Rafael Nadal: “I have decided I will play everything that I can”

Photo via @tennis_photos
Photo via @tennis_photos

AFP – The decision has been officially made. Rafael Nadal has confirmed he will play singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles in Rio despite serious concerns over whether or not his left wrist injury will survive the gruelling challenge.

After an intense training session with compatriot David Ferrer, Rafa said:

After discussing it with my team, I have decided I will play everything that I can.

We are here and practice has gone well — more or less.

It’s not an ideal situation — there are always risks but the MRI scan was OK.

Our champ hasn’t played since he was forced to quit the French Open before the third round after damaging tendons in his left wrist, missing Wimbledon in the process.

The 14-time Grand Slam title winner was the gold medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics but missed the 2012 London Games because of a knee injury.

All the way with you! VAMOS RAFA!

Source: AFP


  1. He’s admitted the wrist is still bothering him and the the only positive news is that “It’s not getting worse”.

    I’m afraid he’s only going to hurt himself and ruin his chances for the US Open. I’m desperately hoping I’ll be wrong.

    • If Rafa had a better medical team, he woudn’t have suffered that much. Rafa skip RG and Wimbledon, i really think Rafa should feel 100% on his wrist now but well…

      I really hate to see that arrogant Djokovic to finally win the gold medal. Someone please stop him!!!

      • DMTNA, I agree, and always have after having done extensive research on Rafa re his medical team. (Hopefully they will prove us wrong this time around.)

        As for your second paragraph, if not Rafa, there is ANDY!!! He will be defending champion.

        RAFA ROCKS

  2. Good luck Rafa, and what ever happens, you always try your best. Tennis is not the same without you, your honesty in sport is refreshing, and your talent is amazing. You are such an unassuming person, other tennis players could learn a lot about you. Good Luck.xxx

  3. So so excited to hear that Rafa will be playing in Rio can’t wait to watch him play and wish him the best of luck will be routing for him and no matter how far he gets he will always be the best player and without him in tennis it’s not worth watching though Andy is my second favourite my heart and head is with Rafa !! So go do your best Rafa !!😄😄😄❤️👍

    • Along with Zika, no points was another reason for some athletes skip Rio. A Slam is 2,000pts, Rio would have been around 750?
      Supposedly the ATP stopped awarding points because countries with less players somehow would have an advantage over countries with more players. Entries are chosen by country ranking. The above is by no means a comprehensive explanation but I gotta run and thought I’d share what little I remember. You always do a great job so I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

      • I thought there isnt point for Rio because Olympics isnt a professional sporting event. Therefor the player should honored by just represent their country .
        BUt this just the bullshit it always comes done to money. There wanted to compansated by ITF because of Olympic. But the ITF didnt give enough money so Atp started power play with the WTA. So during the Olympic there is a tournament that is why Tomic cant play in the Olympic because he has to te tournament because of a contract, And Atp wont reward with points the players.

      • I do remember reading about no points being awarded because the sentiment is that athletes participate in the Olympics for the sheer joy of competing and not for “prizes.”

        Both Tomic and Kyrgios pulled out of the Olympics of their own volition. Tomic cited his schedule, and Kyrgios cited Kitty Miller’s remarks about him for his withdrawal.
        Both of these players were on a watch list, according to Kitty Miller, for their poor sportsmanship.

      • The Olympics, according to the ITF, is neither an ATP nor a WTA event, it is an Olympic event and thus does not qualify for ranking points. Find out how many points Andy won in 2012.

        Awarding Olympic winners ranking points were only started in 2000, and at that time it is possible that women were not awarded points according to some comments I read. I am still looking into this.

        Whether or not points were going to be awarded in 2016 is now moot. According to the president of the ITF, he received a consensus from both the ATP and WTA that ranking points would not be awarded. These two aforementioned governing bodies unanimously came to the conclusion that the players play to honor their respective countries and not their rankings. It was after this that the ITF made its announcement that no points would be awarded.

