Rafael Nadal cleared to play at Olympic Games

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(AP) — Rafael Nadal is on the final entry list for the Rio Olympics.

The 14-time major champion hasn’t played since pulling out of the French Open because of an injured left wrist and needed the International Tennis Federation’s Olympic Committee to approve his appeal because he hasn’t played Davis Cup.

A handful of top-30 men had pulled out of the Rio Games; they mostly cited tennis reasons and not Zika. But the Big Four of Rafa, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Roger Federer are all on the list — for both singles and doubles.

Rafa won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Games.

Source: AP


  1. Rafa, in your July 20th interview with TTDeporte, you said your priority is to be healthy if you want to continue playing tennis in future years. You cannot imagine how happy I was to read those words. If you are not completely healed, don’t do anything to jeopardize your ability to win more tournaments.


  2. Just in on the Internet: Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Roger Federer have all pulled out of Toronto.
    We know Rafa wants to be able to play the Olympics so I really didn’t expect him to play Toronto after he announced last week he wasn’t sure he would play Toronto.
    Andy is headed for Mallorca tomorrow for two weeks so that would keep him from Toronto. His reason for pulling out is fatigue.
    Roger’s reason is a question mark.

    I am glad that Rafa will wait at least for the Olympics to return. In my heart, I felt playing Toronto would be too soon.
    I hope he is doing well physically and doesn’t return until he is fully healed. I am a realist and would have no problem with him waiting for the U.S. Open. By waiting that long (at least three months) after his injury, it would possibly save him from re-injuring his wrist.

    Rafa I miss you!


  3. I have not seen media outlet news of Rafa lately but the Champ is busy attending to his academy and charitable foundation.

    Today, Rafa posted that he is in Madrid at the last stage of his #RafaNadalTour before the Master final. This will be held at his academy in Mallorca this September. The profits will go to his foundation.

    I bet the children get terribly excited to see the Champ at the different competitions. This recovery time was ideal for him to do something that he usually has no time for when on tour.


  4. Rafa good luck in Brasil.you can do it .you are the best player we love you .in Texas .🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍and good luck..

  5. While I would love to see Rafa play in the Rogers, I agree that he should not come back too early. It would be devastating for him to get reinjured now.

    • I have been trying to keep that thought out of my head. I went into panic mode when someone read about another wrist injury. It was a false alarm, thank goodness. RNF places undated stuff under Rafa Roundup. I am guilty of the same type of error, thinking something was current only to find it was ancient history. I have learned that Rafa Roundup can include both the old and the new on Rafa the Champion. As I’m not the only one guilty, I wonder if somehow RNF can squeeze in a date so as not to panic ardent Nadal fans. LOL

  6. I hope he has not come back too soon, and his wrist is well healed. Be well, Rafa in body and mind!

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      I have yet to see Rafa and his team confirm his attendance at the Rogers Masters. All indications are that they are focused on Rio. Toni feels that Toronto will be good preparation for Rio, only if Rafa is 100% so as not to jeopardize Rio.

      Rafa also stated that he did not expect to do well in singles. If not, I think he has a good chance to medal with doubles partner Marc Lopez, providing he is healthy. Medaling in singles (2008) and doubles at the Olympics would be phenomenal.


      • Sighh… I really hope that Rafa could manage to have another single gold medal and another Australia Open to make it Double Career Golden Slam. Rafa will be G.O.A.T for sure.
        If only Rafa had a better medical team like Novak or Roger had, he would have made it in 2012 in his peak.

        I am afraid that Novak or Roger could have their first single gold medal soon. Rafa’s record could no longer be something special.

      • I just read a tweet that Andy is leaving for Mallorca on Wednesday for TWO WEEKS to practice for Rio. Still no news on Rafa.

        Rafa is the best. I don’t compare him to ANYONE. He has broken a lot of records which shows he is a Gr8 CHAMPION. Worrying about Roger or anyone else will do no good.

        I do agree with you about his medical team. But, it’s his choice.

      • Ya i know. Rafa is forever my king of tennis for many reasons. But i still do want everyone in the world finally admits that Rafa is G.O.A.T. In order to do that he needs to win a couple of slams (and at least a WTF of course).

      • Perhaps if you Google “List of career achievements by Rafael Nadal” and read Wikipedia’s info about all the records he has broken, it make take you out of your doldrums.


  7. Rafa! Just hit some tennis balls!

    This is good news, but when is the next tournament? I’m starved of some tennis action… hurry up and return to what you do best.

    Gonna go watch USO2013 final on Youtube now:):)

    • He is supposed to play at the Rogers Cup, July 25-31. I’m upset because last Friday two different news outlets quote him as saying he is not sure about playing this Masters tournament. I guess it’s “wait and see” like with his wrist injury.


  8. Vamos!!!
    Looking forward to ‘your’ Olympics!
    ….and to the flag. Perhaps you could carry ours( UK) as well!
    Missed you at Wimbledon.
    All the very best.

  9. So happy for winning your appeal to play at the Rio Olympics.God bless you and keep you strong and healthy. All my prayers for your Success.Take care. (Am your 63 year ardent fan)

  10. Good luck; representing your country means a great deal to you. Stay healthy and safe.👏🇪🇸💃🏻😎👍🏆

  11. Félicitations à rafa !!! Tous derrière rafa à Rio !!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏vamos rafa❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Rafa, that is great news. The Olympics will be all the better for your participating and carrying the flag for Spain.
    love and prayers,

  13. Rafa, I read ESPN’s and ABC’s article two days ago saying you are on the final Rio list and was soooo happy but I kept searching for the ITF appeal decision. I guess that is their way of saying your appeal was granted.

    I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU RAFA. Stay well, take care of your wrist and do great at Rio. Only a few more weeks left for the OLYMPICS.


  14. so happy for you Rafa – I can imagine how important this is for you. GO RAFA.
    Arlene (69 year old fan who loves you and who you are).

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