Rafael Nadal shows off his insane body in Tommy Hilfiger underwear [PHOTOS]

New photos of Rafael Nadal’s new Tommy Hilfiger underwear campaign hit the internet today, and all we can say is…wow.

The campaign was photographed in Palm Springs, California, by Mikael Jansson and styled by Sean Spellman. The collection is available at select Tommy Hilfiger stores and wholesale partners and the brand’s online store.

The Fall 2016 collection features Tommy Hilfiger’s new signature stripe, which brings the brand’s iconic red, white and navy palette to all products, read a statement.

Nicely done, Rafa!


  1. Rafa has it all – great tennis player, great body, good looking, charming and a wonderful human being. I can appreciate it all and I am old enough to be his grandmother but have admired him since he was a boy in his teens.(in a grandmotherly way, of course.)
    Wish I could go to Rio to see him but I have been fortunate to have seen him play and practice in person at the Australian Open on several occasions.
    I just hope his decision to play in all three events in Rio is not putting too much strain on his body so that he is not out of play for the remainder of the season.

  2. Gen and Teresa… if you’re still here…
    Rafa promised an interview today but I find zilch. It was supposed to be held this evening but no time was specified. I read on some blog that Rafa’s doctor, Cotorro, arrived in Rio but then I know he’s the Spanish Sport Federation’s (or something like that) doctor so he is probably there for the Spanish team anyway. Teresa is great at finding Rafa stuff too, I hope she didn’t go to sleep. I am suffering!


      • I’m in tears and my stomach is sick. Why all the drama? I can’t take it. How does Rafa turn into a three events player from “fragile” in a matter of 2 days???? Now I’m angry!!!

        Rafa if you don’t medal at least one gold I will have you committed to wearing the same type and design of shorts like the ones Stan wore at his French Open victory.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • LOL re shorts But you’re right – delicate to all three! – I still think it’s too much!

      • I will stop holding my breath and just wish him the best. Who knows, he may surprise us all: I hope he does but in a good way. The only thing that comes to mind at this point is DRAMA QUEEN, is there a male equivalent? King of Drama? Ya just gotta love Rafa, sui generis should be his middle name.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • PS Stan always looks like he’s been dragged out of bed at 3 in the morning – those shorts didn’t help:)

  3. We as RAFA fans have been living through RAFAs’ ‘injuries, time away from the court playing competitive tennis, hearing about ZIKA and terrorism all day everyday.

    No….. we have not forgotten about the controversy, RAFAs’ TH ad made some of us happy and smiley. Let’s smile today. I DID; and MARGO did for sure. Ha Ha.

    RAFA fan forever.

    • LOL Thanks Gen… I mean hey, we always get to see his face, some arm and some leg but here it’s the entire package. In his last campaign we only got to see his back and not much else.

      He’s just sinfully gorgeous!
      You can’t say Mary doesn’t have a handful in Rafa. How’s that for a double entendre!


  4. Smokin hot Rafa ..how can one guy have it all..body legs cheekbones handsome as hell..and that smile ..also a thoroughly decent man..Rafa you have ladies swooning lol..good luck in Rio VAMOS

  5. Superbe corps ! Le moins qu’ on puisse dire est que rafa est 1 très bel homme en plus d être le roi incontesté du tennis sur terre battue ! Waouh ❤❤👍👍👍👍

  6. Rafa, I wonder if Stanimal’s withdrawal from Rio, due to back injury, will improve your chances to medal. With all these withdrawals you may not have to play to win, thus protecting your wrist.



  7. Rafa, why didn’t you wear this outfit yesterday when you played tennis football with Marc Lopez….your footwork is just sooooo cool!


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