Here’s why Rafael Nadal won’t give up on his Olympic dream

02/08/2016.- El español Rafael Nadal (c) sale a la cancha para hablar con la prensa hoy, martes 2 de julio de 2016, después de su entrenamiento en el Centro de Tenis en Río de Janeiro (Brasil), en el marco de los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016, que se inaugurarán el próximo 5 de agosto. EFE/José Méndez
02/08/2016.- El español Rafael Nadal (c) sale a la cancha para hablar con la prensa hoy, martes 2 de julio de 2016, después de su entrenamiento en el Centro de Tenis en Río de Janeiro (Brasil), en el marco de los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016, que se inaugurarán el próximo 5 de agosto. EFE/José Méndez

Rafael Nadal, who is Spain’s flag bearer, will compete in the men’s singles and also take part with Marc López in the doubles and Garbiñe Muguruza in the mixed doubles.

Here’s what Rafa told a Spanish radio station Cadena Cope:

It’s evident that the condition of my wrist is not ideal and if it wasn’t the Olympics, I would not take this risk. However, having spoken to my team and with Conchita, I’ve decided to play the singles and everything else.

There is always a risk but I trained six hours between Monday and Tuesday and although the wrist still bothers me, at least it hasn’t worsened and that is great news. I already missed London [2012].

I’m going to do as best as possible in every event I play in. The doubles might be a better option for me considering how I arrive to the Olympics but you never know.

The only thing I can say is that I will give my best and no one is going to take away my enthusiasm to compete at the Olympics in whatever way I can and to try to win a medal.

Conchita Martínez, captain of the Spain Fed Cup and the Davis Cup team, told Cope:

We needed time to see how the wrist will respond to intense training before confirming that he would play in all three events. It was a joint decision and it was an easy one to take.

It’s obvious that he is lacking playing time but when we talk about Nadal, we know how competitive he is and what a great level he has.

Nadal is the best option we have to win a medal. Rafa can do great things.

Source: The Guardian


  1. I’d like to see you stick to doubles which apparently pose less risk. You can always try singles in the next Olympics. Get healthy, that’s the priority.

  2. Go RAFA from your 69 year old fan in New York City. Praying for G-D to give you the strength and power that you have in your soul. You are a real trooper. GO FOR IT RAFA – VAMOS.

    • Yes,go Rafael.I love you and I know you will do it. I have been watching you since you were 17 . Your the best for me

  3. Can’t wait to see Rafa’s return at the Olympics , tennis just hasn’t been the same without him What an honour for the Spanish people having Rafa as flag bearer . Congrats also to Andy Murray who has been chosen to be flag bearer for team GB. Roll on Friday and as they say Let the Games begin!

  4. Rafael please take heed from your 80 year old Aussie Abuela. Keep out of the water … It is filthy n full of germs. I know you love the Mardi Gra, so please dance n enjoy, but do not eat or drink in strange n over crowded places. I am worried about your wrist n pray for you daily. Longing to see you on Foxtel TV. Vamos Rafa. Get Gold. God Bless You n keep you safe n healthy. Love your Aussie Abuela. 🏆🏆🏆👑🎉🎊🎈🎈💥😀😊😇

  5. I think in his heart, Rafa knows that this is his last Olympics. He wants to enjoy the experience, which he loves. He may know that without much practice, he is unlikely to go deep at the US Open. I have no reason to doubt his medical team.

  6. Sighhh . Again we know how bad Rafa’s medical team is. Another false diagnosis i guess. It seems like his wrist is still hurt. If only Rafa had a better medical team, he would have won much more. And he could have destroyed that arrogant Djokovic in 2010-2013 if he hadn’t had so many injuries.

    I have the feeling that Rafa could still play the Olympics but couldn’t last like what happened in Roland Garros. This time he would probably miss the last grandslam of the year due to false diagnosis.

    • Rafa was still very competitive against Novak until the end of 2013. Rafa had a bad 2011 but come 2012 won 3 of their 4 matches. 2013 it was 3 all with Rafa winning two slams. Novak’s wins against Rafa are in fact heavily weighted in the last 2/3 seasons. Over a quarter of all Novak’s wins over Rafa are since 2015 (the year he finally overcame the head to head) and almost half since the end of 2013. Novak has always been a great player but he miraculously upped his game at the same time as Rafa’s decline (as did Murray).

      • Ya i know but that arrogant couldn’t have dominated the tennis for too long if Rafa hadn’t injuries. In 2012 , i believe Rafa could win 3 out of 4 slams if the medical team was better. Rafa was on fire in that season. 2013 was a miracle comeback but 2014 showed that his level is getting down, he could no longer match for Djokovic’s game on fast surfaces.

        Rafa is playing olympics but i doubt that he only hurt himself and ruin the chance for the last grandslam of the year. I hope i am wrong but i no longer trust Toni and his medical team.

  7. Rafael has been up against this situation many times before as have other elite athletes who have played through pain and injury. There is no pleasing everyone, so it is his and his team’s decision.

    He is a champion, so fight on! The fire burns bright-🔥👊💪🏆👑🇪🇸❤️ Vamos!!

  8. why rafa is taking risks if the wrist even 1 % bothering him ……….it may again cause some issues for future

    it would be better to return after feeling 100 %

    nevertheless great to see rafa back on courts playing

  9. As I said before RAFA is so happy to be there representing his country and you know he loves the team spirit.

    Whether or not it’s too much tennis for his wrist, he’s going after this because it’s what his heart wants.

    Go RAFA collect those medals, be healthy, live your life to the fullest and on your terms. I’m with him always through good and bad.

    We can only watch and enjoy.

    RAFA fan forever.

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