[VIDEO] Rafael Nadal: ‘I’m enjoying every moment’

Rafael Nadal discusses winning his 10th Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters title and his performance in the final.


  1. I hope our 10-time MC champ is contemplating skipping at least one tournament prior to the French Open, preferably Rome. That would give him roughly 8-10 days without competition just before RG.


  2. Rafa what can I say but you are the BESTTTTTTTTTTTT,

    ALl the best for Barcelona,

    Love and prayers,


  3. Rafa, be proud of your achievements today, tomorrow, ad infinitum; your10th Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters title, and its newly-named eponymous center court. Leave embarrassment to Toni when you ask him, “Who’s the best?” LOL


  4. congratulations rafa with your title.

    Now up to the other tournaments. But to be honest i really hoped you would skip barcelona and madrid and play only rome. therefore you will be totaly rested for the french open

    • Me too, mjus. But he absolutely can’t skip Barcelona this year. They’ve just named the main court after him, and also the La Decima thing. Plus it’s still his home turf. So I just hope he skips Rome or Madrid.

      But that too is doubtful, unless, say, he wins Madrid feeling exhausted after a gruelling, lengthy full-setter against someone tough and has to pull out of Rome…

      • if i could advise him i would say play barcelona and then skip madrid and play rome. Madrid is difficult for him due to altitude it doesnt suit his game. And also last year the doctor told him not to play madrid so that his body would get rest for the french open. Nadal did not listen and as a result of that he got a wrist injury and had to withdraw at the french open third round

        nadal needs to listen to his body. He has nothing to prove and should take care of his body in order to remain at the top. Hopefully nadal learned his lesson from last year and listens to his body. After all the french open is the most important tournament

      • Yeah, timewise I think MC and Madrid duo is the best.

        The condition at Rome is closest to RG and he has better chance there but it’s still too close to RG, only one week apart.

        Madrid plays like a slow hard court but it’s his home turf, plus his whole Real Madrid people there, very hard for him not to play it. Every year many fans “urge” him not to play Madrid because of the unfavourable timing and condition, but he never listens. Even Moya got frustrated and has spoken up more than once in his interviews.

        Now with Moya onboard and after what happened last year at RG, I have no doubt they will take extra caution and schedule more sensibly according to the circumstances. Guess we just have to wait to see how things unfold.

        But really, I just want him to play MC and Rome, then RG and try his best to have a decent run at Wimby. It’s been such a long long time. Five years already…

  5. The centre court of the Real Club Tenis Barcelona (RCTB) will be named Rafa Nadal in tribute to the player who has dominated the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell during the last decade and who is now ready to fight for the tenth title at the historic tournament of the ATP circuit.

    The agreement was made last night unanimously and by acclamation in the Extraordinary Assembly of the RCTB that took place in the multipurpose sports hall of the centenary entity. “For us it is a pride to have a player like Nadal, one of the best in the history and who has joined the club since he was 11 years of age,” said Albert Agustí, president of the club, who has indicated that “by naming the centre court Rafa Nadal we position ourselves at the same level of tournaments that dedicate their courts to their legends.”

      • Maria, I thought everybody already knew this. A bit surprised this went off *your* radar :D.

        I mentioned it a couple of days ago in the Barcelona draw thread and RNF also updated it afterwards IIRC.

      • Must have missed it , sometimes if i don’t have time i go straight fans comments.

    • Hi Rainier, thank you for that ,I’m guessing it means court Rafa Nadal , though i looked up pista and it came up as track . Can you confirm.

      • Maria, it’s the main court there and I’m curious how the players will feel, Rafa included. :p

      • Hi Rainier , I don’t think most players will really think about it , but i can imagine Novak will be quite envious as I’m not sure this is something he will be able to achieve. I would have loved this to have been at RG , but then i thought to myself can you really have a Spanish player named there, it’s would be like naming a court at Wimbledon after Roger , when we have Andy. I can imagine Rafa may feel a bit embarrassed , especially if he loses on it. Many people i know don’t like Andy but in some ways Rafa and Andy are very similar. They love tennis but not the celebrity status, and although Rafa will feel honoured , like Andy with his Knighthood he will at times feel a little uncomfortable .( Only my opinion)

      • Maria, I think the main court of a popular tournament being named after a still active player is definitely the talk between them, no matter how small :p. And I only mean the players who will be playing there.

        I like Andy and I think the people who don’t like him mostly just misunderstood him. He’s a nice and decent guy with a lot of heart and talents. Plus he loves Rafa :D. What’s not to like?

        Novak I think we shouldn’t assume how he might feel, because, you know, we’ll never know.

        Rafa I think will play on Wednesday. His half is quite interesting with the potential rematches against Zverev and Goffin. 🙂

      • Sorry Rainier, I misunderstood , I thought you meant how they would feel playing on it, and as for Novak who knows as you say what he feels about it but I’m not his greatest fan so my opinion was always going to be biased.

    • Don’t worry just looked up tennis court and came up as Pista de tenis. Duh!
      Wow !How great for Rafa he now has a court named after him and Andy has a knighhood . Come on Roger and Novak your lagging behind Lol

  6. Have fun😜This moment is yours! Indian Wells gave us some concern, but you
    have restored our faith😀 Have a fabulous season on your favourite surface.❣️

  7. I’m enjoying every moment too, and I haven’t won anything!

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  8. I am so pleased for you Rafael, back as King of Clay. I never doubted you would come back on form. All the best gor future tournaments. Xx

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