today is proof of that.



  4. Congratulations Rafael Nadal… King of Clay doesn’t cut it anymore. Can’t say God of Clay because that would be some blasphemy right there, and I don’t feel like getting struck by lightning anytime soon.

    Stan never stood a chance. Some said he was tired. But no, Rafa outclassed him by miles! Rafa was tired against Federer in the AO final due to the match against Dimitrov… but he came correct to that final and gave Federer a run for his money. Today, Rafa was just in a class of his own.

    Enjoy some rest, soak in what you’ve achieved Rafa. You deserve this.


  5. Rafa’s long-favored No. 9, traditionally worn by strikers, will have to take a back seat to his No. 10.

    The ecomiums keep pouring in. The New York Times has already written a lengthy article on Rafa’s époustouflant and AMAZING achievement.



  6. Love the photos – absolutely gourgeous 😍🤗❤️🏆 You’re sparkling Rafa – so happy for you 🌟☀️😘


  7. I missed it Rafa. You decided to do your clay act while I was not watching. Good for you. You can just buy new clothes.



  8. Great play Rafa, I was holding thumbs for you. Congratulations on this very special win, and I a sure there will be many, many more wins to come. Wish you all the luck in the world !!!


  9. Esto es para rendirse a tus pies y decir TU ERES EL REY D LA TIERRA BATIDA!!! No habra otro como tu…
    Te seguimos y queremos Rafa


  10. to all the nadal fans

    make sure you watch the nadal documentary called la decima it will aired tomorrow at 20:30 european time on eurosport


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