VIDEO: A fantastic backhand from Rafael Nadal in Madrid final

Watch Hot Shot as Rafael Nadal perfectly responds to a pressure point in the Mutua Madrid Open final.



  1. Simply fabulous Rafa 🎾💪🏼🤴🏻
    You’re amazing 𗀃𗀠


  2. Rafa’s backhand is surprisingly a little bit better than his forehand now.
    Since Moya came, he has been improving his backhand rapidly which can be easily understand since Rafa is a right-handed guy. He should have strengthen it as his plan B weapon long ago.
    I remember seeing this kind of backhand in the fifth set of semi final against Djoker RG 2013. That angle backhand was at this level.
    Rafa’s backhand is near Djokovic’s level. Simply amazing!
    Since 2014, Djoker always uses his backhand down the line to attack Rafa’s backhand and waits for a weak reply, he could then take a step in the court and uses his megaforehand to control the point.
    The story ended at Madrid 2017 when Rafa’s backhand is solid and punishes Djokovic several times in the match.
    Again, I wish Carlos Moya had come earlier.

  3. Rafa you a such a CHAMPION,

    REST NOW and get ready for Roland Garros.

    Love and PRayers,


  4. A fantastic win! Beautiful, outstanding Rafa!
    You made my day, Rafa! Congrats!💕

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