[UPDATED] Roland Garros QF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Pablo Carreno Busta?

Rafael Nadal and Pablo Carreno Busta will be facing each other for the fourth time in their careers when they meet in the quarterfinals of the French Open on Wednesday.

Date: June 7, 2017

Match time: 11 AM local time / 5 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 10 AM BST – United Kingdom / 11 AM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 7 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.


Rafa has the edge over the friend and fellow countryman Pablo, with a 3-0 head-to-head record.

Pablo on playing Rafa:

It is really difficult, because Rafa is maybe the best player on this surface in history, and he’s playing really well. But I will try. I’m playing well, with a lot of confidence.

  • Rafa is bidding to become the first man in the Open Era to reach 10 semifinals in Paris
  • If he defeats Carreno Busta, Rafa will become just the 5th man in the Open
    Era to reach 10 semifinals at a single Grand Slam event
  • By reaching the quarterfinals, Rafa and Carreno Busta have guaranteed Spanish representation in the semifinals here for the first time since 2014 when Rafa went on to win his 9th Roland Garros title.
  • Rafa has a 13-0 win-loss record against his fellow Spanish players at Roland Garros and a 20-3 win-loss record against Spaniards at the Grand Slams overall. His only defeats to Spanish players at the majors came
    against David Ferrer at both the 2007 US Open and the 2011 Australian Open, and Fernando Verdasco at the 2016 Australian Open.
  • Rafa is looking to record his 22nd clay court match-win of the season, while Carreno Busta is aiming for his 21st.
  • Rafa has not lost a clay court match to a player ranked as low as No. 21 today’s opponent since falling No. 45 Pablo Cuevas in the semifinals at 2016 Rio de Janeiro.
  • Rafa and Carreno Busta won a doubles title together at 2016 Beijing, defeating Jack Sock/Bernard Tomic in the final.


Source: ITF 


  1. Well said, mjus. The thing I worry about most is Rafa’s serve. I wasn’t able to watch the match against Pablo but heard that Rafa lost his serve twice in the first set, even though he won it 6-2. He can’t afford to gift his serve to Thiem!!!

  2. I’m not surprised that Thiem beat Djoko, considering the score line of his previous matches this tournament. Thiem had more power and apetite for the fight.

    It’s good that Rafa didn’t use up too much energy in his match against Pablo, because he’ll need all his mental and physical strength for the fight against Thiem. I’m sure Carlos Moyà has emphasised to Rafa the need for variety, to get Thiem on the move and accurate serving. I’m with you all the way Rafa. Best of luck for the semis. Thiem can wait as his time will come, but not this time!!!

    • hello lorna,

      you right. If you compare nadal this tournament with the australian open. He has waisted no energy at all. I think he is ready fysically and emotionally and fired up.

      Nadal see this as just another match. But in my opinion nadal has something to prove. He has to prove that his loss in rome was a accident. Second the anti nadal pundits and commentators are going to analyse this match. Thiem is launching an attack on nadal throne and title king of clay.

      If nadal loses they will consider this as changing of the guard and going to write him off again just like they did several times in the past both with him and federer. So there is something at stake.

      I hope that nadal knows what he did wrong in Rome. Thiem is a player who has very agressive deep groundstrokes and is determined and confident now more because he has beaten easily djokovic in three sets

      Thiem return is also very good and he can easily keep up the pace with nadal and overpower him at some point. So nadal needs to serve and return agressivily hit deep groundstrokes and mixed things up come to the net.

      • Rafa needs to be ready like he was ready in 2013 for Novaaaaak. He needed some big luck in that fifth set but in the latter stage, he was able to fire winners from both win at scores of 6 all, 7 all etc. That is where the boys are separated from the man. That is how Rafa beat Dimitrov at Aussie Open this year (in much lesser form nonetheless) and that is – it disgusts me to this day – how Rafa got beaten by Fed in Aussie Open (one of the worst matches of Rafa this year and without a doubt the worst he ever played against Fed in a major match).

  3. If djoko reached semis ,it could be even worse for him…He should be glad that he lost to Thiem…Rafa La Decima is for yours…
    Vamos Rafa..

  4. No doubt we might see a different Novak at Wimbledon , rumours on the internet and didn’t the commentator’s mention that Goran Ivanisevic who has just been fired by Berdych might also join Novak’s team

    • Gosh he’s clearly getting desperate. Needs to make up his mind which super coach he wants.

      • I think by what’s been said he want both on his team ,but could be just hearsay

  5. In case Rafa beats Thiem, the easiest opponent would be Cilic, followed by Mount Muzzard, followed by Nishikori, followed by Stanimal. I in fact think that a victory over Stanimal would be most satisfying because there is an overdue invoice since January 2014 if you know what I am talking about. One of the many slams that got stolen or ‘slipped through Nadals fingers’! Let Justice Be Done!

  6. This is why we love tennis. I compare this Djoko-Thiem rivalry at RG to Weak Era King Roger – Novaaaaaak rivalry of 2011 and 2012. First one won by Weak Era King in 4 very tight sets. Second one won in three easy sets by Novaaaaaak. Thiem lost a year ago to Djoko in 3 easy ones – mind you won one game against him in Rome two weeks ago! – and totally walzed over Novaaaaaak today. Thiem improved but we can definitely say that something is up with Novaaaaaaak!

