Rafa Roundup: “It’s difficult to think about Roland Garros now”

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“It really is unbelievable. To win 10 times at such an important event like Monte-Carlo, it’s something difficult to describe my feelings,” Nadal said. “I feel lucky to keep playing tennis [and] being healthy all those years, in order to compete in one of the most beautiful events of the year, without a doubt. I am very happy to win another one. For me, it is a very important day in my career.”

“But I never take Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid like a preparation for one tournament. These tournaments are so important for [themselves]. Then Roland Garros arrives later. Is difficult to think about Roland Garros now.”

But, when he was asked to contemplate what 10 titles at Roland Garros would mean, Nadal smiled.

“I want it,” he said.

“Thanks to life,” Rafa said, looking upward, “for giving me this great opportunity.”

Thanks to life; thanks to his own life, and how consistently he has lived it. Even with his unprecedented success on clay, and his reputation as the best male player on that surface secure, Nadal still wants to win every tournament on it as desperately as ever. The surest sign of spring in tennis is the sight of Rafa bouncing back from whatever struggles he has endured over the course of the year and dominating again. Nothing in the last 14 years has dimmed that desire.

Nadal says each title in Monte Carlo has felt different. But you don’t reach La Décima without playing the same way—as if every match is your last, and every win is your first.

Q. Did Rafa tell you anything?
DAVID GOFFIN: No. Rafa has nothing to do with this. He knows his forehand was heavy and long and deep. But he was on the other side of the court. He couldn’t do anything about it.

Rafa is one of the most fair players on the tour. He was just playing his match. I have nothing against him.


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  1. Rafas’s match has been moved now to 1pm UK time. And WHEN he wins he will meet his childhood friend 6ft 8 South African Anderson next.

  2. I am so thrilled about Rafa’s win in Monte Carlo but, like a lot of his fans, I do worry that he will wear himself out before he gets to Roland Garros. I wish he would skip Madrid. It is the clay tournament which presents him with the most problems and where he has a lesser success rate.. If he loses some ranking points these will be exceeded greatly if he wins Roland Garros since he had to withdraw in the 3rd round last year.
    I suppose it is hard for him to withdraw. from a Masters event in his own country. His fans expect to see him there, the tournament officials expect to see him there and Rafa feels the responsibility to be there.
    But it is time he thought more about himself . He is not getting any younger and he wants to prolong his career so he needs to take a leaf out of Fed’s book and cut back on his calendar.. I hope his team are thinking this way and try to persuade him to look at the “big picture”. There are a lot of points to gain in Wimbledon as well as Roland Garros if he can keep healthy and refreshed.
    But whatever he decides I will always be with him. It is his life and his career when all is said and done.

    • i am affraid rafa can not withdraw from madrid. His character is standing in the way. He doesnt want to dissapoint people especially not spanish people. That is his weakness not thinking about his career

      he should skip madrid. after all there he got the wrist injury last year.
      That tournament is a big fluke

  3. Of course you want it, Rafa. I, and everyone who supports you, want it for you.

    So glad you mentioned that “preparation” mindset that the media seem to have. Initially, when I first started following you, I thought it was only the slams which were important until I happened to come across something about you playing in a tournament. Was I thrilled to learn I could watch you play more than only four times a year at a slam. I WAS BESIDE MYSELF with happiness.

    Relish and enjoy your 10th MC title, and your eponymous tennis court at Barcelona. ROCK ON RAFA!!!

  4. Wonderful achievement in Monte Carlo, so happy for Rafa and his team. Great to see that smile light up the day. Congratulations Rafa.

  5. Rafa, i hope you have recovered from your fantastic weekend ,and are ready to start all over again this week for your next wonderful achievement that is coming your way

  6. Rafa has posted a couple of great pics on Instagram-
    one of Rafa holding his MC trophy on the court with his whole team
    One with Rafa, Marc López and Antonio Rebollo,( a Spanish Paralympic Archer
    who lit the Olympic Cauldron by shooting an arrow, igniting it, during the Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.) Who is teaching them some archery. Rafa has got his Knee length shorts out the closest Lol

  7. I’m very happy Rafa has won MC again,BUT we have to remember he didn’t have to play the two strongest players on the planet……Novac and Andy,so in respect he was lucky
    I think he would have struggled against those two.
    Rafa’s will always be Number 1 for me but He’s getting older we cant expect him to go on forever.

    • anthony

      he has beaten murray last year in semifinal of monte carlo. what you are saying is outragous you are denigrating his preformance. Saying it has no value because he didnt beat those two. why do you think he would have struggled after all he has beaten them so many times. you are underestimating him

  8. So lovelyl today to turn on the TV and see Order Of Play on the pista Rafa Nadal come up on the screen. And what a privilege for Kyle Edmund to be one of the first to play a match on the newly named court and win. Good luck this week Rafa , can’t wait to see that beautiful smile when you achieve your next 10.

  9. Rest assured Rafa that many of your fans BELIEVED and we will keep believing until you have called it a day. More glory to you.


      • Rafa said he thought he could lose MC. For some, a healthy amount of doubt may be ok; for others, they must feel 100% that they can win in order to win. I hope Rafa feels 100% that he can win.

        I did say the best is yet to come but that can only continue if Rafa heeds what his body tells him and advice from his team about his calendar. I feel he would probably love to play all tournaments. 🤔

        In 2016, when he announced he would skip the Latin American tournaments, I sighed a huge sigh of relief. I do hope that his winning of titles will not dissuade him from keeping a lighter calendar. Let’s see what he decides.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Rafa’s so passionate about his tennis, that I bet he’s counting on playing all tournaments 😉 – But I also believe/hope that if his body and mind tells him to slow down and rest he will, in order to be a 100% ready for RG. 🏆
        Me myself want to se him play as much as possible 😍🤗 – As long as he’s up to it and stays healty and injury free ofcourse 👍🏻🤞🏻💕- Ultimately it’s no ones but Rafa’s and his team to decide…

        VAMOS CHAMP RAFA! 🎾💪🏼😅
        All the best of luck at Barcelona Open 😘🍀 – Still extactic from yesterday❣️😁

      • Rafa, also congratulations with “Pista Rafa Nadal” 🎾 What an honour 😘

      • Rafantastic, you are soooo right about Rafa’s passion for the game. For that same reason I suffer when Rafa suffers, and I rejoice with him when he is happy.

        He still amazes me with his responses at pressers. When asked if he was “relieved,” after having won MC, Rafa’s brilliant “I am happy,” response made me want to kick that reporter for even using the word “relieved.” Caution to those who don’t know how quick Rafa’s mind works. Don’t ask stupid questions. LOL


  10. Rafa, you feel lucky to still be playing, but your fans are the real winners to have the pleasure of still being able to watch you. You want RG and i believe you will get it once more after you have taken your 10th at Barcelona. What a great day it was for you yesterday , I only wish you could have had the cherry on the top with a win from your beloved Real Madrid .

    • Maria – truer words were never spoken! I know you watch all rafas matches some of which involve little or no sleep due to the time differences and you keep me posted when I can’t. A real and true fan indeed.

  11. Just like these kids-out of our heads-who loves this win more than Rafael?
    This is why we watch-we will never tire of that banana shot-stunningly beautiful,
    seemingly impossible-ya got me😜😳🙀❤️

  12. “But, when he was asked to contemplate what 10 titles at Roland Garros would mean, Nadal smiled.

    “I want it,” he said.”

    Yay! This is what all his fans want to hear. 💪💪

  13. Champion that you are, enjoy your win.👏👏👏👏👏👏🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾👍🍕🍕👍🍾🍾🍾🍾


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