Rafael Nadal withdraws from Rogers Cup in Toronto

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Rafael Nadal has become the latest high-profile player to withdraw from next week’s Rogers Cup in Toronto:

I am disappointed to announce I won’t be able to come to Toronto to play this year. I only started practicing a week ago after my wrist injury and I am not ready to play such an important event. I am very much looking forward to playing in Toronto in a couple of years since I have always been treated great in that tournament and have a lot of great Canadian fans.

“Roger and Rafa are two of the most popular players in the world and not having them in Toronto is extremely unfortunate,” said tournament director Karl Hale.

The Rogers Cup is set to begin Monday.

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  1. Despite very contradictory press reports, news straight from the horses mouth is very positive! Rafa is in full swing and practising well. He is expected to play in in all categories at the Olympics (although final decision will be made on arrival:)

    • Great Teresa, where can I find that Rafa interview because since this morning all I could find in English and Spanish were concurring articles about him having canceled his training session with Andy and that he most likely would not play singles. Your Rafa interview sure beats the crap out of what I found.


      • On youtube: ‘Rafael Nadal’s practice and Toni’s interview in Manacor. 28 July 2016’.

        “Toni says that Rafa’s wrist is getting better every day & is expected to make it to Rio in good shape, tho he’ll be short of match play.
        Toni adds that Rafa is very eager to return to competition, even more so at the OG, which are special because are only played every 4 years.
        Rafa’s lucky to have won gold in Beijing, but was really upset not to have been able to compete in London & thus, now he’s very motivated and eager to perform well. A priori, Rafa will play in all 3 competitions, but they’ll wait to be in Rio to take the final decision on this.”

        David Ferrer: “I will travel with Rafa on Sunday to Rio,” Ferrer told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser.

      • Thanks so much Teresa for all the work you put into this.

        When you said, “straight from the horse’s mouth,” I was crazy excited because I believed you meant Rafa. I really don’t trust Toni.

        As Rafa is leaving for Rio in a couple of days and is set to be practicing, hopefully we’ll get “real time” info about how he and his wrist are doing.

        Thanks again for sharing this information: it’s much appreciated.

  2. Slightly confused. There’s a youtube video showing Rafa practising with Andy Murray in Mallorca dated 22/7. Wasn’t sure if the actual practice was really recent or uploaded with a new date but heard Rio in the unidentified language (probably Mallorquin). If it’s genuine looks like Rafa is in full flight!

    • Good catch Teresa. If you are slightly confused, I am totally flummoxed.

      I watched the video dated 7/22. You did hear “Rio.” I made out that Rafa and Andy are preparing for the Olympics in Mallorca. I also hear the name Marc Lopez, with whom he is supposed to play doubles at Rio. The dialog is mostly incomprehensible to me.
      Andy arrived in Mallorca on 7/20 and it was Toni who greeted him at the academy, according to the article I read.

      In an interview dated 7/21, Rafa stated that he is not ready to play with such a high level player (such as Andy). He said that he would start practicing with Andy the middle of next week (which would be this Wednesday). He also stated that he is still healing and couldn’t rush the healing. I don’t know what to make of the above.
      It appears that he is granting interviews only to the media of the Baleraic (wrong spelling probably) Islands.
      Since I read that 7/21 article, and knowing that Andy is in Manacor, I have had the suspicion that Rafa will see how he does in his practice sessions with Andy in order to determine if he is fit for Rio. But they have practiced previously just before a tournament so my suspicions could be off.
      It is only when Rafa is on tour that we get to hear from him directly because he can’t hide from the sports writers. His book makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be bothered by fans, et al. He just wants to play tennis.

  3. It’s Very very disappointing … Understand jay beers frustration ! Margo don’t get angry with me but I’m getting impatient as well (reduced to watching the RNC) I don’t care if he has to use a wheelchair …he better carry the Spanish flag in Rio. This will most likely be his last chance and for me I want this more than another slam ! Sorry but that’s how I feel! Vamos Rafa go to Rio and make your country proud !

