PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal defeats Dominic Thiem for fifth Madrid title

Rafael Nadal clinched his 72nd  career title when he beat Austrian Dominic Thiem 7-6(8), 6-4 in the Madrid Open final on Sunday. It was his 52nd career title on his favored surface. 

With Ronaldo, Javi Fernandez and Carolina Marin watching on, Rafa claimed a record-equalling 30th ATP World Tour Masters 1000 crown.

Rafa edged Thiem in the tie-break of a tense first set that lasted one hour and 18 minutes. He broke the Austrian early in the second set to set up the win.

Rafa will be confirmed as the new world number four, replacing 18-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, when the new rankings come out on Monday.

Our champ became the first player to win five Madrid titles, adding to his victories in 2005 (d. Ljubicic), 2010 (d. Federer), 2013 (d. Wawrinka) and 2014 (d. Nishikori). It is his third ATP trophy of the season, having triumphed in Monte-Carlo and Barcelona.


  1. at the press conference rafa said that they are no guarantees that if he skips rome he would be in better shape in paris which is a good argument to make. There are pro and cons to the decision to skip rome

    – if he decides not to play rome he might lose the momentum or the rythm why taking a rest if you are playing well and you are in a good rythm.
    – Clay court season is a indicator for the rest of the season. Nadal needs wins to build confidence for the rest of the season
    – Nadal will miss the chance if he wins rome to become nr 3 in the world which would be a good position for the french open. Maybe that is why is planning to play rome

    He should play match for match and listen good to his body. If moya feels that nadal needs rest he should tell him that and be honest about that and pull nadal out of the tournament

  2. Rafa would burn himself out if continuing playing Rome Open. I know at the moment he is feeling fine but at this age injuries could come at anytime. Let’s not forget what happened last year. Winning Rome could give him 1 more Master 1000 ahead of Djokovic but also reducing the chance of getting 15th grandslam. I won’t be surprised if Djokovic is back at RG and get his Double Career Grandslam when facing a burned out Rafa.
    Why didn’t Carlos and Toni tell him that?

  3. Rafa congrats in your win vamosssssssssss the King of play very good .i new this year is your fans 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  4. In his post match presser, Rafa explained why he is playing Rome. He did say, however, that he should have skipped Rome last year with his wrist injury. I too was irritated by the TC’s refusal to show the awards ceremony. They rarely do. So irritating! I will try to find it on YouTube. I hope useless Carillo saw that Rafa st least twice ruled a Thiem serve in (when it is on HIS side of the court. I am still furious that she basically called Rafa a cheater in the Goffin MC match.

  5. So very happy to see Rafa win in Madrid. Rafa cuidate, seguro que quieres jugar en Roma, tan cerca de Roland Garros? I am a bit worried about Rafa getting too tired before Roland Garros I think that is the most important match right now and he should have some rest before then. But of course Rafa and his team know best, he might need the adrenaline to keep going. whatever happens, your fans love and admire you and wish you the best of luck for both matches.

    • I’m trying very hard to ignore the dislikes in here 😐 Either I’m anoying someone or there must be an “intruder sneaking around”? 🤔
      – Anyway just needed to get it off my chest… 😳🙄

      • Rafantastic, yours are the prettiest and least controversial of all comments in support of Rafa, in my opinion. Why anyone would go out of his/her/their way to give a negative rating to any of your posts shows how mentally unbalanced he/she/they are. There are plenty of them on any blog and, unfortunately, RNF is not immune from such crass behavior. We have our share of uglies and “intruders” “sneaking” around. That made me hysterical, sooo funny. Instead of saying “why” they don’t like your posts, he/she/they take the cowards way out. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, too. LOL


      • You’re very welcome, Margo 😁 – And thank you for your likes and positive comments on my posts 🤗🌸


  6. Love it love it. Tough match. Feels good to come out a winner. Mr. Tennis. King of Clay.

  7. Great win, hard fought victory. Alongside Rafa, Thiem looks like a candidate to win RG this year. Rafa clearly has good cards, but it’s not a given, margins are small as today showed.

    • I doubt it very much. Rafa will trounce him even worse in best out of five.


  8. AWESOME! The king reigns victorious! Congratulations Rafa on winning such a close, hard fought match.🏆🏆🏆. Respect also to Thiem who was relentless and gave everything. I’m sure he’ll get that title one day. Get some rest Rafa (even though it will be short) then beat ’em in Rome and RG!!!

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