VIDEO: An interview with Rafael Nadal – Miami Open SF 2017

Rafael Nadal talks about beating Fabio Fognini and reaching his fifth final at the Miami Open.


  1. Rafa just has to borrow some of Roger’s supreme self confidence!! He is bordering on arrogance.
    Rafa well capable of beating him. Go Rafa and attack, attack and rattle Roger. Dictate from the get go. Vamos Rafaaaa

  2. Yes Jo – best of luck today. It’s amazing she’s in the final anyway so a win would be just incredible.

  3. Hi Susie reposted this comment in reply to yours ( threads and gif- haven’t a clue different language to me. ) about clip of Rafa .
    ,well i have to be able to rely on someone ,, Vy came up trumps and always does, where as Maria (, Siberia) has let me down big time , and if his/her predictions had been right ,i was going to suggest ANOTHER name change to The Oracle . Guess that’s out the window now Hmn…. but we’ll see

    • Maria, you’ve been sounding just like her lately I think with her “trademarked” “Hmm.. we’ll see” :D.

      A gif is an animated image in the most popular sense on the Internet. It can also be a static one, or an image file format.

      Have a nice weekend 🐶🐱. Hope it will end with a victory for Rafa…

      • Don’t worry , Rafa’s time is coming , tomorrow actually . Thank you for explaining , or this goes over my head 😵 . The weekend will be ending on a very high note indeed Hmn.. but as always we’ll see ( he he Lol)

  4. Good luck today Jo. Rafa , i hope your dreams all come true tomorrow, you are going to have to pull out something extra special to beat Roger , as Lady luck is certainly smiling on him. It will be third time lucky for you , you just need to believe it.

    • Maria,
      Look at the head to head, Rafa still has a big lead . Hope Rafa looks in the mirror and says ” I had his measure and still have, I will win”

  5. Beating Federer used to be second nature for Rafa… he needs to find that spark again and turn the tables around this time. You can do it champ!

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