Rafael Nadal beats Fabio Fognini to reach Miami Open final [PHOTOS]

Fifth seed Rafael Nadal has reached the final of the Miami Open after recording a 6-1, 7-5 semi-final victory over unseeded Italian Fabio Fognini. He is in the Miami final for the fifth time but is still in search of his first title.

Rafa, who will be going for his 29thATP World Tour Masters 1000 crown, will face either Roger Federer or Nick Kyrgios in Sunday’s final.


  1. Stan and Roger had to work on their friendship after that incident and happily they got through it.

  2. Hi Susie ,well i have to be able to rely on someone ,, Vy came up trumps and always does, where as Maria (, Siberia) has let me down big time , and if his/her predictions had been right ,i was going to suggest ANOTHER name change to The Oracle . Guess that’s out the window now Hmn…. but we’ll see

  3. Gosh maria England- you asked and vy delivered – how good is that? And maria siberia – now nick is not on the final can we have an amended prediction please?

    • Susie, thank you but it’s actually very simple I felt like I didn’t have to do anything. I just need the link to the clip, then make the gif with one of the online ready-made apps. Anyone can do it, really :-).

  4. Vy and rafalite – please watch the final. We will all be here I’m sure to support each other. With Rafa I know it’s not good for the health but he needs us and our positive thinking.

    • Susie, don’t mind what I might let on. I’ll be watching without fail.

      It will be absolutely fantastic if Rafa prevails even though it’s not a Slam. If he doesn’t, well, there’s nothing we can do abt it. But at least we’ll still have each other LOL. 😸

  5. I missed a bit of the match as I nodded off but woke up again and watched nick win 2nd set. The whole thing was so close. I’m really off Federer at the moment and usually I’m quite indifferent to him. Mirka is a silly child and I recall how she nearly broke the friendship between stan and Roger at wtf 2014 by her heckling. To the extent that Roger could not play the final the next day. Thank God rafa has noone on his team like that. I’m unsure if rafa can win tomorrow to be honest – he looked very subdued at IW 4th rnd. All I know is that he will try his best and that is all we can ask! I really hope Roger does not win – I can’t bear his swanky strutting

    • Stan and Roger’s friendship was never threatened by the “crybaby” incident. Never. If anything, it brought out the best in their friendship. Both men even railed against the umpire who confirmed in a presser that Mirka said, “crybaby.”

      Roger, “There’s no hard feelings whatsoever. We are friends, not enemies, but it was maybe one of those heat-of-the-moment situations.” Hours after their heated argument in the tunnel, they posted a pic on Twitter with Stan making the “rabbit” sign behind Roger.

      Roger did not retire from the WTF because Mirka called Stan a crybaby. Roger retired from the WTF because of a lingering back problem stemming from injuries in 2013. He reportedly wasn’t even sure if he would be able in the Davis Cup finals.

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