  7. Wow ! Novak has been bagelled in the 3rd set ! . Thiem looks ready but he can wait for couple of more years becoz this is Rafa’s time.

  8. one thing now for sure. Nadal will be the nr 2 after this tournament. This loss reminded me about the loss of nadal in 2015 against novak in the quarterfinal. But djokovic will come back i have no doubt about it he has some business to do

    • If Stan wins the FO, he will jump over Rafa to number two, I believe. Novak would fall to four.

      • Hi va4favre i didn’t see your response. Would rafa not jump up a space and be no3 if Stan wins and then Stan becomes no2? With Novak going down to 4? Is that what you mean? I find rankings quite fascinating

    • Hi mjus – rafa will be no2 whether he wins or loses the tournament but only if Stan doesn’t win the tournament. If Stan wins then I’m unsure of rafa’s ranking. Can anyone assist?

    • I for one ONCE agree with you. That love giving ritual is so disturbing! And so non-original. He tries to imitate Andre who had his thing in 1999 with the crowd.

      • While I dislike the breast cupping, at least he did it alone. Here at RG, he has included the ball kids too. I think that is totally inappropriate and should not be allowed. It gives the impression of favoring Novak over others.

  9. Goodness – Dominic got a double break in 3rd. Let’s hope he is exhausted should he win by the time he plays rafa.

  10. I absolutely agree with you Maria!!! Nothing and no one comes in his way! Rafa has to win! Let us, all Rafa fans all over the world visualize Rafa winning “Rafa wins la decima”.


  11. Thiem is on his way to a 2 sets to love lead. The serb is not playing well and i think djokovic will lose this match in three sets. That has not happen to him in a very long time. He is going through what nadal went through in 2015 and 2016 and federer in 2013.

    Nadal is going to need his serve and both fore and backhand more then ever in the semifinal. It will not be a easy three sets but a match comparable with the djokovic nadal semifinal of 2013 very close win for nadal.

    The semifinal between nadal and thiem should fire up the champ. The anti nadal tennis pundits are going to watch also. If nadal loses they are going to call his changing of the guard. So nadal has something to prove not to us but to them

    • At the moment it certainly looks like the trophy will be changing hands again this year, back to its rightful owner hopefully. I would love to see Thiem win the FO in the future but not this year, nothing or no-one must stop Rafa from getting his 10th title at RG.

  12. Seems the weather on Friday will not be as good as tomorrow. 23 degrees will be top. Hope Rafa gets to play later in the day.

    • Can you see me Maria? I love it that Dominic is 2 sets to love up against Novak. However I am aware that should Dominic win he will play rafa and he beat rafa last time they met in Rome. However rafa in best of 5 sets is a different animal. I too really like Dominic but should he get through today there is no way I will be cheering him in the semis. As Maria snake island says – we will just have to see!

      • No worries, Rafa knows what he has to do, I am a fan of Andy’s, but like you the only player that I will be cheering all the way to the final is Rafa.

      • Wow! Congrats to Thiem , a force to be reckoned with. Rafa will need to be on his A game tomorrow , but I just know by the end of tomorrow I will still have a smile on my face.

  13. Yep. Rafa needs to step up no matter who he plays in the semis. At the moment I feel that Thiem is a greater threat! He’s confident, determined and playing very well. Also physically thiem is younger and very fit. Just hope Rafa believes in himself!!! We believe in him but he must too!!

    Rafa please watch this match (nole vs thiem) carefully!!! Pleeeease!

    Hope and pray you have inspiration for semis and play like a wizard.


  14. I think the reason why he didnt played well is because of the conditions. Wind and cold not suitable for his game. I hope friday will be a sunny day with no wind lets say 22 degrees.

    Nadal didnt wasted energy and has a day of rest. But the semifinal will be very difficult so far he hasnt been tested yet.

    Djokovic will be difficult but thiem will be more difficult. The austrian is very motivated and hungry. He has no problem playing long rallies on speed so nadal need to find out on how to beat this guy if thiem beats djokovic in my opinion serving well, returing and playing agressive, hitting dropshots and serve volley. Also try as much as possible avoiding the wawrinka light backhand.

    He can not beat thiem only from the baseline that is impossible. In other words he needs to play almost the perfect match.

  15. Thiem is looking almighty good , and for today’s that’s great news , not so good for tomorrow if he ends up being Rafas’s​ opponent.

  16. Not the way Rafa would have wanted but u can’t do much about injuries. I’ll be honest I didn’t find Rafa in good form today. First serve 38% ,11 UE just 4 winners. Rafa needs to get better Thiem or djokovic won’t be easy this way.

    • This is exactly what I have said from the start. The hubris among some of the fans is very unwise, will usually get punished. I believe that Djoko is subpar at the moment and can be beaten by Nadal. Thiem is a different story, would be a very close match. I am almost hoping for the Djoker to show up in the semis. Who would have thought that a few months ago?

      • As we speak, Novaaaaaaaak is 2-0 down and a break in the third. Never the comeback King, this looks over! Down Goes Novaaaaaak!! A year went by in a blink. He joins Rafa in the ranks of former slam winners without a major for more than a year.

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