Roland Garros 2017: Rafael Nadal vs Roberto Bautista Agut – highlights

Watch highlights of Rafael Nadal outlasting Roberto Bautista Agut in the fourth round of the 2017 Roland Garros.

Video excerpt from Rafa’s post-match presser:


  1. Of course we are all so pleased for Rafa, giving us pleasure in Paris 😃I am praying for him to reach the summit. I am sorry not to have seen him in these good matches this week 😢but my tickets were not on the right days. I was so happy to see him Saturday on his birthday, I gave him his card and a little present, he said merci and gave me an autograph. All his team were there, looking very healthy and sun tanned. For the matches the sun was warm and Sat. the only day a shower, stopped play but he was off that day for his b day. I saw other members of the Spanish Armada play and French and others. In Paris we were sorry for Tsonga and Gasquet and Pouille. On his b day he was in the studios in Roland Garros and had 3 cakes, you can see the Ffdt choc one on this site, 3rd June. The photo is so good I have printed it. 😀 Everyone mixing well in Roland Garros. Fiona in Paris

    • Hi fiona – im so sorry you didnt see him play but so glad you got to meet rafa on his birthday. Im glad you enjoyed the matches that you did watch though. Its always pot luck when you get tickets as you don’t know what day your guy will be playing beforehand or on what court. However I think your trips to Roland garros were successful especially as you got an autograph and rafa thanked you for your gifts. Loving that.

  2. I find it EXTREMELY difficult to believe that Rafa would threaten an umpire.

    I watched Rafa’s post-match interview in the English, Spanish, and French versions. The content was the same for all. Among the many points covered was the subject of time violations and what he told Ramos.

    This is what I heard Rafa say during his presser, “What I told him, the only thing I told him, is that he will have to give me many warnings, because if I can’t even — I have not yet grabbed my towel, that he’s going to give me a warning.

    Never mind, what’s happened on the court will stay on the court. I respect him a lot. No problem.”


  3. Rafa you sure are on a DEC:IMA MISSION and all the best for every part of the MISSION,

    Love and prayers,


  4. Rafas’s speaking on the time violation:

    Sometimes I feel I’m under pressure during the whole match,’
    ‘If you want to play well, you have to let players breathe a little. We’re not machines that cannot think. That’s my viewpoint,’
    ‘What else can I say?… But this umpire is, I think, trying, in a certain way, to look for my faults, my errors.Theoretically, the umpires are here to analyse the match and they are not here to use the stopwatch, otherwise we should have a stopwatch on the court,’
    ‘That’s the whole point. Some dictate things or give their calls in a certain way. Other umpires have different styles.

    Nadal told Carlos Ramos in their native tongue: ‘You are going to have to give me many more warnings in this match because you are not going to be in the chair again.’
    Rafa believes referees should not be too quick to punish players who take longer to prepare between points, and said it was bad for the game to see players rushed, and believed he had been targeted by the umpire.

    I know it must be really frustrating for Rafa , but I guess they are the rules . I hope he can get this problem sorted as I would hate his wins to be tainted by this . As the commentator’s have said over and over again until we are all sick of hearing it put a clock on court .

    • I do think the empire was targeting Rafa specifically. Roberto’s average time between points was just a second less (also over the limit), he didn’t even get a warning.

    • Roberto Bautista Agut apparently backed Nadal in his spat with Ramos.

      “Rafa and I need to play a lot of points. We need to run around a lot. Having the pressure of the umpires is something we don’t really need,” said the 29-year-old.

      “I don’t think I really agree with that rule.”

    • Yes, I read the different versions of what Rafa purportedly said to Ramos and that is why I listened to his presser in English, French, and Spanish, instead of choosing to quote questionable sources.

      Rafa is very opinionated, he has a temper, but I don’t know him to be a liar. I will continue to believe what he says until he proves me wrong.

      Rafa, “What I told him, the only thing I told him, is that he will have to give me many warnings, because if I can’t even — I have not yet grabbed my towel, that he’s going to give me a warning.”

      This version supported by:

      METRO–George Bellshaw in Paris on June 4 @4:14pm [the earliest report I could locate]

      FIRSTPOST–AFP–June 4 @23:06 IST

      TENNISWORLD–Luigi Gotta–June 4 @19:20

      DAILYMAIL–has updated/retracted their article

      updated/retracted their article

      EXPRESS-doesn’t even belong to the National Publishers Assoc. They have fallen from a high of 4M issues sold daily to less than 1M. Has lost an inordinate amount of high-profile libel cases. This publication was described by the Duke of Edinburgh as “a bloody awful newspaper. It is full of lies, scandal, and imagination. It is a viscous paper.

  5. Good luck tomorrow Rafa, great to see Andy through , and most of the other top seeds who are still in the tournament, it makes the game much more exciting , and when Rafa defeats them all to take the trophy , we will know the king of clay is well and truly back.

  6. Good job Rafa. Congrats again. May God grant you and ours our wish for your 3rd La Decima. That would wonderful for all of us. God bless you always.

    Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!! : 🙂 🙂 🙂

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