PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal pays the Mallorca Open a visit

Rafa Nadal visited today the venue of the Mallorca Open, the Santa Ponsa Tennis Club, to watch some tennis here at his land. Toni Nadal explained that all in all, Rafa’s wrist injury is improving day by day.

My nephew is here at the tournament to watch some tennis. The Spanish Federation doctor came today as well and checked how is everything going. Everything is going fine. Ángel Ruiz Cotorro has said that he can start to do some work, no on court yet, but he can start with some strengthen work in order to readapt progressively. In two weeks we will be able to start practicing.

And if everything goes right, Rafa Nadal will be at Toronto.

The plan is to go to Toronto, which I think will be very good for us. If Rafael goes there will mean that you are in perfect conditions to play. Will be a great preparation for the Olympics too, practicing with top players there. Until Rio, we have a month and a half so Rafael will have very good 20 days to get ready.

Source: Mallorca Open


  1. Missed you so much at Wimbledon this year Rafa, you are the best. Pictures of you in window of Tommy Hillfigger shop in Florence made my weekend!

  2. Rafa had named his yacht Beethoven according to Confidential. If Rafa enjoys classical music he is even cooler than I thought.


  3. WADA has suspended the drug testing labs for the Rio Olympics.

    Rafa, you are the GOAT so let your body rule instead of your heart on when to return to competition.


  4. This will be the last time for Rafa to play in a huge event like Olympics. So i think he would take the risk. Rafa was so upset in 2012 when his knees didn’t allow him to play.

    Get well soon Rafa! Another single Olympics gold medal + AO 2017 = Double Golden Career Grandslam. You will become the G.O.A.T.

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