Rafael Nadal defeats Jack Sock to reach Miami Open semi-finals

Four-time Miami Open runner-up Rafael Nadal advanced to the semifinals by beating American Jack Sock 6-2, 6-3. His next opponent will be Fabio Fognini.

Rafa committed only 12 unforced errors against the No. 13-seeded Sock, rallied from a break down in the second set and improved his lifetime record against Americans to 60-9. Our champ was able to save six of seven break points earned by Sock as he kept control of the contest.

Rafa has never won in Miami despite being a four-time finalist, and his win opens up the possibility of a meeting in the final with Roger Federer.

Sources: AP/AFP


  1. I’ve got a UK time of 3pm for rafa’s semi tomorrow. That seems a bit early but it’s off the miami open atp site. Any other offers of the uk time would be gratefully received…..

  2. Rafa plays the early semi tomorrow at 3pm EDT. It sounded like he would have preferred the evening match. One of the happy things I have noticed is very few nerves. He has looked calm except in the Mexico and IW losses. Rafa and Sock had 18 match wins which leads the ATP, but Roger has only one loss. His Hopman Cup loss to Sascha does not count.

    • Where did you find 3pm DT? I am asking because I told Rafantastic it’s 10am DT as posted on the Miami Open website. If I am wrong, I’ve got to let her know. Thanks.


  3. Congrats, Rafa. That was a solid match. Jack is a talented player with a lot of weapons. It seems Rafa had a specific strategy when he stepped on the court. Sometimes he problem solves and
    resorts to another solution but his strategy was working effectively. Very good service games.
    Jack was deflated when he couldn’t get that 2nd break. I always notice how Rafa becomes more punnishing to his opponent when he is down a break and eager to break back, consolidate and then get a 2nd break if possible. Rafa was relentless and again, it paid off. He never took his foot off the gas. Watching Rafa play is always better than watching a blockbuster movie.
    It was also nice to see his family there.

  4. Good morning Rafa fans! I am very happy with his win. Jack did not play at his best, but he was clearly confused by Rafa’s game plan. Rafa did come close to losing a second break at 0-2, but once he held serve, it was over. Yes, playing Fabio is always a challenge, but a healthy Kei would have won yesterday, in my view. No matter what happens, Rafa is playing with confidence and looks healthy. That is what we all want!

  5. Rafa had his game face on and it was great to see no sign of nerves. Jack Sock went for his shots, like most people do against Rafa, but he was just too good! Fabio playing some impressive tennis and he is very focused, so Rafa’s length of shot and first serve will be key. JUST TWO TO GO. TAKE HIM OUT RAFA. GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. Rafa glad to just come home and hear that you have defeated
    Jack Sock.

    All the best for your match against Fognini,

    Love and


  7. A solid one from Rafa. Even after getting broken in the second set early, you just knew he would come back and grind Sock down, which he did.

    If Rafa keeps this up, he has a great chance to make the final. Until then, it’s this tricky Fognini guy. Get it done Rafa!

    • The second set was a bit of a nail-bitting.

      Rafa finally survived a second break by saving 2 BPS when being down 2 games to love. He then raged through the match from 0-2 to 5-2, which was so sweet, then of course wrap up the set to win the match, surving 6 BPs (6!) along the way.

      Rafa was so clutch in this set with his BP conversion rate at 100% 2/2.

      He needs to improve his second serve. Sock (and quite many other players) found a way to get so many points off it compared to the first set.

      Also he’s a bit lucky as Sock got impatient and his first serve suffered. If it hadn’t, the match would have been likely to go to a third.

      But all in all an excellent performance from Rafa. Now pls go get Fog. If there’s someone other than Fed that needs to be swept off, it’s definitely this Fog.

      Vamos 🍀🍀🎾🎾💪🏻💪🏻🏆🏆🇪🇸🇪🇸

      • I’m going to disagree! Jack played like an amateur and Rafa played his usual Rafa game… He is still standing way way back behind the baseline and with a player like Fabio he will take full advantage of that ..Fabio loves the drop shot & he very shilled at it… Unless Rafa adjust his position … I look to see Fabio knock him out… I hope and pray that I am wrong! VAMOS Rafa …Love you win or lose!

  8. Good match. Very happy for you. Take rest and than good luck against Fognini. You can do it. Vamos Rafa <3

  9. 🤗❤️ Congratz Rafa. This is awesome 😃👏🏻 The best of luck against Fognini. Keep it coming champ – you can do it 😘👍🏼

    VAMOOOS!! 🎾💪🏼🍀

    • Good news, Rafantastic. Rafa is scheduled to play on Friday @ 16:00 DK time. Reasonable, unless you’re a night owl.


  10. Yes rafa you will need to play your best against fabio as he is a very good player with some excellent shots. But I’m sure you will do just that. Well done again!

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