    • Souix, c’mon… your comment had me laughing re the wheelchair. In no way shape or form would an opinion get me angry.
      I understand your frustration as I miss him to bits also. I am just afraid of him returning too soon. Let’s hope he can carry the flag without any assistance and play at the Olympics.
      Sorry about you having to watch the RNC. I tried but just couldn’t stomach it.


    • Also had me laughing at ‘reduced to watching the RNC.’

      Hang in there, Rafa will be back very soon, and the 3rd act (or 4th or 5th) of his career should commence. We hope!

      • Yes, his 2013 “act” is still so very fresh in my mind. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. At the time, so many were writing him off. Little did they know Rafa had a surprise for them.

        To watch the RNC is enough to make a potato laugh.

        RAFA ROCKS

  4. Praying for a recovery from the wrist injury RAFA

    Would love to see you carry the flag for Spain you thoroughly deserve the honour.

    Good luck Viva Rafa!

  5. Very disappointed,I will not be surprised if Rafa pulls out of Rio or even retires, this injury is taking too long to heal…..which will be a sad time for mens tennis.
    Rafa is the most respected and loved mens tennis player ever,an Icon.

    • Rafa is healing his wrist. It has not been a long time, it has been a few weeks. He is back on the court practicing and didn’t want to risk going back too soon. As he has stated, the Olympics IS his priority. He is doing everything he can so he is ok for that, since he had to miss out last time.

      • It’s been more than 5 weeks. Should have healed already, we will see Rafa back during asian swing, mark my words.

    • I guess you missed the numerous fans’ comments on the type of injury he sustained and the time it takes for such an injury to heal, otherwise you most likely would be questioning why he even considered playing Toronto. A fan, who took FOUR months to heal, described his injury (not the same as Rafa’s).
      I don’t think Rafa is ready for retirement but I do think he should skip Rio and come back at the US Open. If Rafa comes back too soon he will have to retire which would be horrible for him, the sport of tennis and his fans. I would be devastated. His retirement at the FO was a shocking relevation. He knew he was in bad shape, but he carried on in public through his first two matches as if everything were perfect. I hope se did not cause irreparable harm to his wrist.


  6. I do Hope the wrist injury has not flared up again, all the very best Rafa, hope you can still be
    at the Olympics, Love to see you carrying the flag for Spain Vamos Rafa xxxooo





  8. As i expected, Rafa’s medical team prediction is bad just like in 2012. I am thinking the worst situation that he won’t even play for Rio. Sigh.

    • He has taken things gradually, as he was advised to do, so that there is no permanent damage of the wrist. His intent, as he has stated all along, is to be ok for Olympics so he doesn’t have to miss it again.

  9. Rafa that is a wise decision, and your wrist will be all the better for the extra time away from competition.

    We will look forward to seeing you in the Olympics.

    Love and prayers,


  10. Rafa has already one Olympic Golden Medal, in my opinion he should be more focus to the USO having more time to practice. After 70 days not playing because his wrist injury the Olympics are a little too close

  11. How sweet i like the photo but that’s probably the saddest thing that i have heard today it’s very risky to play olympics without warm-up tournament , clearly the wrist didn’t hill yet wich is something normal for a semi western grip player he was so excited to play Toronto this year!!!! i think all players have eyes on olympics gold medal , Federer and Nole want to complete carrer golden slam in other hand Rafa starts to feel threaten hhhhh i mean he should be vigilant and play his best there to makes us happy as usual !!!!

  12. I think it’s the right decision for Rafa. It gives his wrist more time to heal and be ready for the Olympics. I also hope that he can focus on the double and mixed double during the Olympics, since he is not likely to be at the top match shape for the singles, and the doubles are less taxing on his body.

    Patiently waiting for Rafa’s return.

  13. u do what u have to do to get your wrist healed u will know when u r healed to come back I miss use u on tvdad14mom13

  14. Rafa, I hope you enjoy the company of your friend Andy while he is in Mallorca for two weeks. Don’t overdo it with the practicing. Protect your wrist. Come back healed and ready for battle.


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