WATCH: How good is this passing shot from Rafa?

Watch Rafael Nadal find the open court past Jack Sock at the Miami Open.


  1. Rafa, stay focused, don’t let ANYTHING distract you from your MISSION. CONCENTRATION and GOOD JUDGMENT will get you the win.

    GOOD LUCK, RAFAAAAA🍀🍀🍀👍🎾🤗⭐️⭐️😄😚😍👏👍


      • So very true Beverley… I have to put it on mute sometimes because it makes me sick! I Can’t understand why everyone is so enamored with Roger! I have seen people crying & screaming like they have just seen God… Can you imagine his bloated ego… No wonder he doesn’t want to quit! I’m watching Zeverev & Nick now… They play a very similar game, except Nick has more theatrics and star power…( He’s has the best tweener I’ve ever seen)! Whoever wins let’s hope they send Roger home!

  2. Wow! Perfect return off Fed’s second serve from Berdych! That’s always the key for Birdie to breat Fed beside holding his nerve.

    Fed gets broken at LOVE!!!

  3. Sad to watch how Berdych missed that shot at 40-30 5-2 Fed.

    Crowd pulling hard for Fed to break again here.

  4. Oh maria he’s just been broken! Federer’s gonna win this now. But Thomas has done well you’re right

  5. So that’s it. Berdych so predictable. Always manages to choke at the worst moment.

    He has the game but can never be a contender for big tournies.

    Can he fight back now? If he won’t try Fed will wrap the match up in an instant.

    • That is why he has never won a slam .. However let’s be positive he did give Roger a run for his money… It shows he can be beat!

  6. Good challenge from Birdie. Fed’s trying hard to break but still can’t so far.

    Crowd may turn rude any time soon. >_<

  7. Ahh no, after a good patch sth’s getting to Birdie now. He just misses! Might as well hand over the set and the match to Fed.

    The tennis life of Berdych.

    Well, he’s get broken again. So easy to predict.

  8. And now he’s hurt his foot again! Oh no. Yes Vy it’s only polite and muted applause from the crowd for thomas

    • Poor guy. I knew if he’s not injured he would give Fed a good fight this time, might even snatch the match away from him.

      He and Fed have played each other so many times and I guess I’m quite used to the dynamic bt them.

      I didn’t like him at first but have warmed up to him for quite some time.

  9. Great BH DTL from Berdych. He’s playing better and better, finally been given some credit from the commie (one only though LOL).

  10. Oh well done thomas berdych. At least you took a set off the ‘god’. Don’t let him walk all over you in the final set.

      • Great fighting off from Berdych. Fed was on fire trying to break back but Birdie held his nerve well.


        Seems like I predict it right so far. :p

  11. Well i suppose we’re dealing with a fickle bunch. In 2015 rafa was finished according to them and Roger was a gonner in 2013 and 2015. And remember how they fawned over novak in 2011 and 2015. If only they could hear themselves! Lol

  12. Yes Vy I’m still here and the awful thing is this is not Roger’s fault – although I know he loves this type of comment about him and carefully reads what people are saying about him etc

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