        Eric Butorac, president of the ATP Players Council, mentioned that a sticking point was the ITF’s refusal to monetarily compensate the smaller ATF tournaments that are affected every four years because of the Olympics. However, Butorac confirmed that when negotiations ended last year, “Some wanted it [points], but the majority I asked really did not want them, and that the Olympics should be about representing your country.”

        According to MARCA, the ITF always refused to compensate the smaller tournaments in an Olympic year. It is quite possible that the quid pro quo conspiracy started with this publication.

        I welcome any additional facts or corrections to add to my post.

        RAFA ROCKS

  4. I’m so pleased to hear this news,I need a Rafa fix urgently! after so many many disappointments, I wrote him off last time.
    As long as he has a go thats whats important,if he wins, thats a wonderful reward to him and all his adoring fans worldwide.
    Rafa– the best thing since sliced bread! if his wrist doesnt hold up then at least he will know he tried his best.
    Good luck Rafa VAMOS !

  5. HAHAHA is it just me or does the picture seem like Rafa is holding a used ‘male contraceptive device?’ Even his face is like, eeugh, in that way:):)

    YAAY, get it done Rafa! Good luck in all the events you take part in. I know you love that team atmosphere, so soak it all in and don’t worry too much about winning, coz you’re a winner already.

    Vamos, baby!

  6. Poor Rafa! He can’t move through the Olympic village – all the contestants want selfies with him LOL

  7. Rafa’s said he still has some discomfort/pain in the wrist, but the image (MRI) says it’s OK & he has the blessing of his doctor.

  8. Vamos Rafa. Basically he approaches this by seeing the doubles and mix as practicing opportunities – and make no mistake, those are short matches and Rafa will be out of those soon most likely.

  9. Rafa’s doctors seem very conservative, so this is a good sign. Sadly, the Rogers Cup was incredibly boring. I respect Djokovic a lot, but his his new hug the world is cringe-worthy. He is trying so hard to be liked. It comes naturally to Rafa.

    • I am just gonna wish Rafa a deep run in each of his matches. I hope he does well and stays well.

      You’re not alone re the Rogers Cup. As for Nole, I get you but then I feel bad for feeling the way I do about him but then I remember all his tantrums I have witnessed and then I don’t feel so bad. Same with Serena, I witnessed the horrible scene when she threatened the lineswoman (tiny female) and can’t get it out of my head. Never saw violence as a child. Oh well!


  10. I’m so glad that you are cleared and able to be in the Olympics. I pray that you will remain well and healthy, and also I am very glad that you will be the flag bearer for your country.
    Vamos, Rafa. Tennis is not the same when you are not competing.

  11. That’s good news, hope all goes well for you Rafa, Gil and I can’t wait to see you play again, good luck and God bless you.

  12. Really really hope that everything is fine Rafa. Be careful anyway. I will pray God to keep you fit and healthy. Wich you all be best. Can’t wait to see you play again! God bless you.

  13. OMG I’m so happy! I totally thought he wasn’t going to play singles, just doubles, but now I’m so happy he’s going to try everything! Yay! Can’t wait to see him!

  14. Très heureuse pour rafa! Espérant qu’ il n ait pas trop de souci avec son poignet ! Je lui souhaite bonne chance et surtout qu’ il ménage son poignet au maximum 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤vamos rafa

  15. Please be careful Rafa! Your fans love you too much for you to risk your health to play. Of course, we will be THRILLED to see you play though 🙂 Vamos my champion! <3

    • Absolutely, me too. It’s kind of crazy but it’s all or nothing. He follows the way we know him. It scares me but happy to see him. Mixed feelings all over. Good luck Rafa! Don’t risk too much, please.

      You’re not the only one in shock. That’s it!!!! I am NOT going to worry about his wrist: I’ve said it before but this is it.
      Rafa may you stay healthy and go far in the tournament’s you enter. I know you’re a fighter so go out and kick some butt!

    • He hasnt decided on playing mixed doubles yet. I understand this decisions because i think we all know it is his last Olympic . And i dont think he has a lot of chance to win Us Open, and if he cant win then he can in the Olympic wont matter.

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