VIDEO: Rafael Nadal stars in new Telefonica commercial with Aduriz, Fábregas and Silva


  1. Well Neruda ADIOS

    It was nice having you here, because it makes no sense for you to come back to this site and support a tennis player who is better suited to doing ads according to you.

    RAFA fan forever

  2. Rafa still has few slams left in him.
    Don’t underestimate the power of Rafa.
    Love u.

  3. Rafa should stick to doing commercials as his tennis days are OVER. As someone said, his stubbornness and that of Toni to change his playing style to one that is less physical was his ultimate undoing. He is now to us tennis fans a memory of what was once a great tennis player. As much as I do not like Djokovic, I (and all of us) have to accept that he will be greater than Roger as he will easily surpass the number of GS that Fed has accumulated-no one can stop him.Adios RAFA.

    • @Neruda
      As a Rafa fan I am not worried about him surpassing someone else’s record. I worry about him returning to his beloved sport before he is completely healed. He is very much alive and not just a memory to me and his gazillion fans. He said, “This is not the end.” I believe him. I just wish he would wait at least three months before resuming to play, but that would mean missing Rio. He can play tournaments and make ads/commercials. He’s a multifaceted champion.


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